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Moana Mulan - Episode 5 & 6




Moana Mulan - Episode 5 & 6

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



The whole room was silent,Mr&Mrs Mulan already woke up and now standing with their children beside them,the king was sitting down with his legs crossed while Jerome and Jericho maintained their positions behind him also. 

"I'm sure you're now okay from your sudden fainting minute ago" Jericho spoke up. 

Mr Mulan bowed in response. 

"Isn't it a shame that the King himself have to come here to ask you for what you should have done?" Jerome asked. 

The parents immediately went on their knees. 

"Your majesty,please forgive us this once. Give us more time and we will pay back" Mrs Mulan pleaded. 

"That's true your majesty,we will pay,please" Mr Mulan said. 

Jimmie and Moana also slowly went on their knees. 

"Ask them when they want to pay up" King Cyrus muttered. 

"When are you planning to pay back? We need a deadline at this point" Jericho said. 

"Three months!!" Mr Mulan immediately said. 

"No,please six months" Mrs Mulan said and glared at her husband. 

"Where will you see money in three months?" She asked in a whisper.

"Your majesty,please give us just six months......."

"Just" King Cyrus uttered and they kept quiet. 

"Jericho" He called. 

"Yes your majesty" Jericho immediately moved forward. 

"I will take their daughter with us,she will work in the palace till they decide to pay up" King Cyrus said and everyone gasped. 

Moana's eyes widened. 

"Your majesty!! Please have mercy!!" Mrs Mulan broke into tears. 

King Cyrus stood up. 

"Show up only when you get the money" He muttered and walked out of the house. 

"Noo!! Please take me instead!" Mrs Mulan cried. 

Moana on the other hand was speechless and also trying hard to fight back her tears. 

"Sis" Jimmie called in a broken voice. 

"What are you still doing here? It's almost 10am,go and write your exam and come out in flying color as usual......."

"Exam doesn't matter at this point...."

"It matters to me!" Moana snapped. 

"It's my dream to go to that university okay? You can at least be better off when you get a nice job,so stop this nonsense and leave" she said. 

"But....what about...you?..."

"You heard him,I'm not leaving forever. Just until we pay back,and I will be here again,okay?" 

Jimmie hugged her. 

"Go" Moana said. 

Jimmie immediately carried his bag and rushed out of the house since he was late already. 

"My child" Mr Mulan sniffed,hugging Moana. 

"Stop acting like I'm going to die" Moana said. 

"Stop acting so strong......"

"Then you should provide the money fast,I need to go now" Moana broke the hug and hugged her mom gently too before facing Jerome and Jericho. 

"I'm ready" She muttered with a little smile. 

"Come with us" Jerome said and led the way immediately. They got outside and opened the car door for her,she was expecting to see the king but it was empty,he's obviously in one of the other cars. She saw that the other cars went another way. 

After Moana entered,the driver took off and finally the tears Moana have been keeping came dropping down from her eyes. She was just trying to act so strong and not weak,but inwardly she was so scared,she doesn't even know what was waiting for her where she's going. Is she really going to the castle or the king is selling her off? Different thoughts were on her mind inside the car,she was shaking in fear while the tear kept dropping without stop. 



Arielle stopped in front of the king's chamber and turned to the maids following her. 

"Are you going inside with me?" She asked and they immediately moved back. She rolled her eyes and input the door passcode,it opened right away and she entered but a frown appeared on her face when she saw Louisa in the living room,she was on the couch,pressing her phone and eating some snacks. 

"Who are you?" Arielle asked and Louisa looked up. 

"Who do I look like?" She asked,it's obvious they don't like each other. Arielle dislike her so much,same with Louisa but they never dared to show it in front of the king. 

"What are you doing here?" Arielle asked,glaring at her. 

"You mean what am I doing in my fiance's room or what?" Louisa smiled. 

Arielle scoffed. 

"I understand,anyone would boast too if they get engaged to the king,but it's becoming so dumb. You're not even married yet" Arielle said. 

Louisa dropped her phone and stood up to face Arielle. 

