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Moana Mulan - Episode 9 & 10




Moana Mulan - Episode 9 & 10

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"You really don't need anything......"

"Get out!!!" The king yelled,cutting her off and she froze.  

Almost immediately,the door opened and the guards rushed in on hearing the king's yell. 

Moana swallowed speechlessly,still looking at the king. 

"Throw her out" He finally muttered and went into the room. The guards grabbed Moana and dragged her with them,they throw her out as the king ordered and she landed on the floor. 

"Ahh!" She groaned and bite her lips,she managed to stand up and walked away. 

'Is he always like that?' She thought as she walked slowly,her hands on her hips. 

'Does he even smile at all? He doesn't look like someone who smile' she sighed out again,she kept thinking about her encounter with the king. 

"Did something happened in there?" Amelia showed up. 

"Oh gosh you startled me" Moana placed her hand on her chest. 

"I'm sorry,I'm just curious" Amelia grinned. 

"Why are you curious?" Moana asked. 

"Because I've never got the opportunity to serve the king,I don't even know what his chamber looks like,I'm jealous of you right now" Amelia said sadly. 

"Jealous of me?" Moana cracked. 

"You shouldn't be please" She muttered. 

"I don't care though,just seeing his face is enough for me. Do you even see how handsome he is?" Amelia whispers and Moana tried to remember the king's face. 

"You're right........He's handsome" She mumbled gently and sighed again. 

"Can I take a short nap? I'm tired" She said. 

"Of course,the king released you already. But don't oversleep" Amelia said and Moana smiled. 

"Don't worry about me" She said and walked away. 



"Wow" Jimmie smiled out his dimples the moment the taxi stopped in front of the school,he paid and the taxi left. He resumed today since he had to buy some stuffs yesterday,the only thing he's happy about is that,the school scholarship came with some free materials too,like the laptop he's been saving money to buy for a while now,it was brought home for him from the school,he almost went crazy yesterday when he received it with different textbooks also. Inwardly,he couldn't stop praying for the king even tho his sister is held captive. 

 He stood there,staring at the outer view of the school,he closed his eyes and made a secret wish of success. He opened his eyes and adjusted his backpack before he started walking inside. 

As he was walking,two cars followed each other and passed him into the school,he could see the students screaming and running toward the car and he wondered what was going on,but without bothering,he continue to enjoy the beautiful view of the school,that was when his eyes met with the school billboard featuring three students,two girls and a boy in between them,their names are even designed on their images. 

He recognized Brielle immediately and his heart skipped a beat,his eyes moved to Arielle. 

"Are they twins?" He muttered and then moved to Andrew. 

"He's handsome" He sighed and turned to continue his walk,at that moment,Arielle and Brielle both came out of their cars looking hot as usual. 

👥 Brielle!!!!!!!!!!

👥 Arielle!!

The students all screamed out aloud,running after them and taking their pictures. 

Jimmie just kept on walking slowly from the back,staring at Brielle endlessly as she smiled and walked. 

He sighed and checked out the map of where he's having his first class. 

"Oh...this way" He muttered and immediately walked away. 


"I saw him!!" Margo screamed as she ran to Treasure and Brielle. 

"Who?" Treasure asked. 

"The cute dimples guy we saw at the café,I guess he just resumed" Margo said. 

"You're blushing" Treasure said. 

Brielle rolled his eyes. 

Arielle came into the class with Stormi and Gracie,but the seat they found is only enough for two. 

"Don't worry about me,sit down" Arielle said. 

"No,you sit... "

"Come on" Arielle smiled and left them,she was trying to go to the back when Andrew removed his bag from the seat next to him. Everyone knows he doesn't like sitting with people,He's always sat down alone right from the start. 

Arielle didn't notice what he did,she almost passed him. 

"Arielle" Andrew called and she turned. 

Prince Andrew touched the space beside him and Arielle raised her brows,she has never tried talking to him before and he never did either,the fact that Brielle has always been crushing on him made Arielle distance herself also but now he's asking her to sit beside him. 

"Never mind,I will find somewhere else......."

