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Dethroned - Episode 34





Dethroned - Episode 34

Written By Amah's Heart.

" You need to calm down Obim.. I believe she will be fine okay...?" Nonso said probably to comfort me but I still kept pacing around my bedroom in perplexity and worry.

Who wouldn't be when my daughter Olamma is missing..?

This afternoon, I came back from the market only to find out that Olamma was no where in or around the house.

I thought she sneaked out again as usual hence I have waited till dusk yet she is still not back. 

As a mother, I'm worried because the Olamma I trained from birth doesn't stay out for this long no matter what happens, that's why I'm feeling restless. 

Wait! I hope she didn't defy my warnings of two days back..? 

Oh no! if she did then I don't know how I will handle this disobedience from her

" Please calm Obim. Maybe she is somewhere around and you're just getting worried over nothing. It's hard but please I advise that you take things easy my love" Nonso said pleadingly and I scoffed in annoyance

" My husband you know how stubborn our daughter can be. I'm very sure Olamma defied my warnings and still went ahead to pursue her baseless dream of being a Priestess!" I uttered whilst unknowingly rolling my eyes 

" Uhmm.. mother if that actually turns out to be true then I think maybe it's better we let her be. Since it's obvious that we can not stop destiny" Ammon said shrugging his shoulders whilst sitting down tiredly on the bamboo bed

" Ammon did you just hear yourself talk..? So you expect me to stay calm and watch your sister put her hands inside hot oil..?" I asked looking at Ammon with fury glaring in my eyes

" No mother you misinterpreted what I said earlier.. that's not  I meant moth.." 

I didn't allow Ammon finish his statement when I had cut him short immediately

" Shut up Ammon! You are my eldest child hence you are suppose to be protecting your junior sister but here you are behaving like a chicken!" I blurted out angrily at Ammon 

" Please you need to calm down Obim... you are actually taking this too far. Everyone here is also worried about Olamma and you transferring aggression to us would not solve this matter" Nonso spoke soothingly to me. 

Hearing what Nonso said made me relax a little since he is right after all. 

I stopped pacing around as I looked at my husband and son with tearful eyes

" I know my husband but I can't help feeling worried for our daughter... Ammon dear I'm very sorry for lashing out at you... please do forgive your mother okay..?" I spoke tenderly to Ammon who nodded in understanding 

" Honestly I'm not angry at you mother. I understand how much you love Olamma and I, so it's only logical to feel worried as a mother would when any of her precious jewels get missing" 

" Thank you so much for understanding Ammon... I still don't understand why Olamma would do this to us. We are her family or aren't we enough for her..?" I asked rhetorically as I sat down beside Ammon on the bed. Nonso sighed before he eventually joined us on the bed too.

" It's okay Obim. If we wait till tomorrow and she isn't yet home then we will journey to your village to bring her back. It doesn't matter if I have to go there alone as the head of this family"

" No Nonso I will go with you. It's my village after all and yes... I know I was banished but I really don't mind what happens so far as I can see with my eyes that my daughter is safe in the hands of those wicked and ungrateful people" I uttered with so much bitterness and hatred laced in my words

" Father I will come with you too... there's no point going without either of us and since it's been many years then hopefully all that happened in the past has been buried and forgotten by now" 

Nonso heaved heavily and slowly nodded when he saw from our facial expression that no convincing words would make us change our minds about going with him.

" It's okay Ammon. I suppose it's best you two come with me because If you don't then I would feel worried about your wellbeing while I'm over there"

" Wow! Is this suppose to be a yes to our request...?" I asked to affirm what Nonso said to be sure he isn't joking with us

" Yes my love.. I'm serious... it's perfectly okay for you two to come along with me. So lets prepare for our journey and hope for the best!" Nonso answered and I jumped on him in excitement. 

I continued holding onto him in a tight hug as I expressed my gratitude with a shaky tone which I couldn't control. 

And no matter how hard I tried to stop the tears from flowing, I couldn't stop it.

" Thank you so much my husband. Ah! Thank you so so so so much!" 

" Oh, not again.. please don't cry Obim... you've cried enough for today already"

" Why is Olamma doing this to us..? Haven't we loved her enough...? Is that crown more important to her than us her family who loves her dearly...?" I lamented rhetorically. 

Nobody was responding to my rhetorical questions.

Nonso was just patting my back softly without attempting to say anything and even Ammon sat in silence too. 

I lamented for a long time until I got tired and subsequently fell into a trance on that hugging position with my head on Nonso's right shoulder. 

" Quit crying Rana.. the second chance I told you about is come. Your village needs you back. I know they had hurt you and I understand why you are feeling reluctant about letting Olamma go but my daughter you need to find it in your heart to forgive your kindred... if not for anything for the sake of those children whom you loved dearly" Great Uba said to me and I scoffed unmoved

" Second chance you say..? I doubt Great Uba because this sounds like more doom to me and did you just say I should forgive those ungrateful people that wanted me déâd..? Wait! Are you forgetting that it's because of them we haven't been able to see each other for years now...?" I queried looking at Great Uba unbelievably 

" I remember all that Rana and don't worry about seeing me because I have been released to come to you in flesh after you've done the right thing. So Please go back to your people" Great Uba said pleadingly but I still remained stubborn regardless.

" My husband actually wanted to go there to bring our daughter back. I had even offered to go along with him but now you've spoken about forgiveness... Great Uba I have changed my mind about going to that village... I am not going anymore because I don't want to set my eyes on those people ever again!" I replied stone-heartedly and I ângrily woke up from the trance.

" Oh, you're finally awake my love. I hope you slept well..?" Nonso asked looking at me lovingly as I lifted my head from his shoulder. 

Ammon was the first to notice the angry expression on my face. 

I suppose he was feeling concerned about me and had to ask worriedly

" You seem very angry. Are you okay mother or did you have a bâd dream...?"

" I'm fine Ammon but I do have an announcement to make."

" An announcement..? What could that be Obim..?" Nonso asked with confusion clearly written on his face.

" We aren't going to the village anymore! That means neither you, Ammon or me are leaving this forest to anywhere!" I declared with an authoritative tone

" What! Obim you are joking right..?" Nonso quizzed looking at me wide-eyed 

" I wish I was but unfortunately I am very serious.. we aren't going anywhere" I blurted out without batting an eye 

" Why mother..? And what then becomes of Olamma whose whereabouts we do not know...?" Ammon asked me defiantly.

Nonso and Ammon kept looking at me expectantly for a prompt response but unfortunately, the question remained hanging in the air since I was actually devoid of answers to give them.

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