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Moana Mulan - Episode 7 & 8




Moana Mulan - Episode 7 & 8

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"What are you trying to do?" The deep voice asked from the back and Moana froze,she turned and her eyes met with the king's own,looking at her coldly. 

Her heart literally skipped a beat.  

King Cyrus walked closer,Jerome and Jericho stood still. 

"I asked you a question" The king said,still looking at Moana blankly.

 She was quiet. 

"Where's Amber?" King Cyrus asked and a guard went off instantly,a minutes later,Lady Amber appeared. 

"Your majesty" She bowed and the king faced her. 

"Did you tell her what her job here is?" He asked. 

"Yes I did your......."

"Then what gave her the boldness to raise her hand up to hit my Fiancee?!" The king snapped and Amber gasped,she looked at Moana. 

Louisa crossed her arms and smiled. 

"I'm sorry your majesty! I promise it won't happen again!" Amber went on her knees and pulled Moana dress,she almost knelt down too. 

"Apologize to her not me" Kind Cyrus said. 

Moana faced Louisa. 

"I'm sorry your highness" She bowed. 

"It's okay" Louisa rolled her eyes. 

"Don't make such mistake again,if you want to stay here in peace" King Cyrus muttered and went into the chamber. 

Louisa glared at Moana and followed the king in. 

Amber grabbed Moana's hand and dragged her away,she released her hand when they got downstairs. 

"Are you crazy? Do you love your life or not? Why would you try to hit the princess?" She asked angrily. 

"She slapped me first" Moana defended herself. 

"Are you for real now?" Amber chuckled. 


"I guess you don't love yourself Moana,you think you can solve this with this crazy attitude of yours? The princess is going to be your future queen for lord sake! Do you expect the king to have your back and not her? Are you even thinking at all? Do you know what a slave is?? If the king decide to punish you right now,there absolutely nothing anyone would do about it,I'm telling you,so stop acting like you still have your freedom or you will learn the hard way" Lady Amber said and walked away,leaving Moana standing there. 

"New girl" Someone Called and she turned to see another maid. 

"Are you okay?" The maid asked. 

"Yeah,I'm fine" Moana smiled. 

"Heard you will be my roommate,I'm Amelia" Amelia introduced. 

"Moana" Moana said and Amelia smiled. 

"I will show you our room,let's go" 

Moana followed her. 

Back in the king's chamber,Louisa followed him as he entered the dressing room. 

"Are you going to talk to me or not?" She asked. 

"What are you still doing here?" King Cyrus asked. 

"I told you I can't just leave like that,I will be going tomorrow morning tho,I have a lot of work to do in the office,I'm going to miss you" She said and hugged him. 

"Thanks for putting that maid in her place too" She smiled. 

"It's nothing special,no one is allowed to disrespect you" King Cyrus said and broke the hug. 

"The maids will be bringing another dinner for us,let's eat together,I'm leaving tomorrow" Louisa pouted and the king nodded. 

She smiled and walked out of the changing room. 



Jimmie entered his room after taking the night bath,he saw his phone light on so he went straight to his reading table where the phone was lying. He took it and went straight to checked the message that came on it. 


"Mom!!!!!!!" Jimmie screamed and rushed out of his room. 

"What's going on?" Mrs Mulan showed up immediately,she thought something bad happened. 

"I've been admitted!!! I passed the exam!!" Jimmie said and hugged her. 

"Really?" Mr Mulan came out too. 

"Yes,I can start my classes tomorrow" Jimmie said as he read the message further. 

"Congratulations son,I'm so proud of you" Mr Mulan said. 

"You should inform your sister,she's always dreamt of that" Mrs Mulan muttered. 

"Of course,I will do that immediately" Jimmie ran in excitedly. 

Mrs Mulan sighed out and sat down. 

"What are we going to do?" She asked in tears. 

"Where do we start? We don't even know what our daughter is facing right now,it's not proper to make her suffer for our responsibility,I feel so ashamed of myself right now" She wept. Her husband sat down next to her and rubbed her shoulder. 

"It's okay,I'm sure we will find a way" he said. 

"Oh my poor daughter" Mrs Mulan continued crying. 



"You've been smiling since we left the room,did something happened?" Amelia asked Moana on their way to the kitchen.

"My brother called me and informed me about his admission into the university" Moana smiled. 

"Wow,you have a kid brother?" Amelia asked and Moana nodded. 

"I'm so happy,I've been praying for this and it finally happened,so I guess I will be happy all day" Moana said,still smiling. 

"Congratulations to him" Amelia said. 

"Thank you" Moana muttered. 

They got to the kitchen and met Lady Amber at the door looking so angry. 

"Good morning court lady" They both greeted. 

"Amelia go in,you wait" She pointed at Moana. Amelia looked at her before going inside. 

"Do you even know your job at all? Why are you just coming?" Lady Amber asked. 

"I....I...don't understand" Moana said. 

