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Dethroned - Episode 26





Dethroned - Episode 26

Written By Amah's Heart.

I turned my gaze to Nene with intense fury burning in my eyes

" What have you done to my child!" I thundered with my voice shaking from crying too much

Bløød was still gushing out from beneath my legs and I am convinced without a doubt that my baby is gone.

My ánger further multiplied when Nene and Eze erupted in laughter therefore adding møckery to my injury and påin.

Their laughter slowly dīëd down and Nene uttered whilst looking at my stomach in disgust 

" Common Rana!... I'm sure you are not dùmb enough to know that the object's aim was to get rid of that båstård you aboded in your womb for my husband!"

" Oh no! which means that truly my innocent baby is gone... Why Nene..? tell me what exactly have I ever done to you to deserve this sort of unfair treatment from you...?" I said gently to Nene who ignored me. 

Hearing no response from Nene made me turn to look at Eze with tears cascading my eyes 

"...as for you Eze... I loved you beyond all the boundaries and warnings I was given. I gave you everything you've ever demanded for even at my detriment... yet you stood there and watched your wife kīll our innocent child!" I blurted out in a loud voice. 

I was utterly disappointed at Eze's behavior towards his own flesh and blood. 

At least if he didn't have my interest at heart, he should have reconsidered because of his child I was carrying.

Eze smirked as he paid deaf ears to my words which was laced with hürt. I watched as he instead moved closer to Nene and planted a kïss on her lips.

" My love thank you for getting rid of that baggage on my behalf. Oh! I couldn't even bear the thoughts of having an offspring with a vulnerable weakling girl like Rana... I wonder if the gods were blind when they had chosen someone like her to be their Priestess!" Eze said not minding the fact that I was there listening and also watching the whole shameless display.

Did I just hear him actually referred to our child as a baggage...? Wow! wow!

My pain doubled as I simply stood there quietly staring at Eze wondering if I actually know him at all. 

If only eyes could kīll then I'm very sure my piercing eyes would have definitely kīlled Eze instantaneously.

Everything just makes me håte him so much that I feel like strangling him and watching him dïe a slow pāinful dëäth!

It's a good thing that in unfortunate situations like this, Priestesses are usually given an hour of grace. 

Within that one hour, she is allowed to ignite and access her full powers before it is eventually taken away by the gods.

I may try denying it but deep down it hurts knowing that after the one hour is up, I will be left powerless and will likely be dethroned by my own people.

In the midst of the pain I felt within me, I made a firm decision in my heart to ensure that before the one hour is up, Nene and Eze will have to pay for everything they've made me gone through for their selfish reasons!

" Yes! I will avenge my baby's dëäth and make sure you two pay for everything you've done to me... I assure you two that for kílling my child, none of you will be leaving here alive!" I thundered aloud whilst breathing heavily in ánger 

" Oh stop being humorous Rana! we both know that your power is no more... so there is absolutely nothing that a foolish and powerless Priestess like you can do to us!" Nene uttered smiling møckingly at me. 

It's quite obvious that she is ignorant of the truth that Priestesses do not immediately loose their powers until after an hour.

Now it becomes my turn to laugh at them. I made sure to laugh with all my might which ended up putting them in a state of confusion. 

I'm sure there were wondering why I was laughing so confidently.

" I'm glad that you don't know everything Nene. Anyways start telling me how you want your dëäth to be.. is it a slow painless or a quick painful dëäth...?" I queried and smiled confidently as I moved towards Nene.

" Rana where exactly is all this confidence coming from...?" Eze quizzed upon seeing the way I was walking towards Nene with so much confidence.

I was angered by Eze's question so I stopped my movement and turned my gaze towards Eze. 

As I looked at him in disdain, I pointed the middle finger of my left hand to his eyes while chanting a few incantations. 

To Nene and Eze's bewilderment, thick smoke emitted from my left hand. And from my middle finger the smoke effortlessly went into Eze's open eyes abruptly blinding him.

" My eyes oh! My eyeee... Oh! help me! Rana what have you done to my eyes...? Why can't I see anything...?" Eze kept ranting on and on but I scoffed as I ignored his screams.

I turned my gaze back to Nene and decided that it is now her turn to be severely dealt with.

Slowly, I begun moving towards Nene whilst smiling in míschief and satisfaction at the utmost shock I saw boldly written on her face.

" How come you still have your powers with you...? What did you do...? And what exactly are you planning Rana...?" Nene asked repeatedly as she is still trying to come to terms with all what is happening around me.

I bursted out laughing hysterically as I heard her question and saw the vivid expression of fear in her voice.

" Nene you're not the only one who is good at surprises... there is an idom that states that he who invites the spirit to a dance must equally be ready to dance to the tunes of the music.... You and Eze started this war and I will be more than glad to finish it!" I said and repeatedly hits my legs seven times on the ground. 

Almost immediately, the previously bright sky changed its atmosphere. It turned cloudy with heavy wind and thunder blowing violently. 

Resultantly, Eze was involuntarily being tossed round in circles by the wind amidst his unending screams for mercy. 

Nene on the other hand was able to still stand strong on her feet seemingly unmoved by the heavy wind, I guess probably due to her dark powers. 

As Nene looked towards Eze and saw what is presently happening to her husband, she felt frightened.

I continued moving in my slow steps towards her and with fear Nene begun retracing her steps backwards. 

From her facial expression I could tell that she is now scared of my capacities.

" I'm warning you to stay far away from me Rana... else this war would likely not end well for either of us!!!!" 

I erupted in laughter as I heard those words of threats from Nene.

If only Nene knows what I had in store for her then she will be down on her knees pleading for mercy. I intend to so much deal with her such that in her next life she will learn to respect crowns. 

" Relax Nene... the war had only just begun and yes you're right about it not likely ending well. Nene just keep this in mind that it's either I go down or you go down first... but one thing I know for sure is that either we both dīe here together or only one of us survives this." I blurted out with a determined mind and a stoic face devoid of emotions.

" You are daring me Rana!... Leave me alone else we will both regret this!" Nene uttered staring defiantly at me who now stood directly in front of her. 

I smiled mischievously as I gave Nene an answer which I suppose she never expected to hear from me

" I'm sorry Nene but it's too late for those words of caution. Do you want to know why I can't leave you alone...? It's simply because the wår had only just begun!"

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