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Moana Mulan - Episode 3 & 4




Moana Mulan - Episode 3 & 4

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"Stop" A voice said and everyone stopped. 

Prince Andrew showed up,Naveah gasped. 

"Hey brother" Andrew smiled and shook hands with Zayne. 

"What are you doing here anyway? Mind dropping me in school?" He asked. 

"Where's your car?" Prince Zayne asked. 

"It's not bad if you drop me" Andrew winked and entered the car. 

Zayne looked at Moana for a second before joining Andrew in the car,the guards also left. 

Naveah sighed out loudly. 

"Thank goodness,that was close" She said and then stared at Moana. 

"What" Moana asked. 

"You don't know what would have happened if prince Andrew never appeared......"

"This Is all your fault not mine,none of these would have happened if you didn't ask me to follow you here,I have work to do at home" Moana said and continue walking. 

"I'm so sad I couldn't even take his pictures" Naveah mouthed sadly as she followed Moana closely. 



Arielle and Brielle's cars entered the school at the same time and instantly,the students started screaming their names even before they stepped down from the car. Their pictures covers filled the school,together with Prince Andrew. These three are obviously the face of  Red Gold university,even though Andrew's brother,prince Zayne and the king never get along right since they were kids,still they can't deny the fact that the royal family of the Adonis are as influential. Silver palace is actually next to Red Gold castle when talking about luxury. 

Before Brielle and Arielle came down from the car,Prince Zayne's car drove in and Andrew came out at once with the two princesses. 

👥 Ahhhhh!!!!!!

👥 They look so hot!!

👥 Prince Andrew!!!!

👥 He's so hot and sexy!!

👥 Arielle's hair oh my God!!

👥 Brielle I love you!!

The students continue screaming,most people with their phones to take pictures and videos. 

Brielle let out a smile and walked over to Andrew who was about wearing his headset to save himself from the noise. 

"Hey" She said. 

"Hi" Andrew muttered in response. 

They walked together while their bodyguards prevented the students from moving closer to them,Arielle walked in front of them with all her pride and sexiness,the students screaming her names loudly. 

"Hiiii!!" She screamed back,blowing them kisses. 

"Arielle go on a date with me!" A male student screamed out and Arielle smiled. 

Brielle was fuming of anger watching everyone focus on Arielle. 

"Walk straight" Andrew said and Brielle looked at him,he ignored her and walked away without saying a word. 

"Baby girl!!" Margo and Treasure rushed to Brielle when she entered the class. 

"You didn't bring the Czinger" Margo pouted. 

"I already planned to take countless pictures with it" Treasure said sadly.

"Something personal" Brielle smiled and sat down. 

"Lunch on you,I have lists of what I want already" Margo immediately said. 

"You and food" Brielle laughed. 



"What do you mean by the king refused to see me?" Princess Louisa flair up the moment her PA,Amaya brought the news.

"Did he forgot that we were supposed to meet last week but he postponed our meeting?" Louisa snapped. 

"I Have no idea my princess,I just received a message from Jerome minutes ago" Amaya said. 

"Get my dress ready,I'm going to Golden City....."

"For what??" Amaya immediately asked. 

"I'm meeting the king myself" Louisa said.

"But,you can't meet the king without his approval......"

"I said I'm going and that's final!! How dare you question me!" Princess Louisa yelled. 

"I'm sorry my princess" Amaya immediately apologized. 

"Get my dress ready" Louisa said and undressed,she went into the bathroom straight away. 



The queen just finished eating,she took a long sip from her wine as the maids packed the dishes. 

"Is my daughter back home?" She questioned all of a sudden. 

"No your highness,the princess isn't back from school" One of the maids replied. 

"Get me my phone" Queen Karina said at once. 

"Here your highness..."

"Everyone,leave. I want to be alone" she said. 

The maids bowed at once and walked out. 

Queen Karina dialed Brielle's number and she answered at once. 

📞 Where are you this time?

📞 Can you at least let me rest? I'm having fun with my friends

Brielle hung up before the queen could say more. 

"Seriously?" Queen Karina scoffed. 

