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Moana Mulan - Episode 17 & 18




Moana Mulan - Episode 17 & 18

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



Moana gasp out loudly as the king's hand rest on her butt,her face on his chest,she swallowed hard with her eyes closed. 

Moana stayed in that position without moving. 

"What are you doing?" The King's deep voice hit her ear and she opened her eyes. 

"Get up!!" King Cyrus yelled when she still didn't move. 

Moana jumped off him and bowed. 

"I'm so sorry my king,I promise it was a mistake......"

"Get out right now,go!" 

Moana ran out of the bathroom with her soaked uniform,as she ran out,she walked into Jericho and Jerome,but she didn't stop,she ran off. 

"What's wrong with her?" Jerome and Jericho exchanged glances and went into the king's chamber. 

They met the king wearing his night robe. 

"Your Majesty......."

"Who ask that dummy to come here into my bathroom to call me?!" The King snapped. 

"What?? Bathroom?" Their eyes grew wide. 

"Are you asking me that question right now?" The king frowned and they immediately bowed. 

"We are so sorry your majesty" They chorused. 

""Why was she here?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Dinner is ready...."

"I lost my appetite,get out" The King said and left the living room. 

"Geez,I should have come by myself" Jerome muttered as they both walked out of the chamber. 



Amelia entered the room happily but stopped when she noticed Moana sitting on her bed,she could hear her sniffs. 

"Moana?" She called and walked over to her. 

Moana's eyes were looking so red as she cried. 

"What the heck" Amelia mumbled and quickly sat down beside her. 

"Hey,what happened? Why crying this much?" She asked worriedly. 

Moana continue crying without saying a word. 

"Tell me" Amelia requested. 

"It hurts" Moana said. 

"How he yells at me.....hurts so much. He's scary" Maona broke into more tears and Amelia sighed out. 

"Did you do anything?" She asked. 

"I admit I was wrong,I shouldn't have entered the bathroom just to call him,but I swear it wasn't my intention,I don't even know what pushed me......" Moana said,gasping for breath. 

Amelia pulled her into a hug.

"Stop crying,please" She said,rubbing her back. 

Soon,Moana fell asleep and Amelia covered her well on the bed. 


Queen Karina and Hector were both taking a walk,some guards and maids following them behind.

"What is it you have to say to me?" Queen Karina asked. 

"Did you know Cyrus got a slave girl for himself?" Hector asked. 

"Slave girl? Who's that?" Queen Karina asked. 

"I heard she's new here,and luckily I met with her,but he was really so protective of her that it got me curious to know who the h*ll the girl is" Hector said. 

"What are you saying right now? You said it yourself that she's a slave girl,he knows better than what you're thinking" Queen Karina said. 

"Is it that dangerous if he decides to leave the princess?" Hector asked. 

"The whole royal council will definitely be against that because they all want the princess for him,it won't be easy for him going against them all,you know how the royals are" Queen Karina explained and Hector smiled sheepishly. 

"That's cool" He muttered. 



Brielle checked herself out once more in the mirror,she was putting on a mini jean skirt and crop top,she wore a sexy heel boots and she was looking so hot like a barbie,her hair fell freely on her back. She smiled cutely and grabbed her bag and walked out of her room,at the same time Arielle also came out of hers and they both stopped. 

Arielle was putting on a sleeveless short tight dress and sneakers,she looked simple but also hot,she packed her hair in a pony tail,she held a jacket in her hand. 

Brielle rolled eyes and walked past her,hitting her shoulder with Arielle's own. 

"You're not blind right?" Arielle asked. 

Brielle turned back and smiled. 

"I'm so glad you reacted, I was here thinking you became soft,it would have been so boring" Brielle said

"Seriously? I don't get,you hit my shoulder with yours,and what do you mean by you thought I've become soft? I can't keep on running after you if you don't wanna make up,you've always disrespected our brother anyway,that's your headache not mine" Arielle hissed and walked away. 

Brielle fold her fist angrily. 