Andrew looked at her and she sighed,she sat down but her eyes met with Brielle who was already glaring at her. 

👥 Wow,can't believe prince Andrew let her sit. 

👥 Is it what I'm thinking?

👥 I thought it's gonna be Brielle. 

Andrew used his headset and turn on the music,Arielle started pressing her phone. 

Minutes later,the lecturer came in. 



Moana was standing along with some other maids as the female king dresser styled his hair into a sexy one. 

Jerome and Jericho were closely behind,watching alertly. 

"Be gentle with his hair,are you a learner or something?!" Jerome snapped. 

"I'm sorry" The dresser immediately apologized. 

"Wow,it's my first time seeing all these,He's really the king" Moana muttered under her breath,her eyes focused on King Cyrus who doesn't seem to care about anything in the world,until he spoke up. 

"What is it for today?" He asked calmly. 

"It's quite free for your majesty" Jerome smiled. 

"You are meeting with your friends at the island today your majesty" he added. 

"Those jerks are around?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Yes your majesty,they got to Golden city just last night" Jericho answered. 

The king raised his hand to the dresser and she immediately stopped. 

"That's enough" He muttered. 

The lady bowed and immediately walked away. 

"You can go too,tell the maids to leave,aside......what's her name?" The king asked. 

"The new maid? Is her name Moana or something?" Jericho asked and Jerome nodded. 

"Right" The king said. 

"See you soon,your majesty" Jericho and Jerome also bowed and walked away with the maids. 

Moana stood there as ordered by Jerome,she was standing there nervously. 

King Cyrus stood up after a while. 

"Your.....breakfast is ready my king,are you ready to eat?" Moana finally asked. 

King Cyrus ignored her question and walked to the mini dinning room,Moana followed and watched him as he sat down. She didn't wait for him to talk before she started dishing out the delicacies. 

*You have to taste the food before you allow the king eat* She remembered Lady Amber word. 

After dishing them out,she started tasting one after the other,just tiny pieces and a spoonful from them. 

She bowed after she finished and then moved away a bit. 

King Cyrus looked at her. 

"Is there anything you need?" Moana quickly asked. 

The king said nothing and got hold of the cutleries,he started eating slowly. 

'He only talk to his bodyguards' Moana muttered inwardly,watching him eating the food. 

He only ate a bit before standing up. Moana think of what to say but nothing came,the king didn't say a word either,he only left the room.

Moana sighed out loudly. 

"Is this a punishment or something?" She mumbled sadly and started packing the dishes,after that she left the chamber. 



Jimmie walked out of his last class,ready to go home. His first day has been really amazing but he couldn't keep up with the numbers of girls who flirted with him today,like what the h*ll?? 

"Dimples!!" Some girls ran after him and Jimmie groaned inwardly,just what he was thinking. 

They already gave him name and that's it DIMPLES,some calls him KITTEN. 

'Am I a cat or something?' He had thought when they called him that. 

"Dimples!" The girls called again and blocked his way. 

"Hi" Jimmie managed to smile. 

"Wow,you're so handsome and hot. Can't believe you are a scholarship student!"

"Who cares?! I will do anything,just be my boyfriend" 

"How can you be this handsome? You're taking my breath away"

"I love your dimples" One of them touched his cheek. 

Jimmie only stood there speechlessly not knowing what to say or how to react,more kept on joining and they surrounded him. 

"What is going on here?!" They heard a voice from the back and everyone turned to see Brielle glaring. 

"Princess Brielle!" They bowed immediately. 

"Get lost,all of you" She ordered and they walked away instantly. 

Jimmie looked at her. 

"Thank y....." He couldn't finish when Brielle threw her bag for him and he caught it. 

"Follow me" she rolled her eyes. 


"Are you blind? I just gave you my bag,you do anything I want from now on,do you understand or you still don't understand" Brielle asked. 

"I don't understand.....why....do I have to carry your bag....."

"Because you're my school slave boy from today,is that enough for an answer?" Brielle crossed her arms. 

"Or wait.....why do you think your admission came so fast?" She asked and Jimmie gave her a surprise look. 

