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Dethroned - Episode 10





Dethroned - Episode 10

Written By Amah's Heart.


Eze's confessions are more like a shocking revelation to me. 

Such that I am indeed taken by surprise by all that he said.

A few couple of minutes has already passed yet I am still shaken to my bones and didn't know how to start reacting to these turn of events. 

I stood there staring at him not knowing how to feel or how not to feel at the moment,

should I be happy or should I be sad..? 

I just was not expecting any of these scenarios hence I did not come in preparation for any of this confessions.  

Everything Eze said to me took me by surprise and all I want to do right now is to go far away from here so I can at least think clearly. 

I keep trying to wrestle free from his firm grip on my left hand but to no avail as Eze was just too strong for my feminine kind of strength. 

And already my fingers were beginning to hurt because of how tight he held onto it yet Eze wasn't willing to let me go

After a while I gave up trying to freed myself using my feminine strength and resolved to use my authority as a Priestess to command him to let my hands go free. 

With that final resolution, I looked at him sternly in the eye and resonated in a slightly raised voice of authority 

" I command you as Priestess Rana to let go of my hand right this instance Eze... If you choose to disobey my order I'll have your head on a stake by morning!" 

Immediately Eze heard my command, he instantly freed my left hand and went down on his knees as a symbol of courtesy

Oh, surely power and authority can be indeed sweet! it makes stubborn people like Eze obey instantly 

" I am very sorry Priestess Rana.. please pardon my ill manners... I promise that it will never happen again" Eze said on his knees with his head bent low

My eyes flickered with series of emotions but I hid them behind a steely facade and I responded to his apology using a stern voice  

" Better! I believe you are a man of your words so as you've promised right now... make sure to abide by your promise by ensuring that this never repeats itself again..."

I paused to push back the tears that was threatening to come out of my eyes. 

And it is a good thing that Eze's head was still bent low hence he did not see the silent struggle on my face

" Eze from today onwards I want you to stay very far away from me!.. I do not love you nor am I ever going to accept your confession about your love for me... you can now arise and go back home" I concluded and walked away from Eze into my compound.

With each step I took it felt like my soul was torn apart. 

Probably it is true that through our occasional evening strolls I had grown to love him as a woman, 

that explains why right now my heart feels broken into a thousand pieces.

When I eventually got into the confines of my hut, 

I slipped to the ground and allowed the ocean of tears I kept in to come rushing out in torments.

I have to admit that it húrts, 

Yes it húrts so very much to lose a love I would love to secure yet there's nothing I can do about it. 

And I suppose this is the actual cross I have to continue carrying as a Priestess.

Throughout that day I stayed locked up in my hut. 

I gave an instruction that I wanted time alone and my maidens obeyed.

I kept tossing on my bed unable to sleep as images of Eze were the only things I saw each time I closed my eyes.

I was still tossing on my bed until late at night when I heard a faint knock on my door. I found it odd as I thought everyone was asleep following the dead silence of the night.

normally I don't keep bodyguards around me because I do know that I have enough powers to protect myself, besides nobody would dare think of attacking a Priestess of my caliber. 

" who is there..? Amarachi is that you...?" I asked trying to find out if it is one of my maidens but I got no response 

I waited for a while before I moved towards the door and pulled it open. 

The person I actually saw standing in front of the door truly shocked me

" Eze..? What exactly are you doing here this late..?" I asked staring at him whilst using the reflection of the moon to admire his handsome face

" I came to check if you are sleeping well after the confrontation we had earlier today... Rana I couldn't sleep well without thoughts of you filing my mind... I was so worried about you and couldn't resist the urge to come here tonight...." Eze expounded and right before my eyes he went down on his two kneels.

I was short for words at his show of care and humility which are features that are usually rare especially for men.

"....I also came to say that I am truly sorry if I had hürt you with my confessions.... I was only expressing my feelings from the bowels of my heart" Eze uttered with pleading eyes that were staring at me

I sighed heavily as I looked at a kneeling Eze with eyes staring expectantly at me. At that point I didn't even know the appropriate response to give him.

I took a slow deep breath before I finally gave my reply and this time around I said each word inaudibly 

" I am fine Eze, you should really stop bothering yourself about me... anyways you're forgiven so please go back home and sleep peacefully..."

I turned to go back into my hut and just before I slammed the door I gave a last command to Eze.

" One last thing Eze... no matter the circumstance you should never come back here again because the next time you step foot in my compound is the day I Priestess Rana will have your head Eze Dede detached from your body!" I concluded sternly and eventually slammed the door shut. 

That night little did I know that I had just indirectly made an almost irrevocable law, 

and that I also had two eye witnesses in attendance without my knowledge.

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