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Dethroned - Episode 14





Dethroned - Episode 14

Written By Amah's Heart.

I winced in pâin as Amarachi was busy massaging my back that were presently filled with fresh wounds gotten from the whip used on me. 

Bløød was gushing out of the multiple open woúnds and it felt like my back was spilling into two. 

Dåmn! It húrts so much especially with the hot medicinal balm and ointment Amarachi was using on them.

My mind begun reminiscing on what happened an hour ago. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life and would remain an unforgettable memory. But my only consolation is that it is all for Eze the man that I love. 

Actually, the requirement to revoke the law was to either accept to be whipped a hundred strokes by the invisible hands of the gods, or to accept to walk on sharp thorns for stipulated minutes. 

Oh! both requirements are painstaking and would leave lifetime scârs; the whipping will leave scars on my back even after it heals completely. 

The walking on sharp thorns would leave scars on my feet, that is if I might even be able to walk again after that. 

Well I thought it through and finally decided to opt for the whipping. I felt that was a much better option than walking on thorns. 

Immediately after making that decision, I sent a private message to the gods and although they were not pleased with what I was about to do because of a man, my mind was made up already.

A date of the procedure was fixed for the following morning because of the urgency of the situation. The venue was to be at the village square in the presence of a considerable number of villagers who will serve as witnesses.

The following morning, shortly before the procedure was carried out on me I was temporarily stripped off my powers by the gods. I suppose it was done so that my flesh will feel the pâin of the path I had chosen. 

Afterwards, I was tied to a tree in the presence of the villagers who honor me as their Priestess. 

They stood watching me being fløgged mercilessly by invisible hands. 

And each stroke that landed on my back was so pāinful yet I had no choice but to endure the harsh whípping of a hundred strøkes by invisible hands. 

I was crying in paíns of the whipping before my very own people. I felt so embarrassed and wondered if there will still have that utmost respect and admiration for me after today.

Immediately the procedure was successfully completed, I was untied but I couldn't stand straight anymore because my back was practically on fire. 

In split seconds, I watched as Eze was released from prison which made me feel so happy and fulfilled even in the midst of my pains. 

I soon left the village square, and with the aid of Amarachi alongside two of my maiden servants I was able to reach my compound without falling on the way.  

After we arrived home and I was escorted to my bedroom, Amarachi offered to massage my back with various medicinal ointments and balms. 

I obliged as I laid flat on my stomach with my back facing upwards and gently Amarachi begun applying the ointments carefully yet it húrts badly.

" I am done now Priestess Rana.. please do take a rest... I believe by tomorrow the pain will subside a little... although there will be only one major problem" 

" A problem..? Amarachi what could the major problem be...?" I asked curiously 

" My Priestess the whip wounds are way too deep such that it will surely heal... but there is no way to stop the wounds from leaving behind permanent strokes marks on your beautiful back" Amarachi said with a sad voice whilst slowly stepping away from my back.

I gently nodded my head followed by a facial expression that portrayed the fact that I knew already.

" It is okay Amarachi... I knew before now that it will leave behind lifetime marks on my skin but then that is the main aim of gory procedures... they make sure to leave behind scârs which will serve as a memory to the person"

" But Priestess Rana it is making the skin on your back look ugly and rough.. Can't you use your strong powers to at least erase some of them...? 

...you know I won't mind helping out if it requires my help.. I don't mind giving my life for your happiness my Priestess"

Hearing what Amarachi said left me in awe at her thoughtfulness, no wonder why she is actually my favorite amongst all the maidens who work for me. 

" Amarachi it is saddening to say this but the scârs are unavoidable and honestly when I had chosen this whipping procedure that is required of me in other to set Eze free..." I paused to inhale and exhale air from my nostrils before I continued 

"...I had accepted and came to terms with every single thing that would come along with it... I am perfectly fine so don't worry about me okay?" I concluded whilst forcing out a sad smile.

Thankfully, Amarachi nodded in understanding and soon went out of the room leaving me to myself. 

After she left, I laid there in silence as I kept thinking of how Eze was faring at moment. 

These thoughts were what was filing my mind.

" was he back home safe..? has he eaten..? Is he thinking about me..? Is he grateful for what I did for his sake...?" 

I sighed when I realized that I can not get my answers by merely thinking. I need to check up on him, that way I can see for myself how he is truly faring. 

Even with my back pains, I made a mental decision to go see Eze later at nightfall to check on him and also to give him my answer to his earlier request. 

Oh yes! I still recall our last conversation when he had requested to make love to me. I wasn't sure back then but I think I am now certain of what answer to give Eze.

Actually, my love for Eze is so intense and if allowing him to make love to me would serve as a proof of my love and equally make the man that I love happy, then no problem I will do it.

I was feeling anxious by merely just thinking about it. I kept wondering on how my first time would feel like. 

would it be painful or pleasurable...? 

Letting out a breath I was holding out of anxiety, I smiled as I looked forward to giving the most treasured version of myself to Eze. I can't wait to have him make me a woman and I know Eze will be very happy as well. 

I was jiggling to myself as I fantasized the whole scenario and also imagined the joyous look on Eze's face as he touches every inch of my body.

Gradually, I begun feeling unusually sleepy but I kept trying to stay awake yet I found it hard to keep my eyes open with my willpower. It was as though my eyes had a mind of its own. 

That is how slowly and unconsciously, I felt into a deep slumber.

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