"I really won't sit down here and let you say sh*ts to me,I'm going to report you to your brother when he's back,I can't wait to see how you cry while asking for his forgiveness" Louisa said. 

"Wait,you really think my brother...I mean...the king will get mad at me because of you? Oh Jesus who's giving her this courage?" Arielle muttered and ruffled her hair gently before looking at Louisa again. 

"I'm sure he wouldn't even like to see you still here when he's back,trust me" She smiled and walked out of the room. 

Louisa hissed and sat down again. 



The court Lady,Amber was busy addressing the maids when a guard came in with Moana. 

Amber stopped what she was saying and turned. 

"Is she the one I am expecting?" She asked the guard and he nodded. 

"You can leave,I've been informed" Amber said. 

The guard walked out and Amber walked closer to Moana who was standing there silently. 

"What's your name?" 

"Moana Mulan" Moana replied and Amber nodded. 

"Come with me" She said,leading the way. Moana followed immediately. 

"Is she a new maid?" 

"If she is,then she's so pretty please" 

"She doesn't look rich so obviously she's a new maid" 

The maids murmured among themselves as they walked out of the hall. 

Moana followed the court lady in silence. 

"I was told you're the king's new slave girl" Amber said. 

"Sl.....slave girl?" Moana asked in surprise. 

"Yes,is your parents owing the king anything?" Lady Amber asked and Moana nodded. 

"That explains it" Amber said. 

"What does it mean to be a slave to the king?" Moana asked. 

"That's up to the king,all I know is,he have the power over you,you have to do everything he wants every time,whatever he do to you is no body's business" Amber explained. 

Moana bite her bottom lip and fold her sweaty hands. The only thing that rang in her head at that moment was...S£x slave. Is that what the king want to use her for??

"If you're thinking about s£x,stop it. The king isn't like that,I've never even seen him making advance toward any girl" Amber said 

"Any girl?" Moana asked immediately. 

"Yes,but be careful. He's not nice" Amber said and finally they got to the storeroom. 

"Stay here" Amber said to Moana and went into the inner room,a minute later,she returned with the uniform in her hand. 

"Change into it right away,I don't know when the king will be back but you have to start working immediately,so get dressed and I will start by showing you few things you need to know" Amber expressed. 

'You can do this Moana' Moana said inwardly and sighed out before taking the uniform from her. It's a piece of gown,white and black in color. 

"You can go and dress behind that curtain" Amber pointed and Moana did immediately. 

She took off her clothes and put on the uniform.,she came out after that and Amber nodded. 

"It fits perfectly,you've got a nice shape tho" She said and Moana smiled. 

"Thanks" She said and frowned immediately.

'Nice shape in a slave uniform? Oh please' she said inwardly. 

"Follow me" Amber muttered and led the way out. 



👥 OMG!! Jimmie!!

👥 You're so handsome!!

👥 Smile please we want to see your dimples!!

👥 Jimmie!!!

Some strange high school girls were screaming outside the cafe as they watched Jimmie working inside. They do this everyday,some even go to the extent of buying coffee that that they don't drink just to see his face. 

👥 Jimmie!! I love you!!!

Jimmie groaned and dropped the cup in his hand frustratingly. 

"What are you doing? Invite them inside for coffee" The manager smirked and Jimmie frowned. 

"What do you mean? You said this yesterday also,I'm here as a part timer and I shouldn't act anyhow,you told me that yourself" Jimmie said. 

"Not in this situation,they will do anything for you stop acting dumb" The manager said. 

"Are you using me for business now?" Jimmie frowned. 

"Oh please,what is your purpose here if not business? How old are you?" 

"I'm just eighteen for heaven sake" Jimmie grinned. 

"Then you shouldn't have been so tall and handsome,you're confusing the girls" The manager smiled and walked away. 

Jimmie checked himself out. 

"Does he even know what he's saying? I'm tall,I know,but built? Me??" He checked his muscles but couldn't find it. 

"Oh please" he groaned. His mind went to Moana and he immediately took his phone,he was about dialing her number when he heard noise from outside. 

"Throw them all out of here! What the f**k!" 

