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Dethroned - Episode 25





Dethroned - Episode 25

Written By Amah's Heart.

I kept struggling to get Eze's hands off my neck but to no avail. 

I was slowly loosing my consciousness due to the constant struggle with Eze and also because of the inability to breathe properly.

By now, Nene was standing directly in front of me with her eyes still fixed on my stomach. 

I now understand how she knew about my pregnancy, obviously Eze told her.

Seeing the evil glint in her eyes made me wonder what she had in mind to do to my unborn child! 

I just hope that she isn't going to harm my baby because if it actually turns out to be true, 

then honestly I will push my humanity aside and make sure that neither Eze or Nene will live to tell the story!

My baby is currently the only genuine thing I have with me. Eze has all along been a betrayal and only God knows who else around me is my enemy.

Therefore, loosing my child would be equivalent to stabbing me in the heart. 

The worst is that I will be putting an abrupt end to all of my powers!

Yes! my first fruit is the true source of my power. That's the truth which I learnt on my first day as a Priestess. 

It was also clearly written in the Book of Laws that a first pregnancy is every chosen Priestesses sources of power and is undeniably a risk to lose it too.

This is the first and main reason it is forbidden for Priestesses to engage in intimacy with the opposite gender hence the introduction of the Purity Rule.

The purpose of the Purity Rule which states that the Priestess must be a virgin was to help curb the obvious dangers. 

The Priestesses staying chaste as a virgin is meant to serve as a safety measure in other to avert difficult situations such as; the Priestess getting pregnant and later loosing the child which will subsequently render her powerless. 

The second reason is so that the Priestess would not have a distraction or a patent weakness which could be used as a weapon by the enemies against the crown or her duty to protect the people.

The last reason is that there are usually complications during a Priestess' childbirth because of the defense nature of the unique powers in her possession. 

Successfully giving birth to the child is usually like a 50-50 chance of survival. The Priestesses either ends up loosing her life or that of her baby, 

or she probably finds a safe method to tame her powers therefore saving the lives of both herself and her child. 

Yes, It was that arduous to deal with!

Hence chastity is the gods own way of protecting their Priestesses but it is quite sad that I allowed love overshadow my sense of reasoning and now I regret it!

Then something occurred to me! 

Could it be that Eze and Nene knows about this secret..? Is that why Nene wants to first get rid of my pregnancy...?

Her next words confirmed my fears and thoughts that she truly knew about the source of my powers.

" You can free her Eze... I will love to see the miserable look on her face after loosing the pregnancy which happens to be the actual source of her powers!" Nene uttered smiling scornfully at me

What! how is it even possible for Nene to know when I didn't tell Eze about it..?

I also know that vital information about the Priestesses powers externally lies with the gods alone. 

No dark powers or foreign deities has access to that information because it would mean breaking the sacred law and crossing the bridge of dëäth. 

This certainly means that the truth about the source of my powers can not be from Nene's dark powers or deities. 

Then how did she know about it...?

I also realized that up till now I do not know whom the eye witnesses are who exposed my private dëäth verdict on Eze when he came to see me that night. 

I'm very sure that one of then is Nene but who could the other one be..?

My mind is beginning to suspect that it is Amarachi since she is my most trusted maiden servant and besides I saw her standing with Jack the other day. 

After the revelation about Eze's partnership with Nene to bring me down and eventually kíll me, nothing really surprises me anymore! 

So if one of the eye witnesses and their aide actually turns to be Amarachi then I will not be surprised either!

After Eze freed his grip on my neck following Nene's earlier command, I stood defiantly and decided that it is about time I clear my confusion once and for all.

" Wow! so you know about my first pregnancy being the source of my powers...? Tell me Nene what other surprises do you have up your sleeves...?" I asked looking at Nene and Eze in disdain. 

Honestly, they both disgusted me!

Nene bursted out laughing maniacally. After she stopped laughing, she looked at me and shook her head pitifully 

 " I pity you Rana because you'll lost everything you hold dear in just one day. Well to be sincere with you I wasn't sure about your first pregnancy being the true source of your powers...." Nene begun and paused to observe if what she is saying is sinking into my head.

As for me my brows twitched in confusion the moment I heard her words. 

what does she mean by she didn't know? Nothing was making sense at all!

" Are you surprised...?" Nene asked and I nodded affirmatively

" Who wouldn't be...? I clearly heard you earlier when you said that you would love to see the miserable look on my face after loosing the pregnancy which happens to be the actual source of my powers. So Nene why are you now denying everything...?" I blurted out in ánger, frústration, confusion and påin.

Nene smirked in satisfaction after seeing the miserable state I was in. It was what she wanted after all; to see the Almighty Priestess emotionally broken!

" Rana I only presumed that the child could be related to your powers after Eze told me about your insistence to keep the pregnancy despite knowing the consequences involved..." Nene said and continued whilst nonchalantly shrugging her shoulders 

"...Well initially I wasn't so sure so I intentionally set a trap by saying what I said earlier and thankfully you fell into my trap. Anyways thank you so much Rana for confirming my presumptions" 

What! so I had fallen into a trap and ended up exposing the secret by myself! 

Oh no! Surely this mistake of mine is going to put my baby in serious dānger as now Nene confirmed the truth, she will not spare me or my pregnancy.

In my state of anxiety and perplexity, I completely forgot that I still had half of my powers with me which could help me to fīght and at least distract Nene.

I was still thinking of what to do when Nene threw the stone-like object that was in her right hand directly at my stomach. 

The object flew speedily towards me and before I could escape, 

it hits me hard on the stomach and disappeared instantaneously.

The impact of the hit on my belly made me feel pains almost immediately. 

It hurts so much that I involuntarily fell face down on the bare ground!

After some seconds, I was able to get myself together and I slowly stood up from the ground although I could barely stand on my feet properly.

A groan escaped my lips as I held onto my stomach protectively. I felt so weak, disoriented and paíns in my stomach.

Aside the pains from my stomach, I begun feeling wet in between my legs and I looked down only to see blood dripping down my legs in tørments.

Fear begun creeping in and painful tears filled my eyes. 

I hope this isn't true..? Please tell me I am in a trance or a dream...? I prayed within me yet it didn't change the truth that was undeniably there. 

My precious jewel is now gone! 

In agony, I shouted so loud that it vibrated all round the entire village.

Oh! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

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