"You think you deserve so much rest? You're serving the king! You're different from Amelia,you should be here before anyone else!" She snapped. 

"Here" Lady Amber threw some papers at her face. 

"Read everything in thirty minutes and start your work properly immediately or get ready to be reported to the king" Lady Amber said and went in. 

Moana bite her lip and bent down to pick up the papers,they contain the lists of her duties throughout the whole week. 

*Wake up by 5am everyday,you must be in front of the king's chamber before he wakes up* 

*As soon as the king is awake,prepare him his morning tea and wait there till he tells you to leave*

*You have to be there with other maids as he prepare for the day's schedules*

*Stay with him until he grant you permission to leave!!!* 

*You're his slave and that's your duty!!* 

Moana stopped reading and sighed out. 

'Does she have a grudge against me or something?' She wondered. 

She walked into the kitchen. 

"What am I supposed to do now?" She asked. 

"Learn how to talk,I hate your tone" Lady Amber said and Moana kept quiet. 

"The king already left his suite,He's currently in his office,so you are free until he calls for you,that's how it is when someone else do your duty for you,you can do the dishes and clean up the kitchen while waiting for him,others,go out and do something Else,Moana will clean up the kitchen" Lady Amber said while glaring at Moana. 

"Yes court lady" The maids chorused and all walked away. 

Lady Amber moved closer to Moana. 

"Expect worse,until you know your place here in the castle and learn how to control your emotions" She said and threw the broom at Moana. 

"I expect to see everywhere neat before I get back" She said and walked away. 

Moana squatted and broke into tears,she buried her face in her palms,crying silently. 



Jerome stood still,watching the king from where he was standing as he got busy with whatever he was doing. He continue flipping the pages of the notes on the table before he finally looked up. 

"When last did Hector reported to you about the companies?" He asked. 

"About a week ago" Jerome replied and the king frowned. 

"And why is that?" He asked. 

"I have no idea your majesty,but the company have been running nevertheless. And I forgot to tell you,Jericho and I received some debits alert from the banks" Jerome said and moved closer to the king,he dropped some phones on the table and started showing the king. 

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?" King Cyrus asked. 

"I'm sorry your majesty,I thought it was for something in the company......"

"Dumb excuse" King Cyrus muttered. 

"I'm sorry your majesty" Jerome immediately bowed. 

King Cyrus dropped the pen in his hand and relaxed his back. 

"He doesn't know we receive the messages here anytime money is removed from the companies accounts" He muttered. 

"That's right your majesty" Jerome said and the king chuckled. 

"Is he trying to play smart with me? Where the f**k did millions went to? What did he used it for without my permission? Should I teach him a lesson?" He asked himself,tapping the seat handle repeatedly. 

"What should I do your majesty?" Jerome asked. 

"Nothing,it's not time for that yet"The king replied. 

Jericho came in and they both looked up. 

"Your majesty,the old queen is here" He said with a bow.

"Let her in"  King Cyrus said. 

Jericho went out and soon,Queen Karina walked in. Jerome bowed and also went out to give them privacy. 

"Good morning your majesty" Queen Karina smiled. 

"What Is the meeting about?" King Cyrus questioned. 

Queen Karina sat down gently. 

"I'm just wondering.....when the princess will be back" She said and king Cyrus scoffed. 

"In other word,when will I announce your dear brother as the CEO of my father's companies" he said. 

"What are you talking about? That's not what I mean,and beside I also have my own share in the company......."

"No you don't" King Cyrus snapped. 

"The only person who have access to a certain percent of the companies is Brielle because she's my father's child,who the f**k is Hector?"

"That's my brother you're talking about" Queen Karina said. 

"You may leave,I'm done with this conversation" King Cyrus said. 

"Your majesty!" Queen Karina shouted. 

"And you better caution your brother,remind him that he's nothing in this family,He's just your brother,he shouldn't misuse the opportunity given to him,you don't know what I might do" The king said and Queen Karina stood up. 

"See you around" He smiled at her,but it turned into a frown almost immediately,the same way it came out. 

The queen left the office. 



Moana breathe out loudly as she stood in front of the door. 

"You should go in" One of the guards said and she nodded,they opened the door for her and she went in. 

She passed the living room,looking around. 

'Wow,amazing' she said inwardly. 

She kept on looking around without watching out where she was heading to until she bumped into something hard. 

"Ahh" she uttered and turned. 

The moment her eyes met with the king's own,she almost fell as she rushed back. 

"I'm sorry.....my king" She bowed three times at once. 

"Why are you here?" King Cyrus asked coldly. 

"The court lady said I should come here,you might want me to do something for you" Moana replied.

"Get out,I'm not in the mood for this" King Cyrus said. 

"Huh?" Moana looked at him. 

King Cyrus glared at her and she swallowed,the cold look from him made her almost breathless,but then isn't this the reason why she's here? She have to gain his favor at least. 

"You really don't need anything......"

"Get out!!!" The king yelled,cutting her off and she froze.  


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