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Dethroned - Episode 32





Dethroned - Episode 32

Written By Amah's Heart.

" Did the cats suddenly cut your tongue...? Why are you suddenly stammering..?" I asked looking at Olamma who clearly seems like she is having an inner battle either to tell me the truth or to let it be.

" Mother the thing is that I..I..I ..I  have been going to a secluded part of the forest to practice how to effectively utilize my powers with the help of a stranger woman" Olamma divulged leaving me in a state of shock and bewilderment. It was now my turn to stammer unable to believe my ears

" What..what powers are you talking about..? And which strange woman have you been meeting with...? what if she is a spy..? What if she is hārmful to you and us altogether..? Who exactly is she Olamma..?" I blurted out all at once, already feeling scared for the safety of my entire family. 

So many scary thoughts were running through my head.

" I know her name to be Maiden Ama.. that's what she told me to refer to her as. She had been appearing in my dreams long before we actually met. Mother she is a really amazing person and so far have been greatly helping me to discover more about myself!" 

At the mention of the name Maiden Ama, I knew it would be Amarachi she is referring to. but what is she doing with my daughter..? what's going on...?

Amarachi is my favorite servant maiden and also the one who helped me in the safe delivery of Ammon and Olamma. 

Since that day she left shortly after Olamma's birth, I haven't set my eyes on her for seventeen long years now.

I exhaled calmly and tried to comport myself so as to get to the root of all this. I just hope it isn't what I am thinking it is, because never ever will I allow my only daughter tour down that thorny path.

" When has all this being going on..? No! let me rephrase that question.. since when have you and the stranger woman been meeting up in secret...?" I asked trying as much as possible to be calm

" It's been t..t.. two years mother.." Olamma replied stammering and I blurted out in utmost surprise 

" Two years..? Olamma how come I hadn't noticed until a week ago...?"

" Mother you didn't notice because you were always at the market selling the brewed herbs with father... It's only this week you stopped going to the market that you eventually noticed my secret movement... I'm really sorry mother" Olamma answered me shyly with her head still bent 

" Oh my gods!" I uttered and wanted to ask further questions about her meeting with Amarachi but I quickly recalled that Olamma said something about powers and self discovery earlier.

"...Olamma I heard you say something about powers and discovering more about yourself... what is all that suppose to mean..? what exactly aren't you telling me..?" I asked whilst pacing around in worry as it seems my fear was fast coming into realization.

" Mother I discovered strange things about myself when I clocked fifteen years old but I was scared of telling you... since I didn't want to get you and father paranoid..." Olamma begun talking and I stopped pacing as I listened to her attentively 

"...I was confused as to what was happening to me but I still couldn't talk.. then eventually I started seeing a strange woman appear to me in my dreams, she told me that I'm in possession of certain amazing powers and even offered to teach me how to effectively use them without harming myself or anyone else... I'm sorry mother but that was how we ended up fixing a meeting place and agreed to be meeting at that spot once in a week" Olamma said in conclusion and I slumped as it occurred to me that my daughter is the new chosen Priestess!.

By the time I woke up, I was alone in my hut bedroom lying on a mat. How I got here is what I don't know nor did I care because immediately I recalled the conversation I had with Olamma, I begun wailing aloud.

" Quit acting like a child Rana... no matter how loud you wail, it still doesn't change the fact that the mantle of leadership is now bestowed on your daughter Olamma... your role now is to use your past mistakes and lessons to guide her down the right path" Amarachi said interrupting my wails as she appeared in front of my mat.

I sat up the instant I saw Amarachi and I got down on my knees with tears cascading my eyes 

" Please beg the gods on my behalf to let my daughter go... I don't want her to go through the same misery and pain I went through... Please Amarachi let my only daughter be.. I'm pleading with you please!" I said with my head bent low

" I'm sorry Rana but destiny can be delayed but not denied. The mantle was on you but because of the choice you made, you lost your crown alongside your powers... the gods is giving you another chance to right your wrongs and redeem all that you've lost in the hands of your enëmíes. I'm only but a messenger so there's nothing I can do as Olamma is the new chosen Priestess by the gods!" Amarachi explained and I shook my head vigorously not willing to give up on my desperate plead for mercy on Olamma's behalf 

" I don't need their second chance.. I love my life this quiet and simple... Please let Olamma be, I don't mind going back to take my previous position.. just don't let my daughter pass through all I went through in the hands of those betråyal s.. please Amarachi you just have to do something to stop this!"

" It's already predestined Rana... just accept it instead of trying to change it.. and as for you taking back your previous position, you know that is not possible because you've been dethroned and already you lost all your powers" Amarachi begun expounding and paused to take a deep breath before she continued regardless of my pleas 

"...you were favoured by the gods.. that's why they still kept your son alive despite Nene's attempts to termïnate it... Rana the price to be paid was your remaining powers which I'm sure you know before now. Anyways, your good leadership skills moved the gods hence the still want your lineage and offspring to wear the crown despite your dethronement!" Amarachi explained and I blurted out still shaking my head vigorously

" Please no Amarachi.. I don't want it for my daughter... Please I don't want my daughter to end up like her mother.." I said pleadingly and Amarachi replied whilst smiling widely 

" Relax Rana... Olamma's future is bright and that's why she needs a mentor like you who has enough track record of failures and mistakes to guide her right. Honestly, you would have lost your life if you had still proceeded further after my warnings because that wasn't your fight to finish. Olamma will be the one to complete the battle with your enëmíes!"

" Oh no! tell me this isn't true" I asked now lifting my head to stare at Amarachi who heaved heavily; an obvious indication that all what she told me earlier is the truth.

" I have to go now since my assignment on earth is completed. I wish you and Olamma good luck and I'm glad I didn't lose you Rana... thank you once again for listening to me and restraining yourself that day at the village square. Do take care of yourself and know that I love you and your children so much!" Amarachi said slowly disappearing out of my sight. 

As Amarachi disappeared, I still stayed on my knees with tears flowing freely down my cheeks. A voice interrupted  

" Mother is there something I need to know that you haven't yet told me about yourself...? And mother is it true that you were once a Priestess..?"

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