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Dethroned - Episode 15





Dethroned - Episode 15

Written By Amah's Heart.

I later found myself standing beside the strange man in the middle of a vast field of beautiful flowers. 

The strange man whom I later found out his name is Great Uba the messenger of the gods was staring angrily at me.

" Greetings to you Great Uba... please why did you summon me here...?" I asked feeling confused as I stared at him

" What do you think you are about doing Rana..? I hope you are aware of the repercussions of breaking the purity rule as a Priestess..?" Great Uba blurted out ângrily and I sighed heavily.

" Yes Great Uba I am aware of the repercussions of giving my virginity to a man... I will lose half of my powers which might be the integral part of it" I answered flippantly as though it wasn't a big deal yet I was really bothered 

" Wow! Rana see the way you are responding as though it doesn't bother you... If you forfeit half and most possibly the integral part of your powers... how are you going to protect your people during bättles and fierce times..?" Great Uba queried me with worry now showing on his face. 

Normally I know Great Uba truly loves and cares about my wellbeing as a father would. And over the months I have equally grown to love him as a biological father which I no longer have.

" Great Uba I am going to have half of my powers in my possession and with my remaining powers I believe I will still be able to rule and protect my people... besides you know I love my people very much and will never put them at arm's way by starting battles with any community... rather I will opt for peace in every situation" I explained.

" I admire your peace loving nature Rana but please think this through properly... You are aware that I see you as my daughter and wouldn't want you to make a regrettable mistake... are you even sure that the man you are making all this huge sacrifices for is actually worth it..?"

I heaved heavily as I inhaled and exhaled. I actually understand Great Uba's worry but I trust Eze with all of my heart and I believe he is worth it all.

" Great Uba I trust Eze and I believe if he was in my shoes he will make same sacrifices for me... You know that as a Priestess I can not marry Eze.. so please allow me to at least give him access to my body" I pleaded with my mind already made up

" Since your mind is already made up then no problem but please just be careful Rana... I see danger lurking and I wouldn't want you to lose your life in the process" Great Uba said to me as he kept on looking at me strangely.

" You are scaring me Great Uba... what is the problem..? I have observed that anytime you look at me this way... it shows that you have something very serious to tell me.. am I right..?" I asked looking at Great Uba and he heaved before replying to my question 

" Rana I hope you still remember my earlier warning to you that you should firmly guard the source of your powers..? Please my daughter I am begging you.. no matter what happens, do not expose the source of your powers to anybody not even to your love Eze" Great Uba uttered looking at me and I nodded in understanding.

" Yes Great Uba I still remember and I promise not to let you down in that aspect... I promise you that I will never ever expose the source of my powers to anybody not even to Eze" I answered.

Great Uba shrugged as though he is in doubt of my reply. 

There was silence for a short while before I heard him say to me whilst placing an arm on my shoulder 

" It is okay Rana... I believe you... anyways I have to start going right now.. do take care of yourself. May the gods guide and protect you my daughter!"

After saying that, Great Uba vanished into thin air and I equally felt myself fading away until I totally vanished. 

I later woke up on my bed drenched in sweat. As I looked outside my small window, I saw that it is already nightfall which I had planned going to see Eze.

I winced in pains as I slowly got up from my bed and got myself prepared in a beautiful pink wrapper. 

I wore few adornments on my neck, wrists and my waist region. after which I changed the cowries in my braids into brand new colourful ones.

A smile involuntarily broke out of my lips after looking at the local mirror and seeing how I looked so irresistibly beautiful. My beautiful face and adornments gave me inner satisfaction. 

After I was sure that I was physically prepared, I closed my eyes and wished to be in Eze Dede's bedroom. Few seconds afterwards, my wish came through and I appeared in his bedroom.

There I found him sleeping peacefully. I stood for a while and lovingly watched Eze sleeping until he stirred awake probably because he felt the presence of someone in his bedroom.

" Rana..?" Eze called out as he kept on looking at me in obvious surprise and shock. I suppose it is because he wasn't expecting to find me beside him.

" Yes it's me Rana.. how are you doing my love..?" I asked in concern as I sat on the side of the bed which he had earlier adjusted for me to sit down.

" I am okay, just feeling little pains on my legs... you know I stood all through my stay in the prison... how about you Rana..? how is your back doing now?"

" I am doing okay my love.. my back still hurts no doubt but I believe in a matter of weeks.. it will heal completely"

" Rana I am so sorry that you had to go through that painful procedure and embarrassment for my sake... I am feeling so bad for exposing the woman I love to such irksome whipping... I am really sorry Rana" Eze uttered with his head bent low and I would clearly see the tears in his eyes.

Unable to say a word of response to Eze, I hugged him tightly as I confessed sincerely from my heart.

" I don't regret doing that for you Eze... I love you so so much... such that I will still choose to do so over and over again as long as it will save you from dying"

" Thank you so much Rana.. I love you very much too... that's why I wish I could completely make you mine maritally and séxually" Eze said disengaging from the hug and he begun to lovingly touch my cheeks.

I blushed shyly as I equally stared at Eze lovingly before responding to him

" That is exactly why I am here... I have thought about what we discussed in my hut before the interruption of the mob... We might not be able to get married but I accept your request to make love to me. Eze my love, I want you to make me a woman right here on your bed!"

As I said this, I could see the excitement on Eze's face mixed with uncertainty.

" Are you sure this is what you really want Rana..?" Eze asked to be sure I wasn't pulling his legs. 

I nodded vigorously and to further prove that I was serious about what I said earlier, 

I slowly loosened the knot of my wrapper and it fell to the floor completely exposing my núdity to Eze's hungry eyes. 

" Yes Eze I am very sure.. Please make me completely yours tonight!"

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