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Dethroned - Episode 22





Dethroned - Episode 22

Written By Amah's Heart.

I lifted my head so I could see who had hit me that hard on the stomach and I saw the man whom I had presumed to be the leader smiling at me.

" Do you like the pâin...? Priestess Rana you had better start saying your last prayers to the gods.... because you are going to dïe right here and now in our hands!" He said smirking at me. 

I observed that he wanted to lift his fist to hit me directly on my stomach again 

Seeing this move, I shielded my belly with my right hand and quickly lifted my left hand up the skies. 

With my left hand, I ignited a heavy thunder which struck him and he fell down lifeless on the ground.

As the others saw their leader down, their ánger increased and they came running towards me one after the other.

I shut my eyes tightly closed and uttered a few incantations inaudibly. 

And almost immediately, brimstones from the sky started falling like rain on the men that came running towards me.

Loud wails of agony from the vibrant men filled my ears and I smiled in satisfaction after I opened my eyes. 

I watched without compassion as the brimstones kept falling mightily on the men until all the fourteen men were laying motionlessly. 

I made sure that nobody was left alive before running speedily pass the dëād bodies using the path that leads to my village. 

I am hoping to reach there on time before Nelo commits irrevocable hāvocs in my community. 

And inasmuch as I wasn't yet there to see what was happening, I still couldn't help feeling scared for my people.

As I was running within my pace which was slow, I inwardly begun wishing that I still had the ability to appear and disappear which would have made this easier and quicker for me.

On getting to the borders that binds the village with the forest Eze and I ran into, I heaved a sigh of relieve knowing that I am almost there.

Finally, I arrived the Land of Yada whilst inhaling and exhaling very fast through my nostrils. 

Oh! I feel so tired, thirsty, and practically out of breath right now! I need a rest but I wouldn't dare do that, certainly not with today's happenings.

Stepping into the main village square, I saw there was pandemonium everywhere and yelps filled the atmosphere as adults alongside children were running Helter skelter for safety.

I kept wondering what was chasing them since there were no mob around until I saw invisible hands unruly flogging and pushing my people.

Some fell on the bare ground as they were being pushed and flogged.

afterwards, they got up and begun yelling whilst scampering for safety with their loved ones behind them. 

I sighed sadly as I was feeling more sympathetic for the helpless children who kept crying and screaming not understanding what is going on.

The sight unfolding before me was bringing tears to my eyes. And my soft heart was literally bleeding internally at the overly tensed atmosphere.

Thankfully when the pandemonium ceased, I saw that there aren't much déâd bodies littered around.

There are only about seven old people who fell and then laid motionlessly on the ground, supposedly they are déâd!

" Wow! Look who finally came to watch the show.. so tell me Rana... do you enjoy the show..?" I heard a sarcastic feminine voice behind me and even without turning back I knew it was Nene

I quickly cleaned my tears and comported myself as I slowly turned backwards. 

I am now standing face to face with Nene who is beautifully dressed in a brown flowing gown.

" So you escaped alive...? Wow! that's quite courageous of you... anyways welcome to the show Almighty prégnant Priestess Rana!" Nene uttered as she sarcastically prostrated before me

Deep down I am wondering how she knew about my prégnancy. I later concluded that maybe her dark powers is really potent and powerful enough to unveil hidden information.

" Nelo I don't know what you hope to achieve by kílling the very same people you want to rule over... this would only sow seeds of resentment in their hearts towards you... don't you think so..?" I asked annoyed at her childish games

" Well I haven't harmed anyone yet... these old déâd men on the ground only d!ed because they were weaklings and wanted to join their ancestors. Just one light push from me... dëäth was the outcome as you've seen" Nene replied flippantly whilst shrugging her shoulders as though it was no big deal.

" You term a push on elders, a light push..? Nelo! where is your sense of humanity for human lives..? what if there were actually your fathers..?" I blurted out already flaring up. 

Normally, I am a Priestess who detests injustice especially when it involves my people and the community. 

And unlike my predecessors who ruled with strictness, my compassionate nature oftentimes made me rule my people with excessive love and fairness. 

I made sure that nobody got hungry, economically lacking or physically hürt under my reign as their Priestess. 

Food was shared equitably between every households both for the young and old, rich and poor. 

And as a lover of children, I even made it a norm to occasionally gather little children in a feast and shared my unlimited food items and gifts to them.

I love my people genuinely and wholeheartedly;

This is the reason it hurts to see them being treated badly and unjustly by Nene.

from all indications, Nene would be a dísaster if ever allowed access to my power and position which she desires.

Nene smirked in satisfaction upon seeing the different shades of emotions on my face. 

It's obvious she knows that the agony of my people and my lover Eze are my vulnerable points.

And right now I feel stuck in the middle of nowhere!

I know with my prégnant state, physical combat was not an option at all except I want to endanger my unborn child.

Fighting her with my half powers which I doubt is going to be sufficient considering the fact that she is harmed with dark powers is not an option too.

reason being that it would further endanger my people as Nene would surely transfer the transgression and increase her torments on them.

What makes this present situation worst is that, I was caught unawares hence I am not prepared physically or mentally ready for this turn of events at all.

It's sad to admit that Nene got me emotionally incapacitated, just exactly how she wanted me to be.

Unable to continue witnessing the pains and yelps of my people, I turned my eyes away from them to focus on Nene.

I watched as Nene's face gradually changed from being sarcastic to being stoic as she spoke in a commanding tone

" Step down and hand me your powers Rana... If you do I can assure you that your people and the unborn child in your stomach will be spared by me!" Nene uttered staring seriously at me.

I heaved heavily knowing that doing what she is demanding of me isn't a good idea at all. 

I mean from all indications, Nene would certainly be a disaster if she's ever allowed access to my power and position which she desires.

Honestly, I don't need a soothsayer to tell me that she will be more dëädly if allowed to rule innocent people. 

" Nene I am as good as being dethroned so all this isn't necessary at all... Please I am begging you... just let my people go!" I said pleadingly whilst looking at Nene

Nene begun laughing hysterically for close to ten minutes.

She soon stopped laughing as she confidently looked back at me directly in the eye 

I was caught off guard by the next question from her which followed;

" There's no free bargain in this world of men.. So tell me Rana... does this mean you agree to my terms and conditions..?"

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