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Dethroned - Episode 29





Dethroned - Episode 29

Written By Amah's Heart.

" For the sacrilege and rules you broke... Rana Uka you're therefore dethroned and from now henceforth you cease to be the Priestess of the Yada, Gada and Zada communities. You are bânished and not permitted to step foot into this Land ever again... I have spoken!" The eldest kinsmen of the community made the pronouncement which broke my heart into a thousand pieces.

I pleaded for a second chance from them but they were against having a powerless woman as their Priestess. 

It simply means my people had no iota of love for me as a person, but they only loved my powers and the protection I guaranteed them. 

This realization only added to my sådness and made me feel really hürt because I know that I had loved them unconditionally without reasons since that is what loving people truly entails.

I had listened to Amarachi's caution and allowed Eze and Nene go Scot free. After I stopped, Nene and Eze took to their heels to where I do not know.

The later outcome wasn't funny as I permanently lost my powers after an hour was up.

And almost immediately, villagers begun trooping in from their individual hideouts and they firmly grabbed me. 

Obviously they had been eavesdropping on us and secretly looking at all what was happening between me, Nene, Eze and Amarachi at the village square. 

There was no escaping for me as I was disgraced by being dragged all round the village square with my sins exposed in the open for all and sundry. 

Afterwards, a rítual was collectively carried out which led to an abrupt dethronement; my dethronement as a Priestess after a year and few months! 

Other Priestess stayed until their last day on earth but because of my disobedience to warnings, I am dethroned in a really shāmeful manner!

It's hard to believe that from now henceforth I will simply be referred to as a 'disgraced and dethroned Rana' instead of a reputable Priestess Rana as I was previously known to be. 

Oh, it húrts so bâd but it doesn't change the truth that I messed up really bâd and have to face the consequences.

Honestly, I still wished it was all a bâd  dream but sadly it isn't. And here I am standing at the Throne room after being passed the verdict of dethronement and banishment from the Land of my birth! 

My sad thoughts were soon disrupted by continuous rants from villagers which slowly begun filling the air. 

" Dethronement and banishment is too small for what Rana has done to her crown. Lets kīll her ... she deserves to be put to dëäth for this great sacrilege and abømination upon our community." A man whom I presume should be in his late thirties blurted out ângrily 

What! I uttered in utmost shock at everything I was hearing right now. I strained my ears wondering if I was truly hearing things correctly. 

Kill me..? for what sacrilege exactly...? Haven't I suffered enough...? I believe I've paid the prices for all I've done already, so what is happening...?

" My fellow kinsmen... the young man is right... I suggest that we stone Rana to dëäth for desecrating the land of our ancestors!" A kinsmen by the name Mazi Ekemba uttered looking at me scornfully. 

I remember this same Mazi Ekemba had once asked me for intimacy when I was an ordinary maiden girl.

Well I couldn't do such a disgusting thing backed up the fact that he is a married man, so I had turned down his request and from his utterances I guess he still felt pãinéd about that incidence.

" Yes! Lets kíll her for giving our enëmíes access into our abode!" this came from a young maiden I remember mentoring on the traditional rites when she direly needed it for her marriage.

What she is saying isn't even true, I wasn't the person who had given the enëmíes access into our village.

I mean whether or not I fell prey to Eze's love scheme, it could not have stopped the enëmíes from intruding the Land as Nene had it all planned out long time ago.

" I agree with him... Rana deserves to dïe for rendering us without a Priestess yet again!" this is fearlessly said by a woman whose daughter I practically fed everyday and even adopted as mine. 

" Kíll her!... Priestess Rana committed a sacrilege and deserves to dïe! Let her dïe!" the teenagers whom I thought had sincerely loved me and would always support me was chanting repeatedly in their little voices.

" Okay then... since that is what everyone wants then I proclaim that Rana Uka is not only dethroned but she shall be stoned to dëäth by dusk today... It shall be done as I have spoken!" The eldest kinsmen yet again declared without compassion or batting an eye.

I was devastated by such the proclamation! 

This is so insensitive and self-centered of them. I mean I'm the one who is at the receiving end of all the consequences, so what are these people ângry about...?

Yes! I might have lost all of my powers due to a wrong life choice but does that automatically mean as a human being I don't deserve to stay alive..?????

" Please you people should let me go... I've lost everything already... It's okay if you've dethroned me but please at least let me have my life.. I'm begging you people spare me please... I really don't want to dïe at this young age!" I said already tired of life and its travails.

Ignoring my pleas, four young men came towards where I stood at the middle of the Throne room. 

They dragged me by the arms towards the door probably to take me to the village prison and lock me there until dusk when I'll be stoned to dëäth.

" Please let me go! Please! Please! Please!" I pleaded whilst trying to freed myself from their grip but they held onto me tighter and totally ignored me.

I eventually went quiet after shouting for a long time without success since from all indications, they clearly were not ready to show me mercy.

From today, I have given up on love and people. I inwardly concluded within me

By now we were already at the príson where I was carelessly thrown in without care if I will get bruised or not!

In the príson, I sat on the bare ground with my back against the wall completely lost in thoughts. 

Two hours passed yet I still found it very hard to believe all that has befallen me in the past months.

There's no denying that I am feeling so depressed and unfortunate. 

First, I lost a love that was never true, then my child, my powers, my crown and now my people håtes me so much to the point of even wanting me déâd!

I sighed deeply gradually giving up. My head was filled with persistent bad thoughts that maybe I am not capable of being genuinely loved by people.

Infact I'm actually getting tired of staying alive already!

So it's perfectly okay if kílling me would truly make this ungrateful people happy. If they want to kíll me.. then so be it!  

Do I really want to dïe..? My subconscious cut into my thoughts and I sighed as I inwardly replied in sådness;

' What is there to live for when I'm alone in this evīl world full of betråyal..?' I lamented with my eyes focused on looking outside as my mind tried to imagine what life after dëäth is like. 

Does it hurt...? is it pain-free..? and if I am to be sincere to myself, do I truly want to dïe right now...?

Dusk is gradually drawing near and with every seconds that passes, my fear multiples as the courage to face the dëäth sentence keeps dwindling.

I had to admit that I really didn't want to dïe at this young age,

but then is there something I can do to avert the dëäth from happening...?

There was nothing because I felt really hopeless.

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