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Dethroned - Episode 36





Dethroned - Episode 36

Written By Amah's Heart.

" Rana I have a feeling that you want to save that young boy from the clutches of dëäth... Am I right...?" Great asked looking at me piercingly as though he could see through my soul. It's funny how he still knows me too well despite the many years that has passed. 

Well Great Uba is actually right, my compassionate nature couldn't have allowed me leave this village without finding a way to set the young boy free.

I inhaled and exhaled deeply. Then I turned to look at Great Uba as I calmly replied to his earlier question 

" You're right... that poor woman's tears pulled at my heartstrings and as a mother I can relate to how she must be feeling after seeing her child being snatched from her. That woman and her son is currently in a helpless state hence I would love to help her Great Uba!"

" I know Rana. I saw the way your eyes flickered with untold emotions and I didn't need a messenger to tell me that you would go out of your way to save that young boy. This only means one thing Rana... that there's still compassion and love for humanity left in your heart despite how many times you deny it" Great Uba said almost inaudibly and I laughed hysterically for a few seconds.

" You're wrong Great Uba. I honestly don't have any affection or care left in my heart for anything and anybody that relates to this village of mine..." I begun and paused to take a short breathe.

After a while, I continued my statement with my eyes still fixated on Great Uba 

"..the only reason is that... seeing that scenario only brought back the memory of when Nene wanted to snatch my pregnancy away in my helpless state. Great Uba that's solely why I'm moved to help her and her child.. it's not because I love or that I've forgiven them!" I said shrugging my shoulders 

" Rana you were once a sinner too. Recall that in the past, you had asked the gods to forgive and pardon you for your sins as well as for your countless mistakes..? Why then is it hard to forgive others for their sins against you...?" Great Uba asked and I scoffed without remorse.

" You already know the answer to that question Great Uba. It's simply because I wasn't forgiven neither was I pardoned.. nobody ever pitted or had mercy on me hence I paid the huge painful prices and bore the consequences for all my sins as well as the wrong choices I made" I replied with each word laced with bitterness and justifiable ánger.

" That's why you were given a second chance to have a family which you've always dreamed of... besides even your daughter Olamma has been chosen to continue your reign and correct your mistakes against the gods and your land. So Rana I honestly think you should forgive and forget the past!" Great Uba uttered whilst staring at me but I was unmoved by his words of wisdom 

" Great Uba I'm sorry to say this but your words still doesn't change my mind about forgiving or forgetting what this people did. I paid the prices for my sins so they should do same by continuing to süffer in the hands of ruthless Nene whom they had later chosen to be their Priestess over me!" I answered nonchalantly with a firm resolution.

Great Uba sighed heavily after seeing that my mind is firm on my decision 

" It's okay Rana. I would no longer insist that you should forgive your kindred but please do me this one big favour. Would you do it for my sake..?" Great Uba asked now looking intensely at me and I answered in affirmation 

" I consider you a father Great Uba. And I've told you already that you can request anything of me and if it's something I can readily do.. then be rest assured that I'll do it for you father!"

" Are you sure...?" Great Uba asked doubtfully and I nodded affirmatively 

" Yes I'm very sure Great Uba" I responded reassuringly 

Great Uba seem convinced and he heaved a heavy sigh of relief while I waited patiently to hear what his request could be. Great Uba begun.. 

" Rana after saving that boy... I want you to defeat Nene and her aides so as to set the villagers free from oppression and anguish..." He paused to exhaled and then continued regardless of my swift change in countenance followed by the unpleasant look on my face.

"...you've chosen not to forgive your people and I won't keep insisting further but please and please do set them free Rana. That's what I want to ask of you my daughter!" Great Uba said whilst looking at me with sorrowful eyes.

I looked at Great Uba amusingly before erupting in laughter. Honestly, I just couldn't believe my ears at the funny request Great Uba is asking of me. 

I continued laughing out loud in sarcasm and scorn.

Then gradually, I stopped laughing after observing from Great Uba's facial expression that he wasn't pleased with my sarcastic behavior towards him.

" Great Uba I'm so sorry for laughing at what you said earlier but I just couldn't help it.. please tell me you were joking.. am I right...?" I quizzed hoping deep within me that it was indeed a bad joke!

" I know you are worried about your daughter Olamma...well she is safe. I led her to your old maiden hut and she's been there awaiting the next instruction from me" Great Uba said ignoring my last question and changing the topic.

" You've been communicating with my daughter...? Great Uba don't tell you are the one who had put Olamma up to this myopic act of coming here without seeking prior permission from me..?" I asked looking wide-eyed at Great Uba as I was trying my best not to be ângry.

" You left me with no other choice Rana! you were being too stúbborn and I knew that you wouldn't agree to this. That's why I had to pass through Olamma to get to you to come back here. I'm very sorry if I got you worried my daughter" Great Uba tendered an apology which immediately softened my heart.

" I honestly don't understand why you want me to forgive and help this same villagers that hürt me... they wished me dëäth despite how much I loved and ruled them with utmost care. Besides Great Uba I no longer have my past powers with me... so there's logically no way to set them free from oppression!" 

" You know there's a way to help them if you truly want to do so. Search your heart Rana and tell me the truth. Do you still not know how to set them free...?

I sighed in exhaustion because Great Uba is actually right. 

I can help set my people free if I truly make up my mind to do so.

But then I don't want to forgive or help out especially after remembering how these people had despised me so much.

" I'm sorry Great Uba if this would mean turning down your request... but I don't think if I will want to risk my life and that of my daughter to save anybody!"

" Well Rana like I said earlier... it's an humble request. I'm not going to impose anything on you so I'll give you time to think this through. I just want you to keep it in mind that whatever decision you opt for wouldn't change your place in my heart nor would it make me love you any less." Great Uba said conclusively as he faded away from me.

After Great Uba left, I inhaled and exhaled feeling grateful that I will still have Great Uba's fatherly love for me regardless of what decision I opt for. 

I don't know if I should sincerely forgive my kindred from my heart or I should just help set them free and afterwards leave this village without forgiving them...? I thought tiredly as I sighed.

I have decided not to forgive or help out but I don't understand why my heart is still weary with many emotions. 

I'm also feeling inwardly confused if I'm actually making the right decision or a wrong decision which I will regret later.

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