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Dethroned - Episode 23





Dethroned - Episode 23

Written By Amah's Heart.

Nene and I are still standing directly facing each other. 

And from Nene's facial expression, i could tell that she is anxiously awaiting my reply to her earlier question. 

By now, there is tranquility and we were the only ones present at the village square. 

From all indications, the villagers practically left us alone in other to hide somewhere else for safety sake.

I cleared my throat after several minutes of silence and with renewed confidence, I gave a reply with my eyes unblinkingly focused on Nene 

" I can never agree to such sélfish and insensitive terms and conditions... I also promise you Nene that nothing will happen to my people because I will fīght for them even if it means putting my life on the line" I said each word with boldness because I truly meant it.

" Really...? Okay then Priestess... I will think about accepting the challenge because I truly admire your confidence Priestess Rana" Nene replied in sarcasm as she bursted out laughing hysterically

I stood there unmoved by her sarcastic words or laughter. 

"...so in actual sense you are implying that you value your position as a Priestess more than your people... such that you don't want to step down and hand over your crown to me...?" Nene further inquired whilst smirking widely. 

Nene's smirk followed by her body language and demeanor seem to be very suspicious. 

My instincts tells me that she already expected my initial answer to be in the negative but decided to still ask me questions for clarity sake. 

It gets me wondering what more she is having up her sleeves.

" Nene I have never really wanted this crown so I wouldn't have had an issue with stepping down for you... but as you already know I was chosen by the gods so only them or the collective efforts of the people can take me down from my seat. It's not necessarily backed up by my might or what I want" I explained shrugging my shoulders 

When there was no actual response from Nene, I continued nevertheless 

" ...besides even if I was to be granted such advantage of stepping down at my own will... I will still not do that because you lack numerous leadership traits which makes you unfit to take over my position.. that's the truth" I said sighing deeply. I was feeling exhausted already

The smirk on Nene's face gradually disappeared and it was replaced with anger and resentment.

" How dare you tell me that I am unfit to be a Priestess! How dare you utter such arrant nonsense!... Now you see what I mean when I stated earlier that your Land keeps saying demeaning things hence underestimating my community and its people!" Nene thundered with ánger clearly shown on her face.

I looked at Nene as I shook my head in commiseration and I spoke out softly with all sincerity of hearts 

" That's not true Nene... your people are my people too and I love them enough not to make me disrespect them... Moreover there's nothing really fascinating about the crown you are craving for.. there's nothing there!"

" You're saying this simply because you are an ungrateful maiden! Rana you are opportune to be sitting as the Priestess of three great Lands... yet your stupidity made you mess it up for love!" Nene blurted out staring at me in disdain 

I heaved in sådness as my emotions were being triggered by Nene's last statement. I truly feel like a sinner!

" Nene you have no right to judge me that way... you don't know how I sometimes wish I could actually switch places with ordinary maidens like you... that way I'll be able to get married and build a family with the man after my heart. I always wished I had the freedom to do many things without restrictions" I slowly said dreamingly 

Nene looked at me in amusement and begun divulging confusing words that later left me in utmost shock

" Quit daydreaming about a married man my dear Priestess Rana. It's quite unfortunate that your love was unrequited because my Eze wasn't and can never be yours.. ever, ever!" Nene thundered and smirked upon seeing the shock that appeared on my face

" What do you mean by married man..? who are you referring to as your Eze...?" I quizzed in confusion and Nene bursted out laughing before replying me. 

" Well I guess it's about time I reveal the last surprise... Rana I do hope you are prepared to handle the nice surprise I have for you..?!" Nene asked rhetorically as she gradually stopped laughing.

" What exactly are you driving at Nene...?" I asked looking at Nene without flinching and she did same. 

I sighed in fear. There's no doubt that I was beginning to feel scared at whatever surprise Nene has in store for me so I listened with apt attention.

" My name is actually Nene Dede... the 'U' alphabet I attached at the beginning of my surname was merely to shift your focus from suspicion... Let's say I was actually saving this last surprise for when you will least expect it because it will make it much more fun" Nene said mockingly with her eyes focused on me

The silence that later followed after Nene's name revelation was deafening.

With each passing seconds, everything was becoming more and more difficult to understand or comprehend.

I didn't even know what to think or how to respond to the new twist of events. 

And as I stood there in silence, my mind was pondering on a whole lot of things. 

Dede..? Isn't that my Eze's surname...? Are they siblings or married couples or it's merely a name coincidence...?

Oh the gods.. I hope it isn't what I am beginning to think? 

Already, my fragile heart was pounding in fear of what my mind was saying yet I still didn't want to believe it at all. 

'No! it better not be true please'. I prayed in my heart although my mind was still telling me that my prayers was needless.

Several frightening thoughts were threatening to burst my heart open and I literally pushed away those thoughts as hard as I could.

But what if what I am thinking actually turns out to be true..? 

I shook my head vigorously because I honestly don't know how I will be able to handle such a great betrayal.

No it can't be true! certainly not! I uttered inaudibly as I paid deaf ears to what my mind keeps trying to tell me,

Instead I inwardly kept trying to convince myself that it is a coincidence.

Nene's eyes soon shifted its focus from my face to looking behind me. 

A smile involuntarily escaped her lips as her eyes became so intensely focused behind my back that I begun suspecting that there's surely someone behind me.

" Why don't you turn behind you to see the surprise I have for you Rana.." Nene requested with a smile on her face.

My mind begun racing faster than usual. I inhaled and exhaled deeply before I slowly turned.

My eyes flickered with series of untold emotions and gradually my heart fell at the sight of whom I saw behind me.

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