It was Brielle who just arrived,the guards immediately chase the girls away and opened the door for her and her friends. 

Brielle walked in proudly in the middle of Margo and Treasure. 

"She looks familiar" Jimmie mumbled as he stared at Brielle until she sat down. 

"Who's here?!" Margo raised her hand. 

Jimmie immediately dropped his phone and jogged over to them. 

"You're welcome to our......" He was still saying with smiles on his face when Brielle interrupted. 

"Move a little bit away from me,I hate poor people like you" She said. 

Jimmie said nothing and just stepped back. 

"What can I offer you?" He smiled. 

"Do you smile to show off your ugly dimples or what? Stop smiling,it's ugly" Brielle said. 

Jimmie bite his bottom lip and pinched himself. 

"What do you want?" He asked again,without smiling this time. 

"Columbian coffee" Margo said. 

"Same for you all?" Jimmie asked. 

"Oh gosh he's dumb,dude,how old are you?" Brielle asked. 

Jimmie sighed. 

"Wait,are you angry?" Brielle asked. 

"No I'm not" Jimmie muttered. 

"You better not be,because you're too dumb. You should know already that we want same thing,what the f**k is this place you brought me? Why so local?" Brielle groaned. 

"Three cups of that,go on" Treasure said.

Jimmie bowed slightly and walked away. 

"He's handsome" Margo smiled.

"Shut up Margo,we all know you have a bad taste,and besides this dude looks like an highschool student" Treasure rolled her eyes. 

"I'm gonna ask him" Margo smiled. 

Minutes later,Jimmie returned with their orders and arranged in front of them. 

"Enjoy" He said.

Brielle rolled her eyes. 

"Are you an highschool student?" Margo asked. 

"Yes,but I just wrote the school SAT exam" Jimmie replied. 

"Oh wow,how old are you?" Margo asked. 


"Awwwn,I'm twenty one,I mean we are twenty one" Margo said. 

Treasure and Brielle glared at her. 

"What school are you going to anyway?" Margo asked further. 

"Actually.......it's a scholarship exam to Red Gold university......"

"I'm gonna tell my brother to cancel your adminission then,what the f**k?" Brielle snapped and Jimmie's eyes widened. 


"Brielle come on" Margo groaned and faced Jimmie again. 

"She's just kidding,you should know her. She's princess Brielle" Margo said. 

"Oh....I'm sorry if I made you mad but,this admission really means alot to me" Jimmie said in a pleading tone. 

Brielle suddenly smirked. 


Jimmie nodded. 

"Then,we will see to that" She said. 

"You can go" Margo said and Jimmie walked away. 

"Brielle,you're bullying the poor guy,come on. Red Gold have a reputation to keep" Margo said. 

"Ever heard of hate at first sight? And then,you said this kid is handsome? Oh gosh,how did we even become friends?" Brielle shook her head. 

Margo ignored her and continue drinking. 



"Here's the king's chamber" A maid said as they stopped in front of it. Moana was holding the princess's food. 

"Be careful,she's quite harsh" The maid told Moana before walking away. 

"Thanks" Moana said and sighed out. 

This shouldn't be that scary right? Since the king isn't in yet. She grew the courage and pressed the door bell,after about five minutes,the door opened,revealing Louisa in her night robe. 

"Good evening my princess........"

"Who are you?" Louisa cut in,glaring at her angrily as she eyed her from her head down to her legs and then back up. 

"I'm......I'm new here" Moana answered. 

"New?? So why are you the one serving food already??" Louisa asked and Moana became speechless. 

"I'm also confused about that" Moana suddenly said. 

"What?" Louisa frowned. 

"Are you hungry or not? Should I just return the food? Why are you questioning me this much just because I came to serve you....." Before she could finish,a slap landed on her face and the tray of food in her hand fell. 

"How dare you talk to me like that!" Louisa yelled. 

Moana glared at her and raised her hand to slap her also. 

"What are you trying to do?" The deep voice asked from the back and Moana froze,she turned and her eyes met with the king's own,looking at her coldly. 

Her heart literally skipped a beat.  


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