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Dethroned - Episode 33





Dethroned - Episode 33

Written By Amah's Heart.

" It's nothing to worry about Olamma. Yes I was once a Priestess but that's a past I wouldn't want to relive or talk about" I said to Olamma as I slowly got up from my kneeling position. 

I wiped my tears as I straightened up and walked outside the hut with Olamma closely following behind me

" Please mother tell me everything about your past because I have a feeling that it is most likely related to my own destiny!" Olamma kept whining behind me but I ignored her questions whilst making my way towards the kitchen. 

It's a good thing that I didn't fåint for a long time hence there's still time to make dinner before my husband Nonso returns home from the bush.

" Mother are you going to keep ignoring me..? Please talk to me mother. What does being a Priestess mean and why are you no longer one..?" Olamma probed further but I still remained mute 

" ..I don't understand you mother... what exactly happened in your past that you are so scared to talk about..?" Olamma asked repeatedly as she kept on following me until I reached the kitchen.

" It's none of your business Olamma. Just leave the past in the past and instead focus on the present. Forget whatever Amarachi must have taught or told you!" I answered authoritatively as I entered into the kitchen to prepare the bush meat Ammon brought home earlier.

I sat on one of the bamboo kitchen stools and Olamma also quietly sat on a stool directly facing me. 

I heaved heavily as I picked up a bowl to start sizing the meat into bits. 

There was deafening silence for a while before Olamma broke the silence with her unending curious inquiries.

" Mother aren't you ever going to tell me about your past life as a Priestess..? And have you ever thought of the fact that it might be somehow related to my own destiny path...?" Olamma probed further and I sighed sadly as I replied her

" I know you are curious but take it from me my daughter that you honestly don't need such a destiny path. It's dreadful and full of pain so please Olamma stop trying to know more than it's necessary for you to know" I said exhaling deeply and I lifted my head to look at Olamma

" ...Olamma please focus on living your life happy and free without any huge burdens and responsibilities on your young shoulder. And you know what...?" I asked rhetorically and Olamma answered in the negative 

" I'm not a mind reader mother.. so how would I possibly know what you want to say...?" Olamma answered sarcastically 

" Olamma I envy you somehow. I wish I had a mother to protect me like I am willing to do for you then just maybe my life would have turned out differently... but sadly I lost my mother at a young age and I ended up making many regrettable mistakes" I said inaudibly whilst staring at Olamma with sad eyes 

" I'm sorry mother if my questions brings back sad memories. It's just that I have this strange feeling that I would likely be a Priestess too like you once were" Olamma answered flippantly. 

" Shut up there and stop spewing nonsense from that mouth of yours! Wait Olamma.. do you think being a Priestess is so easy...?" I blurted out startling Olamma who never expected such a harsh reaction from me

" I know it would not be easy mother but I am willing to..." Olamma was about completing her words when I spoke out quickly cutting short her words midway

" Olamma! Olamma! Olamma! Olamma! how many times did I just call you...?" I asked dramatically dragging my ears

" It's four times mother " Olamma answered looking at me fearfully

" I don't want to lose you so please and please drop whatever is piling up in your head.. you are no Priestess! your name is Olamma. Always remember that and leave all this silly fantasies of yours!.. do you understand..?"

" Ye..yes.. yesssss mother I understand you..!" Olamma replied stammering in obvious fear and total surrender 

" Oh, thank you my daughter... it's good that you grew up being obedient to good counsel. I'm happy to be called your mother and I know that you would not disappoint your father and I"

" Yes mother and thank you too for being the best wife and mother to us. I know I haven't told you this before but mother you are the strongest woman I have ever known.. I love you so much!" Olamma said tenderly holding my right hand and I smiled widely. 

It is at this exact time that Ammon came into the kitchen to join us and quickly joined in the open conversation.

" Same with me mother.. Olamma is right.. you are my role model and also my protector. Thank you for all you do to keep our family in love and togetherness. You're deserving of the best and I equally want to let you know that I love you very much mother" this emotional words came from Ammon.

I was moved to tears by simply hearing those accolades and heartwarming words for the first time from my dearest children. 

Words can't start explaining my emotions or how I truly felt knowing that my children consider me valuable.

" You two are my world and I love you as well also your father very much, such that I can't fold my hands to watch you go astray..." I said with a shaky voice. 

" Please talk to us mother.. anything it is that is bothering you.. talk to us.. we are more than ready to listen to you speak" Ammon said lovingly holding my left hand whilst Olamma was still tenderly holding the other in a bid to comfort me.

I tightly shut my eyes closed as I allowed the tears to fall freely from my eyes. I was trying to wade off the painful memories as I begun pouring out the content of my heart to my children;

" Actually I was once a renowned Priestess but after I was dethroned I thought my life wasn't worth anything anymore. I nearly committed suicide out of depression if not for the timely intervention of your father who showered me with so much love and patience until I eventually got myself back. It's not long afterwards you two came into my life and you two made it worthwhile yet again" I said exhaling deeply as I turned my gaze to Olamma

" ...you're correct Olamma.. I have been informed that you are the next chosen Priestess of my community but I'm sorry I won't allow you take that same crown that caused me a whole lot of pain... there are so many thorns on the way which I want to save you from. Or tell me Olamma, in future don't you want a family of your own like me...?" I asked expecting an affirmative answer but Olamma's response left me in shock 

" I would surely love to have a family but if I am not destined to have my own family then so be it mother! For me I think my call to duty and responsibility should come first before any other priorities" Olamma answered firmly whilst shrugging her shoulders as though it was a simple thing to do

I was dumbfounded by such a response from a barely eighteen year old girl. I mean I thought all girls wanted a family of their own but it turns out my own daughter Olamma is a different specie.

" Olamma are you sure this is truly what you want for your life...?" I asked looking unbelievably at Olamma who nodded vigorously in affirmation

" Yes mother I'm very sure... If I'm chosen to be the new Priestess then please let me go... Let me wear my crown and carry my responsibilities" Olamma answered intelligently and I looked at her in awe and bewilderment.

" Sister I don't think it's a good idea.. I mean if mother says there is a lot of thorns and pains on the way then maybe you should listen to mother and let it be please!" Ammon said pleadingly looking at Olamma with sorrowful eyes. 

I just sat there watching them in silence with so many thoughts plaguing my mind. I sincerely didn't know what to make out of this current situation.

And I know that Olamma's mind is made up but I'm scared for my only daughter. 

I don't know if it would be a good idea to allow her tour the path of her destiny which she is desperate to take. 

There were just so many disturbing questions on my mind yet no answers were forthcoming;

I kept wondering if it would favour and be safe for her..? 

If she is truly prepared for the Priestesshood like she claims to be or if she is just saying all this in other to convince me to let her go..?

I was so confused and I was inwardly debating in my heart.

Oh the gods! should I really let my only daughter Olamma go..?

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