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Moana Mulan - Episode 21 & 22




Moana Mulan - Episode 21 & 22

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R




The guards stopped walking behind king Cyrus when he got to his chamber,they bowed until he finally went inside. The king met Louisa on the bed with her phone. 

"Finally you're here,I've been.....why are you so soaked?" She immediately jumped out of bed and rushed to him,she tried touching him but the king moved back. 

"What's wrong?" Louisa asked. 

"Why did you do that?" King Cyrus asked. 

"I don't understand what you mean" Louisa said. 

"You f**king pushed that girl into the pool!" The king snapped. 

"She told you that?" Louisa asked. 

"Does that matter right now? Why did you even...  "

"Now she even have the gut to report me to you and you're mad at me?" Louisa cut in. 

King Cyrus frowned. 

"I'm sorry for interrupting" Louisa immediately apologized. 

"I didn't know you became so worse to the extent of pushing someone who can't swim into the pool,isn't that an attempt murder? Why are you doing this??" The king asked. 

"Coz I don't like her serving you,can you just change her and bring someone else? I don't like her aura at all,she looks so manipulative" Louisa said. 

"This is my palace not yours okay? I make the orders here,not you. Don't make me tell you to apologize to her" 

"You won't do that,I can't apologize to a maid" Louisa said. 

"One more word from you and I will tell the guards to bring her,it's either you apologize to her or leave tonight" King Cyrus said. 

"Cyrus!" Louisa called. 

"Respect yourself first for goodness sake" The king groaned and Louisa made a sad face. 

"Fine.....I'm sorry. I promise it won't happen again" She mumbled and hugged him. 

"I got mad unnecessarily" She added and broke the hug.

She caressed his cheek and pressed her lips on his own. 

"Are we good now?" She asked. 

"Go to bed,I'm tired already" King Cyrus said. 

"More kiss" Louisa grinned. 

"Are you going to sleep or not?" king Cyrus asked walking away.

"I'm sleeping right beside you tonight" Louisa said and hugged him from the Back,she rest her hesd on her back. 

"I love you honey" She mumbled and closed her eyes as she inhaled his natural sweet scent. 

"Fine,I will meet you" King Cyrus said. 

Louisa grinned and immediately let go of him,The king went into the dressing room and Louisa fell on the bed. 

"It's a pity I'm going back tomorrow" She mumbled sadly. 

Minutes later,the king joined her on the bed and she shifted closely to him before closing her eyes. 

"Goodnight my king" she said. 



Jimmie was standing by the roadside waiting for a taxi,he was almost late but seems like all the taxis are against him today. 

All of a sudden,a lit hot car stopped in front of him,the glass was whined down,revealing Arielle. 

'Why is she here?' Jimmje wondered inwardly. 

"Hey! Aren't you a student of Gold Uni?" Arielle asked. 

"Do you know me?" Jimmie asked and Arielle smiled. 

"Do I have to know you before helping? Get in" she said and the guards came down to open the door for Jimmie. 

Jimmie hesitated. 

"Come on,". Arielle said and finally Jimmie entered. 

"Hey" Arielle smiled. 

"Thanks" Jimmie muttered and there was silence after that. 

"I've seen you countless times,but you don't seem to know me" Arielle said. 

"I know you of course" Jimmie said and Arielle smiled. 

"What's your name?" 

"Jimmie" Jimmie replied and Arielle nodded.

The rest of the ride was silent,and finally they got to school.

"Thank you" Jimmie said before getting down,Arielle also did and they ended up walking together. 

👥 It's the dimple boy and Arielle!!

👥 Jimmie!!!

👥 You're so cute!!

Jimmie sighed out from the screams. 

"You are more popular than me at this moment" Arielle said. 

"I don't think so,they will soon get over me. Not like I'm someone that important" Jimmie said. 

"What do you mean? You're handsome of course,feel the moment please" Arielle said and Jimmie chuckled. 

"I don't know how to do that" he muttered. 

"Then you're going to allow your face waste?" Arielle asked and they both laughed. 

Meanwhile Brielle saw them from a class,a deep frown appeared on her lips the moment she saw them together,they were even talking and laughing.

"Oh,it's your kiddo" Margo grinned,also looking at Jimmie and Arielle.

Brielle fold her fist angrily and without a second thought,she stormed out of the class. 

"Brielle!" Margo and Treasure called but she ignored them. 

Arielle and Jimmie were still talking when Brielle came in front of them. They both stopped,Brielle glared at Arielle and then Jimmie. 

"Come with me,right now" She muttered and walked away.

Arielle looked at Jimmie. 

"Thanks for the ride" Jimmie said and Arielle smiled,watching as Jimmie walked away. 



