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Dethroned - Episode 20





Dethroned - Episode 20

Written By Amah's Heart.

" I'm tired Eze... I'm loosing my breath... Please lets rest here for a while" I said stuttering whilst breathing very fast.  

As we were running, I kept hearing galloping footsteps behind us. 

Without Eze telling me, I know we are being pursued by a group of men but I still didn't know who were the mob pursuing us and why. 

Eze who was dragging me by my right hand wasn't having any of what I said. 

" Please Rana we need to go... or do you want them to kíll you and our unborn child..?" Eze huskily said while still dragging me to increase my steps 

I shook my head as I looked at Eze with pleading eyes. 

Obviously, I was already short of breath by the long distances we had covered. 

To make matters worst, I don't even know why we are running and who are pursuing us

" I can't anymore... I need to rest, the baby needs rest too... tell me Eze what is going on..? why exactly are we running...?" I asked worriedly as I gradually slowed down. 

Eze stopping walking and I abruptly halted my movement too. He begun explaining hastily 

" The Zada community bétrayed our people... they conspired with the stronger neighboring communities, joined forces with them and today they came to wage wâr with the Yada and Gada communi.." before Eze could complete his sentence, I bolted in with my puzzling questions 

" Wår..? Why the betrayal...? So Eze does that actually mean my community and people are in dānger right now...?" I asked unable to believe my ears 

" Sadly yes but Rana we need to get you to safety first. you know that as the Priestess of the land you will be their main target... I love you and would not want you or the baby getting hurt so please so lets run faster" Eze uttered trying to drag my hands so we will run again but I swing his hands away.

" My people are in dānger of being måssacre and you expect me who is ought to be their protector to run away and abandon them in dire times like this...?" I exclaimed feeling angry at Eze

" Please Rana... Lets not argue over this... Think of yourself first before others... Get to safety first and then we will figure out a way to save the people"

" Eze I am a leader for gods sake! Of course I have to think of my people's safety as a first priority... I am going back there to save my people and nothing you say will stop me" I said as I turned and started walking back amidst Eze's pleas for me to have a rethink

" Please Rana don't do this. You know that you only have half of your powers remaining with you... what if it fails you or you lose it in the process of fíghting for your people.? have you thought of that?" Eze uttered behind me in an attempt to get me to have a change of mind. 

I stopped midway and turned to face Eze again. I heaved heavily as I replied 

" I will be fine Eze and so long as our baby is safe my powers will remain safe as well... please trust me on this okay...?"

" I don't get it Rana... what exactly is the connection between the baby and your powers that is enough to make me trust your words of being safe...?" Eze asked staring at me. I could clearly see the confusion on his face 

" It's a long story Eze... but don't worry I will tell you everything about it once I successfully conquer the intruders and save our people... For now please do stay safe for me and your child" I told Eze gently before finally turning to walk down the path we came out from.

By now the heavy footsteps had gotten louder. It's quite obvious that those pursuing us were getting closer.

I kept walking until I became few distance away from about fifteen strange looking able-bodied men. 

From their faces, I knew that they weren't from this village so they were certainly from the stronger communities.

" Finally we've found her!" A man whom I presumed is the leader blurted out the moment he saw me walk towards their direction.

I exhaled deeply as I walked closer to them and stood in front of them. I was scared but I knew I needed to be courageous in a time like this.

" What do you want from me...? And why are you harassing my people...?" I asked looking at them with a straight face

" We came here in search of you Priestess Rana... We are aware that you no more fit to be a Priestess of this great land. We want you to step down from your position and h SAand it to our leader Nene!" The presumed leader commanded in his baritone voice 

The name 'Nene' that he mentioned rang a bell in my head. Is it the same Nene again? And who exactly is she?

" Doesn't your unknown leader know that a special ritual needs to be carried out to get me dethroned...? and that even if I'm dethroned she will not be able to ascend that seat because she doesn't have the power required of a Priestess...?" I asked looking sarcastically at them.

" Of course we know that but what you don't know is that the powers of a true Priestess is actually transferrable..." The man standing close to me begun and I turned to look at him in surprise. He is actually right. I truly never knew that! 

" My powers are transferable...?" I asked staring intensely at him 

" Yes there are transferable... so all that is needed is for you to step down from your position after which you transfer your remaining powers to the upcoming Priestess. If you agree to our terms and conditions then we promise that we will spare your life and that of your people" The presumed leader tried making a bargain with and I smirked.

" You want me to sell my Priesthood...? who does that!...? Moreso I am just learning about this transfer of powers for the first time in my life... So even if I wanted to accept... I don't even know how to go about it!" I said shrugging my shoulders thinking I was being smart 

" That isn't an issue at all... Our leader Nene will show you how to go about it"  

I was shocked hearing that. So the said Nene knows how to go about it...? Wow!

" Now I am more curious about this your leader Nene... Who exactly is she...? I want to know why she can't show her face to me or wait! is she scared and ugly..?" I asked in amusement. 

After I said that, I saw them look amongst themselves in indecisiveness. I was wondering why the change in atmosphere but then I cared less.

I turned backwards to see if Eze was behind me and I was sad when I couldn't find him. I just hope in my heart that he is safe wherever he is.

I heard a cough behind me and when I turned I saw a young beautiful maiden emerging from the midst of the crowd.

She walked out and stood directly in front of me whilst smiling mockingly at me. 

" I see that your curiosity got the better part of you Rana... you asked to meet with me and I've honored your request.. I'm Nene Udede... it's nice to meet with you Priestess Rana!" She said and I was taken aback at the revelation. I kept looking at her from head to toe wondering if my eyes are deceiving me.

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