As she got up from the dining Table,Hector came in with an angry look on his face. 

Hector is the queen's brother,He's been staying in the castle ever since the queen herself got in,she claimed he only has him as his family so the king permitted him to become a part of his family. He was in the palace even before King Cyrus was born,He's thirty years old and the one handling the family companies for now,though he haven't been announced yet as the CEO officially. 

"What is it this time?" Queen Karina asked,sitting in front of her dressing mirror. 

"You said you will do something about this,you said it won't take long. When the f**k will he step down and make me the company successor? He's the king already,is he going to be only one,I'm the one managing the companies but I still have to follow his tone each time he calls,it's f**king annoying..."

"I told you to calm down Hector,you don't expect him to just hand over to you when his sister is there" Queen Karina said. 

"Irene isn't even home,oh please" Hector snapped. 

"She will be back" Queen Karina said. 

"So are you telling me you won't do anything? I am just going to stay under that kid forever? You should find a way to make him sign the papers and make me the companies owner completely" Hector half yelled. 

"Don't shout at me! I know what I'm doing okay?!" Queen Karina yelled. 

"You better hurry up with whatever you're doing,I don't have too much chills and you know that" Hector said angrily and stormed out of the suite. 

Queen Karina sighed out. 

"He's such an headache" Queen Karina muttered. 

"Anyone out there?" She called and immediately three maids entered.

"What is the king up to tonight?" She asked. 

"The king have a private dinner with lady Rose,that's all we know" 

"Inform Jerome and Jericho that I would like to see the king....maybe tomorrow" Queen Karina said. 

"Yes your highness" The maids bowed and left. 


The king's car drove into the castle and the guards immediately positioned themselves in a deep bow,the door was opened for him and he came out. 

"Welcome back your majesty!!" They all chorused at once. 

King Cyrus turned toward his chamber,only Jerome and Jericho followed behind him. 

"What time am I supposed to meet Rose?" King Cyrus asked. 

"7pm your majesty" Jericho replied. 

"What's the time now?" 

"6:40pm your majesty,she will definitely have to wait your majesty,your outfit has been prepared already,please freshen up and........"

"I'm going to take a nap,you two can come back when I'm awake" King Cyrus muttered. 

Jericho and Jerome blinked their eyes in disbelief. 

"Yes your majesty!" They bowed at once and watched as the king went into his chamber and closed the door. 

"Did he.....did he just said he want to take a nap??" Jerome asked again. 

"It's 6:45" Jericho sighed out loudly.

"I pity lady Rose in advance" Jerome muttered and they both laughed before turning back toward their rooms. Unlike the other palace guards,they both have their separate rooms in the main building,so they can attend to the king faster than anyone else. 



Rose checked the time again and sighed out,she bite her lips. 

"Is he still coming?" She muttered impatiently. She was about loosing hope when suddenly the door opened and King Cyrus entered. She immediately stood up excitedly. 

"My king" She called and walked over to him,she tried hugging him but he snubbed the hug and went to sit down. 

"I have just thirty minutes to spend here and it starts already" King Cyrus spoke up and Rose smiled,she also sat down. 

"Thanks for coming even with your busy schedules,I feel so honored right now" Rose said,smiling widely. 

The maids started dishing out the meals one after the other,the king's food was tasted before he was allowed to eat. 

The maids stayed still after they were done. 

"My king" Rose called and Cyrus looked up. 

"Can you please tell them to leave? It's uncomfortable" She requested. 

The king looked at the maids,they bowed at once and rushed out of the hall. 

Rose let out a smile but it was short lived because almost immediately,the door opened again ,Jericho and Jerome entered. 

Rose looked at them. 

"We are sorry but we can't leave the king alone with just anyone" Jerome said respectfully with a short bow. 

"Oh" Rose mumbled and bite her lips. 

King Cyrus only kept on eating without saying a word,Rose was staring at him the whole time,even though she have been preparing to meet him for months,now that she's in front of him,she can't even find her voice or the right word,the king doesn't seem to care either,he was just eating slowly. 