"Well right,you passed the exam but right now you're the only scholarship student who got accepted,that's my work. Or do you want it terminated?" Brielle asked. 

"No,I can't possibly let that happen" Jimmie said 

"Great then,just keep quiet and do what I want" She said and stares walking,Jimmie followed her with the bag in his hand. 

Brielle suddenly stopped when she saw Prince Andrew and Arielle walking together. 

"That b*tch" She fold her fist. 

Jimmie looked at her fist and then Arielle. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

"Don't talk unless I ask you to!!" Brielle yelled at him. 

She grabbed her bag from him.

"Get lost,don't let me call you tomorrow before coming,I will send what you will be doing tomorrow to you" Brielle said and walked away. 

"She have my number?" Jimmie asked no one in particular. 

"I'm really doomed at this point" He muttered,he can't even refuse because of Moana,she have always wanted to go to this school,if he refuse Brielle and his scholarship get terminated,Moana will be disappointed,his parents will be sad too. 

"You can do this Jimmie" he said to himself



M.E.C stands for,Moses,Elliot and Cyrus. They are childhood friends they attend the same High school and even university. 

They got this island house together before Cyrus became the king,and after he became king,they spend less time together so they come here to chill anytime they have the time. 

"I still can't believe you're here C,I've f**king kissed you dude" Moses grinned. 

Cyrus puffed out the smoke from his cigar.

"Dude,you still smoke? Does your people know that their king smokes?" Elliot teased and Cyrus scoffed. 

"Who am I?" He asked. 

"Bad boy C of course" Moses and Elliot answered. 

"I'm the king because father died unexpectedly and I have no choice,it was never in my list to become a king" Cyrus said. 

"I know,you always sworn back then in school that you will never be the king,sorry you can't escape it" Moses said. 

They all clink their glasses together and sipped from their wine. 

"Can you stay for the night? We are planning a hot party tonight with some sexy girls" Moses said with a naughty smile. 

"I would love to,but sorry I can't. I have business to handle at the palace" Cyrus said. 

"Boring life" Elliot groaned. 

Cyrus chuckled and dropped his cigar on the ash tray. 

"It's indeed boring,everyone there annoys me so much" he said. 

"Irene is not back?" Moses asked and Cyrus shook his head 

"She will be back soon though" He said.

"I've missed her pretty face" Moses chuckled and Cyrus frowned. 

"That's my sister you're talking about,do you want to die young or something?" He threw a pillow at him. 

"Oh come on,your sister need a hot dude like me" Moses said. 

"Bastard" Cyrus laughed with Elliot. 

"When last did you laugh this way? Don't lie" Mosses asked. 

"There's nothing to laugh about in there" Cyrus muttered. 

"Keep pushing bro,we are behind you" Elliot said and Cyrus smiled. 

The door opened and Jericho came in. 

"Your majesty,it's time to go" He said and Cyrus checked the time. 

"Oh,I have a meeting to attend" He said to his friends and stood up. 

"We are going to come over to the palace" Moses said and Cyrus nodded,they hugged him before he was guarded out. 

They walked to where the private jet was and he entered,the guards also went in before it took off. 



Arielle was just about to enter her room when Brielle grabbed her hair from the back and pulled her back. 

"What the f**k!" Arielle screamed. 

"Who the h*ll do you think you are to sit and walk with Andrew!!!!" Brielle screamed and pushed Arielle against the wall. 

Arielle pushed her back 

"Are you insane?!" She screamed and grabbed her hair,Brielle also grabbed hers and they kept beating and dragging each other. 

"You are a bitch! Stay away from him!!" Brielle screamed

"Let go of me or I will kill you!!" Arielle shouted. 

Moana walked to that and she gasped loudly when she saw them,she immediately ran closer and tried holding Brielle who haven't released Arielle hair,she was pulling it angrily. 

"Please stop...." Before Moana could finish,Brielle pushed her roughly and she lost balance. 

"Ahh!!!!!!!!" Moana screamed loudly as she started falling down the stairs from the third floor. 

"Moana!!!!!" Amelia screamed from the other side with wide eyes too. 


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