Jimmie entered the class and the door banged loudly,he walked closer to Brielle who was standing, looking so angry. 

"What Is it?" He asked. 

"Why were you with her?" Brielle asked. 

"I don't understand,must I answer that?" 

"Tell me!!" Brielle yelled. 

"Fine,she gave me a ride to school" Jimmie said. 

"Why? Just why did you sit down beside her to come here? You should have called me instead and I would send the driver to come pick you up......."

"Why would you do that?" Jimmie cut in. 


"I know I'm poor,like the way you take me and think of me,but then,I have my own pride too,you really expect me to start calling you when I need help? What are we??" 

"I don't care if you're poor okay? I'm just saying,I'm the one you're close with,you're my friend and....I just feel somehow that you came with her" Brielle said sadly. 

"I don't even understand you,but don't worry it won't happen again" Jimmie said and Brielle hugged him. 

"I need to to go" Jimmie broke the hug and walked out of the class. 

Brielle took her lips in. 

"What's wrong with me?" She touched her chest and swallowed. 

"Why's my heart racing so fast?" She asked. 


Jimmie got to ckass and was welcomed by Francisco and Ryder,they already got him a seat beside them. 

"You look hot" Ryder said. 

"Not you again please" Jimmie rolled his eyes. 

They suddenly heard some students gasped,they looked up and saw Prince Andrew and his friends walk into the class. 

"Wow,what's the prince doing here?" Francisco asked.

To everyone's surprise,Andrew came over to Jimmie. 

"Hey" Andrew smiled and Jimmie looked up in confusion. 

"Don't be confused,I will be having a sleepover party in my house tonight,you're invited" Andrew said,handing over the invitation card. 

The students gasped. 

"I'm not interested" Jimmie muttered and they gasped again. 

👥 He just rejected the offer everyone is dying for! 

👥 Oh no!!

"Hey,how can you decline a prince? Do you know how many people want this?" One of Andrew's friends asked 

"Then give it to someone else,why me?" Jimmie asked. 

"Coz I want you,not someone else" Andrew said and dropped the card on the table for Jimmie. 

"I will be expecting you,you can bring your friends along" Andrew said. 

"Don't worry,we will definitely be there" Rider said. 

Andrew smiled and walked out. 

Kimmie faced Ryder and Francisco. 

"You can go alone...."

"We are dragging you there" they replied and Jimmie scoffed. 



Moana got to the king's chamber but the guards refused to let her In.

"His majesty said he don't want to see anyone for now" They said.

"I'm sure I'm not included,I came to prepare his morning tea....."

"His majesty included everyone,so please come back some other time" 

"He's going to punish me if I don't go in,trust me this doesn't include me,I promise to take the blame if I am wrong" Moana pleaded. 

The guards exchanged glances. 

"Fine,you better take responsibility" they said 

"I promise" Moana muttered

They opened the door for her and she entered,the living room was empty,she passed the dinning and went straight into the kitchen. 

She immediately started what she came to do. 

"Why are you here?" The King's voice asked from behind and Moans gasped before facing the king who was looking at her so blankly. 

"My king..." She stuttered. 

"I thought I gave the order not to allow anyone in so what are you doing here?" King Cyrus asked louder. 

"My king....I just.....don't want you to get mad at me if I don't come here......"

"You do this every time!" King Cyrus yelled and Moana flinched. 

"You never listen,you don't even take anyone serious,you always do things your own way"

"I'm sorry" Moana said in tears. 

"I hate it when you fake that tears of yours and still end up doing something else,I guess I've kept quiet enough,I'm not overlooking this time" King Cyrus said and Moana swallowed. 

"I'm so sorry,please forgive me." She pleaded. 

"I've been forgiving you all these while ...."

"One more chance please,I will do anything you say from now on" Moana said. 

King Cyrus pushed his hands into his pockets staring at her teary eyes. 

"So you cry? I thought you're some hard girl" He muttered and Moana sniffed. 

King Cyrus pulled out a seat and sat down. 

"Continue" he muttered and Moana immediately wiped her tears. 

"Thank you my king" she said. 

She turned back to turn on the heater,the King's eyes didn't leave her backside as she did that. She faced him and almost caught him staring,King Cyrus immediately coughed out. 

"Water" Moana muttered and tried running to the fridge but the king grabbed her hand and pulled her back,she let out a gasp. 

"My king.....do you need anything?" She asked in her sweet voice. 

King Cyrus kept quiet for a second but suddenly spoke up. 

"Can I touch you?" He blurted out and Moana gave him a confused look. 

"Huh? Where?" She asked,their eyes on each other. 

"Your butt" King Cyrus answered and Moana's throat went dry. 


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