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Moana Mulan - Episode 19 & 20




Moana Mulan - Episode 19 & 20

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



Moana swallowed hard,her eyes couldn't leave his lips,but crazily she lost control of herself and before she could think,she began bringing her lips closer to the king's own.

She stopped before their lips met. 

"Of course I'm not so stupid to do this" She mumbled. 

"My King" She called and the king opened his eyes,he moved from Moana immediately. 

"Please go inside and sleep" The king said. 

"Why are you so close to me?" He asked and Moana immediately moved back. 

"I'm sorry my king....you slept off In an uncomfortable position and....."

"Don't try touching me again" King Cyrus cut in and stood up. 

"You can leave" He muttered and left the library. 

Moana sighed out and walked out of the chamber,at the same time Princess Louisa was coming in and their eyes met. Louisa stopped walking,glaring at Moana hatefully. 

"Good day your highness" Moana greeted with a bow. 

Louisa hissed and pushed her out of the way and went into the king's chamber.  Moana bite her lips and walked away. 

She got to the kitchen and met the maids all busy as expected,she quickly joined Amelia who was washing the dishes in the dishwasher. 

"Hey" Moana called,leaning on the table next to Amelia. 

"You're finally back,the king released you or you did something wrong again" Amelia asked. 

"He released me" Moana muttered. 

"Good for you" Amelia smiled. 

"But then,why is he so cold and scary? Do you think something made him that way?" Moana asked. 

"No,I don't think so" Amelia muttered. 

Moana sighed. 

"You seems to be so interested in making him warm,you keep mentioning how cold he is,is he that scary?" Amelia asked. 

"Why must I get scared anytime I'm going to him?" Moana mumbled sadly. 

"Then just stay out of his trouble,maybe it's only his fiancee who can bring out the softness in him" Amelia said. 

"Now I see why she's so proud" Moana hissed and the maids looked at her. 

"Sorry" Moana muttered and Amelia chuckled. 

Moana sighed,thinking about how Louisa pushed her out of the way even after greeting her respectfully. 



Just like Elites restaurant,the bar house is also under the same company and as expected,only the richest of the richest come to the bar. Even the king,Cyrus comes here with his friends sometimes,the only difference is,when the king is there with his friends,no one else is allowed to enter. 

Outside the bar house, a wine Bugatti Chiron car drove in and parked in the lots. 

Moses and Elliot stepped down from the car looking super hot and sexy. 

"Do you think that dude would make it" Elliot asked Moses,pushing his two hands into his pocket cooly. 

"Of course not,he said he wouldn't. I didn't tell you?" Moses asked. 

"No you didn't,so why are we here?" Elliot asked. 

"To have fun" Moses smirked,taking the lead. Elliot caught up with him. 

But they were stopped at the entrance by the securities. 

"I'm sorry but you can't go in" One of them said. 

"Why?" Moses asked. 

"Prince Zayne is inside" They replied. 

Elliot and Moses looked at each other and Elliot smirked,he brought out his phone,he dialed King Cyrus's number. 

Inside,Prince Zayne was having fun,some harlots rocking and twerking on him. The bar manager suddenly appeared and the music stopped. 

"What's that?" Zayne asked angrily. 

The manager bowed. 

"I'm sorry your highness,but...your time is up" the manager said. 

"Are you insane? What do you mean? I f**king paid for the whole night.. "

"We can refund your money back if you want,but please you need to leave. It's an order from his majesty" The manager said and the girls gasped

"His majesty?" Zayne asked. 

"The king is coming here?!!" The girls screamed excitedly.

"No" The manager said and they stopped. 

Five minutes later,prince Zayne was urshered out of the bar house. Moses and Elliot were brought in. 

👥 OMG!!!

👥 They look hot!!

👥 Heard they are the king's friends!!

👥 The taller one look so hot!! His lips!!!

Moses looked at Elliot.

"They said you're more handsome,but don't let that get into your head" He said and Elliot scoffed. 

They ignored all the girls as the manager led them to the private lounge. 

"Your reservement will be here soon,do you need anything else please?" The manager asked.

"No,you can go" Moses said .

The manager bowed and walked awsy. 

"Are you crazy? Are we just going to ignore those hot girls?" Elliot asked and Moses looked at him. 

"I thought we were supposed to have fun with C but he's not here,let's just have fun by ourselves and go back home" Moses said. 

"You're a disappointment" Elliot mumbled. 



Jimmie was alone in the café as usual,the day's work was done but he decided to stay behind and do an assignment before going home. He was on his laptop focusedly when suddenly someone covered his eyes from the back. 

"I'm not a fan of rough play" Jimmie muttered. 

"Oh please" Brielle rolled her eyes and sat down next time him. 

"What are you doing here?" Jimmie frowned.

"Hey,I thought we are good now,why are you still so cold? I already said I'm sorry... "

"Of course we are good,but we are better without each other,we don't even know each other,can't we go back to that time....."

"Stop" Brielle said and Jimmie rolled his eyes. 

"Fine,what can I do to make us friends?" Brielle asked. 

"I'm not interested in being your friend..."

