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Dethroned - Episode 24





Dethroned - Episode 24

Written By Amah's Heart.

" E.. Ez... Eze... are you the surprise Nene has for me..?" I asked stammering whilst staring at Eze with my eyes widened in actual surprise and bewilderment.

what is Eze doing here? or is it a mistake? I thought to myself as I turned round again to furiously look at Nene.

" ...Nene what sort of a childish game is this...? why is Eze here...? Wait a minute! don't tell me you blackmailed him to come here and save me...?" I asked with my ánger slowly rising and Nene bursted out laughing like a maniac 

" Why would I need to blackmail a man who is already my aide in bringing about your downfall...? that's where it would have become childish...don't you think so Rana...?" Nene rhetorically queried as soon as she stopped laughing

" Eze is your aide...? Nene what exactly do you mean by that..?"

" You're so dumb Rana! I guessed that is why you were easily blinded and then fooled all in the pretext of love... anyways aide simply means that Eze and I are partners in crime!"

I was dumbfounded upon hearing that from Nene and I am already getting very scåred that what she is saying about Eze betraying me might be true. 

Five minutes slowly passed but I am still lost for words to reply her. I just stood there quietly staring at Nene.

" I suppose you don't have anything to say right...?" Nene asked smirking and I simply nodded in affirmation. 

I listened with apt attention as Nene continued regardless of my seemingly quiet countenance 

"...anyways let me do a proper introduction... Priestess Rana.. I'll love you to meet my lovely husband Eze Dede whom of course you tried stealing from me" Nene revealed dramatically stretching forth her hands towards Eze.

As I heard those words of introduction, I staggered backwards in shock and Nene bursted out laughing again.

Wait! did I actually hear her correctly. Eze is Nene's husband... when.. how..?" I mentally queried myself but I couldn't get any actual answers to my queries 

I turned to look at Eze hoping to at least have him deny the allegations but he was silent with his head bent low probably out of shame. 

Inasmuch as I didn't want to believe Nene's words but I had to reconsider my stance of trust because Eze's body language spoke volumes.

It is hard to admit this but it is seeming like my fear of being betrayed is gradually turning into my reality. So with my heart torn apart, I moved my gaze back to Nene to clarify everything 

" What do you mean by your husband...? how is it possible that Eze is your husband...? how..." I asked as my voice cracked terribly in a way that I could not even complete my sentence 

Eze was still standing there without uttering a word as Nene kept smirking in fulfilment and then looked at me amusingly as though I was a clown.

" It seems you are forgetting that your supposed lover did his apprenticeship at my community, the Land of Zada... Well that's where we met two years ago and got married but sadly without the fruit of the womb" Nene replied shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly.

" Oh no! Please Eze tell me this isn't true...?.. go on and tell me she is lying...? Eze why aren't you saying something in defense...?" I asked shifting my gaze to look at a quiet looking Eze. 

Eze lifted his head to look at me but he could barely meet my eyes. I could clearly see the guilt reflected in those eyes. 

Eze still said nothing to defend himself against Nene's allegations. His persistent silence undeniably means that what Nene said is actually the truth!

Oh no! I'm finished! this must be a bad dream. I wish someone would wake me up from this daymare please! It can't be! 

" You're lying Nene! I don't believe you... I'm very sure you are saying this to make me suffer emotionally!" I exclaimed still unable to accept what she said earlier, even though the truth was glaringly staring at me in the face.

I walked closer towards Eze until I was standing directly facing him. 

Then I asked with my tears filled eyes 

" Eze tell me this is a prank and is not true at all..? Could it be that she blackmail you into this...?" I asked looking at Eze who repeatedly kept avoiding eye contact with me. 

I was hoping that Eze will deny it to at least make me feel better but my hopes was dashed at the words that came as a response from him

" All Nene said is true so I am actually not blackmailed as you think... Nene here is my wife and we've been working together to bring you down so that she would take over your position as the new Priestess. I'm sorry Rana but that's the pure truth!" Eze finally admitted to me and I was greatly astonished! 

Tears cascaded my eyes at the realization of the obvious truth that Eze whom I loved so much with everything in me is truly a close aide to my enemy. 

Now everything is slowly adding up!; first, the encounter at the bush after many years of not meeting each other. 

Second, the sudden vigor to win my heart. 

Third, the thoughtlessness over my pain. Then his selfish requests and inquisitiveness over my powers etc.

I became a crying mess as I kept wondering where exactly I went wrong and what exactly I did to deserve such a painfully planned betrayal from a man. 

With tears in my eyes, I looked defiantly at Eze as though I was seeing a stranger because that is who he is to me now. 

" Buu.. but why Eze...? I loved you with all of my heart without leaving anything out. I gave you my virginity, made several sacrifices and compromises for your sake even at the expense of my safety... I risked my crown for you!... yet this betrayal is how you choose to repay me..?" I asked with a shaky voice as my emotional state was in shambles. 

" I'm sorry Rana but that's life for everyone... it's unfair and we don't usually get what we deserve. You don't have to worry though as Nene and I will try to ensure that your death is painless as possible... Plus the fact that we will take good care of your crown for you since you never truly wanted it in the first instance!" Eze uttered without fear. he is now looking at me directly in the eye whilst Nene was unusually quiet.

Oh! hearing those hurtful words added with the betrayal from Eze really broke me into a million pieces! 

I feel like my heart is scattering into several miles and my world is crumbling before my eyes yet I had no emotional strength to rebuild it.

I cried out loud as I broke down emotionally and all the confidence I thought I built up before coming to face Nene was lost in the mud. 

Honestly, I feel traumatized and deeply scarred. And this scar is much more deeper than the scars I sustained at my back after the whípping procedure.

 The several painful cane I took for Eze can't be compared to the pain I felt at this moment.

" Yes Rana.. my husband is right. We will surely take good care of your crown when I ascend the throne as the new Priestess... we'll also grant you the honor of making your death as painless as possible!" Nene said making me abruptly turn to look at her whilst involuntarily turning my back to Eze. 

I saw Nene coming close to me with a stone-like object in her right hand. Her eyes was focused on my stomach with a evïl smirk and hateful glint in her eye.

I was scared for my unborn child. Nene was almost close to where I stood backing Eze when I tried running away but I felt a tight grip on my neck. 

The grip on my neck was so tight that I could barely breathe properly!

Obviously Eze was strangling me from behind and he was also trying to keep me in place for Nene to carry out whatever dëvilish plot she had in mind.

Seeing the turn of events, my heart begun racing very fast hoping that it isn't what I am thinking!

'Oh the gods, please let it not be what I am thinking ..please save me this once!

"Kind and merciful gods, all I ask is just this once, save me from the claws of my enemies.. please, don't turn your back on my plea, rescue me for I am helpless.." I silently prayed.

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