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Dethroned - Episode 35





Dethroned - Episode 35

Written By Amah's Heart.

I heaved heavily with my eyes fixed on the drama happening at a path in the Land of Yada where young children love gathering as a group to play.

Right now I'm standing at a hideout in the village despite my earlier resolution not to come. It's because Nonso and Ammon was finally able to convince me to allow them come to this village to find Olamma and then bring her back home.

I missed my daughter very much so I agreed to let them go find her. 

I tried but I just couldn't watch my husband and son go without me so I offered to tag along in their journey.

Getting to the village of Yada, from the borders down to the main village I saw fraction of chaos everywhere. 

Both the young and old villagers were being chëated and afflicted without mercy or compassion.

Some of the sight was gøry to behold but I wasn't really bothered since I felt that they are deserving of whatever mistreatment they are receiving. 

Hence in all those unpleasant cases I saw, I had to turn my eyes away so I won't to be moved by compassion.

It's not until I came across this young child and his crying mother whose tears is pulling at my heartstrings because I'm now an affectionate mother like her.

" How dare you take out of the Priestess farm..? You will be killed today!" this came from a man who is forcefully dragging a young boy by the collar of his cloth

" I was hungry.. it's a small fruit I took.. please leave me alone. mummy! mumm..." the young boy shouted already crying as the man dragged him away from where he was playing with his group of five friends. 

As his friends saw this, they hampered away whilst shouting on top of their voices with their hands placed on their heads. I soon heard a loud wailing voice.

I turned sideways only to see a pretty middle-aged woman running towards the man who is still dragging the young boy to only the gods knows where.

" Leave my child alone please. My Chigozie is just seven years ago.. he doesn't know anything please leave my only child alone..." A woman uttered wailing as she ran after the man 

The desperate and wailing mother kept trying to hold her son but each time she did, the child was wriggle out of her reach by the man who dragged him. 

It's more like the man was making fond of the woman and basking in her pâin.

Oh, the sight was so pathetic to behold. And by now both mother and child was crying so serious yet the man still wouldn't bulge.

He was was not even moved by the tears of the helpless boy he is manhandling.

As I looked closely, I could see a semblance of the man dragging the boy to the man I knew in my past.

I wasn't so sure until the woman mentioned his name which confirmed my thoughts. I am right about knowing him after all.

The man is none other than Jack. He is now an older version of his young self, which isn't surprising since it's been nineteen years already.

" Please Jack let my son go.. he is only a child and didn't know whose farm he had plucked the fruit from... please! please!" the wailing woman pleaded and right there, she went on her knees in front of Jack and held onto his left leg

" Leave my leg Nneka.. there's nothing you say that would change my mind about taking this young criminal to the Priestess.. so he can receive and serve his punishment!" Jack replied undauntedly trying to push Nneka away 

" Jack we both know that if Priestess Nene sees him... she will not punish him lightly rather she will kīll my child for sure. Please let my son be.. I'll pay you for it either in money or kind, please Jack!" Nneka said still holding onto Jack's leg with tears cascading her cheeks.

As a mother, I very well understood the woman's pain and as such I feel sorry for the young boy who was so immature to be exposed to such ill treatment.

Jack was still adamant despite the woman's pleas and offer. 

He was still bent on pushing Nneka away from his leg but to no avail as the crying woman was too strong-willed and didn't want to bulge either.

" Mother please do something... you can't just stand and watch all this happening. I believe you can tell the man to leave the young boy alone for the mother" Ammon said to me probably moved with pity for the crying mother.

I sighed sadly because I'm no more in the possession of such authority to give such a huge command.

" There's nothing I can do Ammon... besides that's not why we came here so for now lets focus on finding your sister. I want us to leave this village without being noticed to avoid trouble" I said slowly walking out from our hideout.

" Obim where are you going to...?" Nonso asked and I turned to look at him

" We won't hide there all day and hope to find our daughter. My husband it's about time we start searching for her or don't you think so..?" I replied before eventually moving my gaze to Ammon 

" Ammon you have to take charge of your emotions... our purpose here is to find your sister Olamma.. so please my son lets quietly do that"

" Okay mother!" Ammon answered in a low tone while I sighed tiredly as I turned my gaze to look forward.

Thankfully it was almost dusk and I'm praying deep within me that my family and I would not be easily noticed. 

I'm feeling confused. I don't even know how or where to start searching for Olamma in this vast village. 

I looked towards the scene of the crying woman and saw only her kneeling there, which means that Jack finally succeeded in carting her son away.

" Are you happy seeing what your people are passing through..? Does it not affect you my dearest Rana...?" I heard behind me and from the voice familiarity I knew without being told that it is Great Uba! My Great Uba!

I turned swiftly to look at the direction the voice came from. 

I'm unable to believe my eyes when I saw Great Uba emerging from the bush with smiles on his face.

" Great Uba! oh my gods! Is this really you..? Ah! Finally.." I exclaimed in shock as I jumped on him with so much excitement bubbling inside of me. 

I don't know for how long I hugged him before I slowly disengaged from the hug.

"...I'm so happy to see you again Great Uba.. oh my! It's been ages.. I've missed you so much Great Uba!" I exclaimed joyously looking at Great Uba 

" I've missed you too my daughter. Look how grown you've become yet you still behave like that young maiden of yesterday" Great Uba said sarcastically and we all bursted out laughing.

" You're right Great Uba. I still have my young and childish side with me despite how grown I have become. And lest I forget.. meet my family.. here is my husband Nonso and my son Ammon"

After the introduction I did; Nonso, Ammon and Great Uba exchanged pleasantries to my delight.


Later, we found a good sitting spot and we sat down to chitchat in other to catch up with old times. 

We chatted until dusk when Nonso and Ammon excused themselves to fix us dinner, leaving Great Uba and I alone.

" Wow! how years flies.. my small Rana of yesterday is not only a full blown woman but she is a mother too!" Great Uba said smiling 

" You're right Great Uba. And I'm truly glad to see you in flesh again!" I answered smiling back at Great Uba 

I watched as the smile on Great Uba's face gradually faded away to replace a sad expression. From there, our discussion took a different turn 

" Rana I spoke to you the other day in a dream but you were adamant about forgiving your people for what they did to you" Great Uba begun and I replied stubbornly cutting off his words midway 

" Yes Great Uba I will never forgive them. I despise them so much for what they did to me and if not for my daughter I would never have set foot on this land!"

Great Uba sighed deeply before responding to me 

" It's okay my daughter since your mind is made up about not forgiving your kindred. But would you do me one favour if I ask something of you..?"

" Of course Great Uba.. I'll do anything for you so long as it doesn't require me forgiving this ungrateful people!" I uttered confidently 

" Okay then.. I'll take your word for it" Great Uba said and kept silent.

His silence got me scared of what he wants to ask of me. 

I just hope it would be something easy to do. Oh! I'm very curious as to what really this his favor would be!

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