"Jimmie!!" Brielle shouted. 

Jimmie closed his laptop and tried getting up,Brielle immediately stood up from her seat and sat down on his laps. 

Jimmie's eyes widened. 

"What the.....what are you doing?" He stuttered,not believing his eyes. 

"Hey,is this the first time a pretty girl is sitting down on your laps or something?" Brielle teased. 

"Get up" Jimmie muttered. 

"No" Brielle said and touched his chest. 

Jimmie swallowed.

"Say something" Brielle winked.

"Get down.....please" Jimmie said. 

Brielle chuckled. 

"Then,promise me you will start acting nice to me" she said. 

Jimmie frowned. 

Brielle brought her face closer to his own.

"Just what in the world do you think you're doing Brielle" Jimmie said and Brielle smiled.

"Trying to mske you do something" She whispered into his ear. 

"Okay fine,I promise" Jimmie immediately said and Brielle grinned before getting down. 

Jimmie breathe out. 

"Aren't you overreacting,kiddo?" Brielle teased. 

Jimmie stood up and Brielle moved back,and her leg hit the chair loudly. 

"Ouch!" She gasped. 

"Are you okay?" Jimmie asked. 

"My leg" Brielle said painfully. 

Jimmie held her waist and carried her,a gasp escaped Brielle's lips as Jimmie placed her on the table. 

"Where?" He asked. 

"Right foot" Brielle muttered,staring at his face. 

Jimmie helped her massaged it a bit. 

"I'm fine now" Brielle said. 

"Then,leave. I'm going home already" Jimmie said and looked up,their eyes locked. Jimmie tried to look away but Brielle grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer. 

"Stop acting this way" Jimmie pulled her hand down. 

"Or what" Brielle asked. 

"Or people might get the wrong idea,get down and let's go out......"

"I want to kiss you" Brielle blurted out and Jimmie looked at her. 

"Don't think about it,it's totally nothing,but I just want to kiss you" She said. 

"I'm not ready to give my first kiss to anyhow girl" Jimmie said and left her sight. 

"Hey kiddo! Do you have to be so arrogant? I was just kidding!" Brielle shouted. 

"You better be,are you coming or you want to sleep here" Jimmie muttered and walked out. 

"Hey arrogant kid!" Brielle ran after him. 

"You need to stop coming here,I can't allow your guards come here,they might think I'm the one chasing after you" Jimmie said after he locked the door. 

"Nobody is coming here....."

"Goodnight" Jimmie said and walked away. 

Brielle groaned,watching him leave. 



"What are you doing so slowly?! Be fast with it!" Lady Amber shouted at the maids. 

"I don't understand,what is going on?" Moana asked Amelia. 

"The princess want a special meal for her and the king after their moment in the pool" Amelia replied. 

"All of a sudden?" Moana asked. 

"What do you mean? The king might also want it" Amelia smiled. 

Moana nodded. 

"Hey Moana,go change the wine,it's been a while,don't do anything silly" Lady Amber said. 

"Yea,court lady" Moana answered immediately and walked out of the kitchen. 



It's a private pool meant only for the king alone,King Cyrus was sitting down on the pool bench drinking while watching Louisa swimming in the pool. 

"Hey sweetie" She swam to the edge. 

"Join me please!" She called. 

"I'm not In the mood,have fun" King Cyrus replied. 

"Come on" Louisa pouted. 

"I came here because of you Louisa,that should be enough at least please" King Cyrus said and Louisa sighed out. 

Just then,Jerome came over with one of the King's phone. 

"You have a call your majesty" He said. 

The king collected the phone and walked away from the pool side to answer the call. 

Jerome also walked away. 

Louisa scoffed and came out from the pool,she was just wearing her robe when Moana showed up with another bottle of wine. 

"Your highness.... "

"Why is it so late?" Louisa cut her off. 

"I came here as soon as I was informed your highness" Moana said. 

"So now you're saying I'm stupid or something?" Louisa frowned. 

"No that's not...  "

"How dare you talk when I talk?!" Louisa slapped her angrily and Moana lost her balance,she fell straight into the pool. 

"Bitch" Louisa hissed and walked away without looking back. 

Meanwhile,Moana was struggling in the pool since she can't swim,she kept trying to scream for help but would only end up choking on the water. 

Seconds later,King Cyrus showed up. His eyes widened the moment he saw someone almost drowning in the pool,he didn't think twice before jumping inside. He got hold of Maona and made her balance,his arm around her waist,Moana was still finding it hard to breathe properly. 

"Take your breaths slowly" King Cyrus muttered and Moana looked up,at his face. 

"My king" She called softly. 

King Cyrus immediately let her go the moment he saw her face. 

"Ahh!" Moana screamed as she sank in again. 

King Cyrus quickly grabbed her hand again,his second hand captured her @ss instead of her waist. 

Moana stood still and held his shirt to balance more. 

"Please don't let go of me" She whimpered with trembling cold lips while holding him tightly. 

The king could feel her boobs on his chest and his hand was still on her @ss,he could feel everything. 

"F**k,she's soft" He cursed inwardly and bite his lips. 


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