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Dethroned - Episode 21





Dethroned - Episode 21

Written By Amah's Heart.

" Ne.. Nel... Nelo....?" I asked stammering in shock. I was very much stupefied!

" How is this possible...?" I asked myself with my eyes fixated on the person who stood fearlessly in front of me

It turns out that Nene is Nelo my servant maiden. 

She is the one who came to inform me about James' presence in the Throne room on the same day the village stouts came to arrest Eze from my room.

" Ho.. how is this possible...? Nelo you're Nene...?" I quizzed looking at Nelo from her head to her toe in utmost surprise 

To say I was only shocked by this revelation was merely an understatement.

I still found it hard to believe even when the truth was glaringly in front of me. 

" Are you surprised Priestess Rana...?" Nelo asked smirking at me 

" Who wouldn't be...,? I mean I don't even know if I am seeing clearly or not... like are you really the Nene who wants my downfall but then why...?" I exclaimed with my voice slightly crackly

" Yes Rana... My maiden name is Nene Udede. Nelo is my late mother's name which I had to use in guise as a servant maiden to get closer access to you" Nelo now Nene said to me and continued

" It's quite unfortunate that I couldn't get too close to you like I initially wanted to because you had chosen to make that Amarachi your favorite and most trusted maiden... To you nobody else was important except her which kind of annoyed me a lot... but anyways the good thing there is that I still accomplished my mission" Nene expatiated shrugging her shoulders 

I was short of words after hearing this words from Nelo. 

And honestly, I am still finding it hard to come to terms with everything unfolding before my eyes. 

Yes! Nelo might not have been my most trusted maiden like Amarachi but I still loved her dearly and treated her fairly. 

So it hurts to actually learn the actual truth that she was a servant maiden in disguise for the quest for my downfall.

" Closer access to me...? but why..? what do you have against me...?" 

" A lot Priestess Rana... a whole lot. Firstly, my community which is the Land of Zada has never produced a Priestess which makes other communities especially yours which is the Land of Yada to always degrade and underestimate us..." Nene begun divulging and I kept quiet so I could listen to what her reasons could be 

" That's not true... We've never done that" I uttered in defense but Nene ignored me and continued undauntedly 

" Secondly, I am more deserving of this position you now occupy because I am more strong-willed than you who is a lovestruck Priestess and not really interested in serving the people.... the third and last reason is that my håtred towards you multiplied after you got emotionally entangled with my man"

" Your man...? what are you even saying..? who is your man whom I got entangled with because I have gotten emotionally entangled with only one man which is Ez.." I was about saying when my words got stuck midway in my throat as a realization quickly hits me

Wait a minute! could it be Eze that Nene is referring to as her man? 

no! no! no! it can't be him. It certainly can't be my Eze.

" It's actually quite amusing that even in the midst of this pandemonium... a man is all you care to ask about Rana" Nene replied as she paused to take a quick breathe of air

" That's not true Nelo or whatever your real name is!" I uttered in a rasped voice 

" Really...? Well if truly you were befitting to be a Priestess then you would have focused more on how to save our people who is currently under my torment... instead of dwelling on your førbidden feelings for a mortal man..."

"...so my dearest Priestess Rana... I suppose now that you can see why I am actually more deserving of being a Priestess than you...?" Nene quizzed staring at me without flinching 

" Well the gods knew all that yet they had still chosen me over you. Tell me Nene... isn't that what stings your ego the most..?" I asked sarcastically as I stared back at Nene without flinching. 

My aim was to get Nene infuriated and I was surprised when she smiled instead. 

" Fortunately for me... that is about to change any moment from now as I Nene is going to be the new Priestess. Whether the gods have chosen me or not I will ensure that your crown is mine Rana!"

My brows twitched in confusion as I looked at Nene with many questions on my mind. 

I kept wondering what gave her so much audacity, courage, bravery and confidence to challenge me RANA who is a renowned Priestess.

" What do you mean by that Nelo...? and you said earlier that our people is currently under your tørments.. why..?what exactly are you planning on doing to our people...? I hope you remember that they are your people too...?" I blurted out all at once. I felt so ângry!

" Try to relax Priestess Rana... remember the day had only just begun. I do know that you have so many unanswered questions on your head but don't worry though.. I believe you will get the answers to all your questions soonest" Nene uttered smiling scornfully at me 

" I still don't understand what your aim are in all this... you want me to step down for you...? Is that what you truly want...?" I exclaimed loudly 

Nene bursted out laughing hysterically. I kept my eyes focused on her wondering what is funny about what I said earlier

" Why don't you come find out yourself at the village... that's if you don't actually end up dying here and now in the hands of my men" Nene said smirking as she snapped her fingers and disappeared right before my eyes.

That came as a shock to me as well. how was she able to disappear..?

This only means one thing which is that Nene possess dark powers. This explains how she knew about me earlier and other related things she knows.

There is no time anymore so I know I needed to act very fast so as to take care of these men quickly. 

After which, I can hurriedly run back to my community to save my people from Nelo before she massacre them.

Before I could realize it, an heavy blow landed directly on my stomach and I yelped in pain and terror. 

I held my belly protectively whilst wondering if the blow on my stomach was intentional or merely a coincidence.

In a couple of seconds, I begun feeling the strong impact of the heavy blow on my stomach and I was feeling very scared for the safety of the unborn child in my womb.

Oh no! my poor baby!

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