"Is she going to talk or not?" Jerome whispers as they watched them both. 

"Maybe she thinks the king would talk to her after he's done eating" Jericho said. 

"I'm sorry then" Jerome said and Jericho chuckled. 

The silence went on for some minutes and finally Rose got the courage to speak up. 

"I've always wanted to meet with you......"

"It's thirty minutes already" King Cyrus cut in and dropped his cutlery.

"Huh?" Rose's eyes widened. 

"Drive safely on your way back" The king said and stood up. 

"Ahh.... Yeah.....goodnight your majesty" Rose bowed. 

Jerome immediately opened the door for King Cyrus and he went out,they both bowed for Rose before following the king. 

Rose bite her lips hardly that she felt the pain.  

Getting to the king's chamber,they met princess Louisa arguing with the guards. 

"What the h*ll is happening here!" Jerome snapped. 

Louisa turned immediately and she smiled when she saw the king. 

"Good evening your majesty" She bowed. 

"But....you have no appointment with the king" Jericho said. 

"Of course I do" Louisa smiled,looking at King Cyrus who let out a sigh. 

"Everyone,leave" He muttered. 

"Your majesty....."

"I'm fine,go" King Cyrus cut Jericho off. 

"Goodnight your majesty" They all bowed and walked away leaving just four guards who watch the king's chamber all night at the entrance. 

King Cyrus went in and Louisa followed. 

"Why are you here?" He asked,pulling off his jacket. 

"It's been three good weeks already,but still you keep on canceling our outing? And now you are asking me why I'm here? Are we really engaged or I'm the only one in this?" Princess Louisa asked. 

Just few months back,they both got engaged because the royal councils were beginning to lay down their complaints that the king isn't planning to get a queen,the engagement was a purpose to shut them up and to give them assurance that they will soon have a queen beside the king. 

"You won't say anything?" Louisa asked,watching every movement of Cyrus who was taking off his jewelries,his bracelets,necklaces,rings and earrings,he loves jewelries a lot,that's like his language. 

"I don't meet people anyhow....."

"I'm not people,I am your fiancee....."

"That's why I let you in" King Cyrus faced her. 


"You can have the bedroom to yourself tonight,leave immediately it's morning" King Cyrus said and made to walk out. 

Louisa blocked his way. 

"Seriously? This is all you're saying? Do you know how many hours,from Nara to Golden City? And you want me to leave tomorrow morning?? For real........."

"I am too busy for this right now Louisa"

"Finally you called my name,I wonder how long this would take,I'm impatient already,let's just get married" Louisa muttered and hugged him. 

King Cyrus pulled her away gently and calmly. 

"Goodnight" He muttered and left the room for another one. 

Princess Louisa sighed and fell on the bed. 

"Sleeping on the same bed is a disease too?" She chuckled hurtfully. 



"I don't understand,you are still home by this time? You said your exam starts by 10 and this is 9:30 already!" Moana shouted at her kid brother,Jimmie. 

"I need to eat to write an exam sis,stop yelling" Jimmie snapped. 

"I dropped out because of you! Get your @ss out.. "

"Oh please stop saying you dropped out because of me,we all know you dropped out because you aren't smart enough,you're the last in the whole school" Jimmie said. 

"What?!" Moana's eyes widened and removed her slippers to throw at him. 

"You two! Shut up and check who's at the door!" They heard their mother's voice. 

Moana dropped her slippers and Jimmie went to open the door. He blinked twice when he saw Jericho and Jerome standing. 

"Who's there?" Mr Mulan asked,seeing Jimmie standing in shock,Mrs Mulan also showed up. 

"Did you see a ghost or something?" Moana asked,and like that,the whole family came to see who's at the door. 

"Who are you guys?" Moana asked. 

Jericho and Jerome both moved side ways,revealing King Cyrus in their middle with his usual coldness which filled the air immediately. 

Jimmie gasped,Moana's eyes widened. 

Mr Mulan fainted at the spot. 

"Father!!!!" Jimmie and Moana screamed. 

Mrs Mulan also fainted. 

"Mother!!!!" They screamed again. 


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