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Dethroned - Episode 30





Dethroned - Episode 30

Written By Amah's Heart.

A memory slowly flickered in about a conversation I had with Great Uba in the early months of when I ascended the throne of a Priestess. 

In the conversation we had, Great Uba told me that he loves and considers me a daughter hence he is always willing to go out of his way to save or protect me. 

It's as though he knew that a day like this would come when I will need his help to escape dëäth.

That day, Great Uba created a secret code in which I could use to reach out to him in the spirit land and he will come to my rescue.

The secret code is Great Uba's birthdate which I vividly remember since I was practically the only one who had wished him a happy birthday that day. He was so overjoyed at my thoughtfulness and genuine love for him that he engaged me in that conversation we had earlier.

That fateful day, I remember making fun of his words because I thought he was only being dramatic about a Priestess getting into an helpless situation that would require help. 

But today here I am facing a life and dëäth situation that requires urgent intervention before dusk. Indeed no-one truly knows what tomorrow brings.

I have never used that secret code he told me but I will do so today because I really need him to save me. I have to brace up as this is no time for self-pity since my life now lies in the ability to get across to Great Uba. 

So right there in my sitting position I muttered the secret code hoping to see Great Uba appear in front of me but nothing happened!.

I shouted the code again but this time I wasn't muttering, I said it louder yet nothing or nobody came.

Oh the gods! I am really praying Great Uba wasn't just pulling my legs that day.

I said the code over and over again until I eventually gave up trying. It seems that even Great Uba has gotten tired of my sílly mistakes and has given up on me.

I sighed preparing myself for whatever lies ahead of me today. 

At least by the time I am gone, everyone and everything would be at peace.

I suppose that even the gods who had chosen me and then abandoned me because I sinned would be happy too.

Sometimes I wonder why they had chosen me in the first place. 

After all it's not like I wanted this crown that almost cost me my life in my battle with Nene and Eze. 

As a maiden all I wanted back then, was a simple quiet life yet they still choose me to rule a people who are so ungrateful and self-centered. 

They succeeded in making my life lonesome in the name of priestesshood and exposed me to various attåck I clearly wasn't ready for. 

Now look where I have landed myself and obviously they will be more than glad to watch me dïe prematurely.

After all I'm very sure they saw all this coming so why didn't they warn me ahead...? why didn't they at least given me a glimpse of what my disobedience would cost me...? 

this were the thoughts on my mind as I sat on the ground inwardly soliloquizing 

" A penny for your thoughts graceful one." Great Uba said smiling as he walked into the príson through the wall.

I breathe a sigh of relief seeing him. Ah! finally a rescuer has come to save me.

" I'm glad you came to my rescue Great Uba... I honestly thought you had given up on me and left me to my dëäth" I said to Great Uba with my voice cracked as a result of many conflicting emotions 

" Wipe your tears graceful one. Actually you were right that the gods saw all this coming... I saw it too and tried to warn you in various ways but you were determined to go astray." Great Uba answered and I nodded because he is right about me being adamant to the glaring red flags surrounding Eze.

" I'm sorry Great Uba... I'm truly sorry... I thought I could escape the lonesomeness of the palace... the crown and greatness in which everyone admires was so heavy and burdensome a cross to carry... I felt more like a sacrificial lamb hence I wanted to be happy.. I'm sorry" I responded with tears freely cascading my eyes and my cheeks. Funny how it seems I am beginning to be a cry baby.

" With the rate you are going with your constant tears. I won't be surprised if you actually end up crying a river from your eyes graceful one..." Great Uba uttered amusingly. It's probably in an attempt to create humor and lighten the emotional atmosphere. He continued...

"...it's enough beating yourself over the past my dearest Rana besides every greatness comes with scars, stories of failures, mistakes, pâin and life lessons. All those who hürt you will pay for their crimes but for now I think it's about time you brace up and lets find a way to get you out of here..." Great Uba said and I scoffed in total surrender

" I no longer have the powers to disappear and as a messenger you don't have the permission to disappear with an earthling. Going out through the doors isn't an option either because I will be seen and might end up being stoned earlier than dusk" I said without making any effort to stand up 

" Trust me on this... nobody would dare hârm a girl I consider my daughter certainly not when I am alive and breathing fine. Rana you will leave here alive without the least as a small stone touching or hurting your delicate skin"

A smile unconsciously found its way out of my lips as I heard those assuring words from Great Uba. 

I feel so overjoyed as I stood up and hugged Great Uba with all sincerity.

" Thank you so much Great Uba for being here and for not giving up or criticizing me like the others... you've truly acted like a true father would and I'm really grateful Father" 

I intentionally referred to Great Uba as father and I meant it. who wouldn't..? When this man has always acted a father figure in my life after I lost my parents and ascended the throne.

Great Uba reciprocated the hug and he kept on patting my back to comfort me followed by soothing words

" I love you Rana.. you are like my daughter.. I won't stay idly and watch you díe so even if you hadn't called for my help... it wouldn't have stopped me from still coming to your rescue." Great Uba said which made more tears to flow down my eyes at such sincere show of fatherly affection 

After a while, I disengaged from the hug but I had to express my deepest fear

" I believe you Great Uba but how are you going to save me when I am already fated to dïe by my people..?"

" Rana you will leave here safely and if it warrants making the whole village fall into a deep slumber so you'll escape... I will do so and face the consequences later" Great Uba replied and I was taken aback. What exactly does he mean by facing the consequences later...?

" What have you done Great Uba...? What consequences are you going to face for going out of your way to save me...?" I asked in apprehension and Great Uba smiled looking at me lovingly. 

He inhaled and exhaled deeply. I immediately knew that what he is about to divulge is something quite heavy for the heart to say.

" Well I won't be able to see you until after certain long years has passed... I'm sorry Rana but I had to make this little sacrifice to set you free from dying." Great Uba said and I exclaimed before I could stop myself

" What! You call it little..? Wait! are you dying or something...? Why wouldn't you be seeing me for a long period of time...?" I asked feeling so confused 

" I'm not dying Rana, it's just a kind of restriction... Well enough of this long talks... You should go Rana!.. go far away from this village but please do not misuse this second chance you've been given.. ensure that you use it with wisdom and may the gods be with you!"

" What second chance are you talking about..? Look Great Uba after I successfully fleed this village I am living my life quietly without any problems" I stubbornly said to Great Uba and he bursted out laughing in sarcasm

" The future will tell Rana but don't worry because with time you will fully understand the second chance I mean!" this is the last words I heard before Great Uba disappeared leaving me to my confusion.

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