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Dethroned - Episode 16





Dethroned - Episode 16

Written By Amah's Heart.

Eze and I had just finished making love, and we were now laying side by side each other. 

My love making session with Eze was memorable but really pāinful and left me feeling very sore. 

The worst is the fact that Eze wasn't even gentle with me. 

Honestly, I had not the slightest idea that Eze was a wild man on bed until I discovered it today. 

I was just crying silently as Eze rode me wildly like a horse without actually considering the fact that it was my first time mating with a man. 

I even went as far as pleading with him to at least slow down but Eze paid deaf ears to my pleas. 

He still continued with his wild way of making love to a woman until he was séxually satisfied. 

It was indeed painful but I endured it all, although my feminine part and abdomen was seriously hurting badly. 

After our act of intimacy, I winced in discomfort as I got down from Eze's bed and re-tied my wrapper that fell to the floor. 

Sincerely, I actually felt somewhat bad that my purity was no more but I do not regret it because I gave it to the man that I love with the whole of my heart. 

And for strange reasons, I felt so uncomfortably different from the powerful Rana I used to be. 

I was practically limping as Eze sat up straight on the bed and he kept staring at me in amusement. 

While standing I observed that I felt weaker than before. 

I suppose it is because half of my powers has been taken away from me in exchange for breaking the purity rule.

Looking towards the bed, I noticed visible blood stains on Eze's wooden bedcloth and I felt really bad for ruining it. 

I intended using my powers to make it clean again but Eze stopped me midway before I could do so

" It's okay my love... I will wash it out later and thank you so much for finding me worthy to be given this precious gift"

" It's fine Eze... at least you now know how much I love you and how far I can go to make you happy" I answered still standing on my feet in front of Eze who was sitting relaxedly on the bed

" Thank you my love but I am actually curious about something... can I ask..?"

" What could that be..? Of course Eze you know that you are free to ask me anything at all"

" Is there no repercussions for this..? I mean is there no consequence for loosing your purity as a Priestess...?" 

I was quiet not knowing what reply to give Eze yet he kept pushing further in an attempt to get me to talk 

I wondered why he didn't consider if there's a consequence for séxúal intimacy before requesting for it and to prove my love to him I had to overlook everything and please him.

I silently kept wondering why he was was considerate of the repercussions and now that the deed is done, he is asking this.

Isn't it already too late to be asking this.

" ...I'm asking because you are the woman I love Rana... and I won't want you to get hurt again for my sake"

I shrugged and I exhale deeply through my nostrils before finally giving Eze a reply 

" Eze I didn't want to tell you this but I will tell you since you insist to know.. the penalty for what we did earlier is that I will lose half of my powers... that is the price a Priestess pays for mating with a man" 

I sighed heavily as I paused to take a short breathe before I continued

"...Also as I stood up, I observed that I felt weaker than I used to be before our intimacy... and honestly I do not need a soothsayer to tell me that it is as a result of deficiency in my powers" I uttered whilst looking down in melancholy. I was trying so hard not to cry.

I heard slow footsteps and looked up to see that Eze had gotten up from the bed. He walked over to where I was standing and pulled me into his arms. 

Eze hugged me tightly as a way of comforting me. It was as if the ocean of tears opened and I wept painfully on his shoulder.

" ...Eze I feel scared sometimes... There are also times I do ask myself if I am doing the right thing by making all this rash decisions and sacrifices... I feel sad that my people might end up suffering for this decision sooner or later... And I feel insecure in my ability to protect my people with the limited powers I now have with me" I said expressing all the fears I had suppressed in my heart.

" It's okay my love... believe me you'll be fine... Just give it time.. besides Rana I promise I'll be there for you in all steps of the way" Eze said pulling away from the hug to stare at me 

I stared back at him and nodded in understanding without saying a word 

" ...I love you so much Rana... you are the only woman I will give my whole life for... If only I could make you my wife, I would have gladly married you today. Thank you for all you've done for me and trust me when I say that you will never regret it" Eze said whilst cupping my cheeks

I felt so emotional after listening to Eze. Tears welled up in my eyes as I told him

" I love you too Eze and I hope not to ever regret giving us a chance. I want to thank you too for having the courage to love me despite knowing who I am"

I noticed the naughty grin slowly forming on Eze's face. 

I kept praying deep within me that it isn't what I am thinking because I don't have the strength for another round of what we did earlier.

Unfortunately, it was exactly what I had thought that was on Eze's mind

" My love your praises for me is making me feel like to have a taste of your sweetness again... I want to make love to you again my love" Eze uttered whilst trying to pull me back to the bed 

He is not even being considerate of the pain I was seriously going through.

Both the stroke wound on my back that I took for him and the frightening pain In-between my leg which is making it difficult to even stand.

" Please Eze.. I am in serious pains... I feel so uncomfortable down there and my abdomen hurts so much. I don't think I want to try this out again... and even if I must then it's certainly not today please!" I explained whilst trying to wriggle out of Eze's arm

" My love please don't leave me this way.. I promise that this will be the last for tonight... or don't you love me..?" Eze asked wearing a sad look, one I couldn't just ignore because of my love for him.  

I nodded in approval to his request and that was it. Eze and I made love for the second time that night amidst the pain I felt in between my legs and abdomen.

In a few minutes, we were done and I begun redressing again.

By now the pain in my private region and abdomen had doubled. I couldn't even stand properly no matter how hard I tried to. 

" Rana I'm sorry if I hurt you but I couldn't help it.. you were just too sweet... but not to worry you will soon get use to it with time and might even be the one begging me for it" Eze said to me 

" It's okay Eze.. I have to go back to my hut right now... as you already know, I need to take a rest in preparation for tomorrow's activities" I said as I moved to stand at the middle of the bedroom 

" You're right my love... Inasmuch as I actually want you to stay here with me till morning... I understand that it isn't a good idea at least for now"

I nodded without saying anything as a reply to his last statement because I still feel slightly hurt by his earlier lack of thoughtfulness towards me. 

While standing at the middle of the room, I shut my eyes closed as I usually do and imagined myself in my bedroom. 

I opened my eyes hoping to find myself inside my hut but alas! I was still in Eze's bedroom. I was surprised as well as Eze who exclaimed aloud 

" Oh no! Rana don't tell me you lost your disappearing powers as part of the half powers that was gotten from you..?"


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