Moana was in the king's kitchen,it's a private kitchen in the king's Chamber,she was preparing the king's morning tea,she made sure she did everything so carefully,she wouldn't want to annoy him again like yesterday. 

After she was done,she placed it on the mug tray and left the kitchen. 

King Cyrus was in the malcony of the chamber,he was standing with his two hands inside his pockets. 

"My King" Moana came over and the king faced her,he let out a frown. 

"I haven't called you back," he said and Moana bite her lips. 

"I'm really sorry about yesterday,please forgive me" She said. 

King Cyrus rolled his eyes and took the mug from the tray,Moana smiled inwardly watching as he sipped from it. He looked at Moana and immediately she was curious to know what he would say. 

"You made this yourself?" He asked. 

"Yes I did,in the kitchen here...."

"When did you come in? Do you know the code?" The King cut in. 

"No,it was Jericho who opened for me" Moana muttered. 

The king said nothing and sat down on the seat,he crossed his legs and took a book to read,he looked at Moana. 

"You're too close" He said and Moana immediately moved away. 

The king drank the tea slowly while reading. 

"Your majesty! I'm here to prepare you for the day!" They heard the king's dresser and King Cyrus sighed out. He dropped the mug back for Moana who was staring at him as he stood up relunctantly. 

She followed him back inside. 

"Good morning your majesty" All the maids bowed,including the king's dresser.

Jericho and Jerome moved closer to him. 

"What is it today?" King Cyrus asked leaving where others are. 

"You said you would pay the companies a visit....."

"Not today,anything else?" King Cyrus asked. 

"No your majesty......"

"Tell everyone to leave then,I will take care of myself today. I will call you if I change my mind" The king said. 

"We understand" Jericho and Jerome bowed and left him,minutes later the chamber was all quiet again. 

The king entered his library and sat down,he was about picking a book to read when Moana came in.

"My King" She called and he looked up. 

"Shall I bring your breakfast over here?" Moana asked. 

"I'm not hungry" King Cyrus said and faced the book back.

"But,you didn't eat last night either" Moana said and the king dropped the book pissedly. 

"Are you going to keep shut or you want to be thrown out?" He asked and Moana bite her lips. 

"I hate people who talk too much,it's disgusting" the king muttered and continue reading. 

Moana stood there silently. 



Jimmie was sitting alone and eating alone,he was eating slowly and at the same time on his phone. 

👥 Gosh,he looks so hot

👥 He's so handsome. 

Jimmie could hear the girls whispering among themselves,he knew some would have taken his pictures secretly too,that was how he suddenly saw his picture on the school blog. 

👥 Isn't he the one posted on the school blog?

👥 The dimple guy!

"What type of school is this?" Jimmie muttered and used his headset. 

"Who is he?" Prince Andrew asked from where he was sitting with his friends. 

"That young dude over there?" They asked and he nodded. 

"He's a newbie,a junior to be precised but girls are crazy about him" One of his friends said. 

"He's really handsome,but I think he's a commoner" Another one said 

Andrew kept on looking at Jimmie and then Brielle joined Jimmie's table. Andrew frowned and sat up properly. 

"Is Brielle also interested in him?...."

"Of course not,He's not Brielle's speck at all" Andrew scoffed. 


"What are you doing?" Jimmie asked,looking at the students who were beginning to whisper. 

"I'm here to eat of course,what else?" Brielle smiled. 

"You know how these people are,they might get the wrong ideas......"

"They should,it's annoying the way they keep staring at you and taking your pictures,don't you care?" Brielle asked. 

"If I care then what would happen?" Jimmie asked. 

"I can help you,I will tell them to stop..."

"Stay out of my business" Jimmie snapped. 

"Kiddo,I'm just trying to help...."

"I don't need your help" Jimmie said and Brielle sighed. 

She was about to talk when Andrew sat down beside her and her eyes widened. 

"Andy" She called and Andrew smiled. 

"I didn't see you all day" He muttered. 

"Oh....that's right" Brielle muttered and looked at Jimmie who already stood up. He carried his food tray and went to another table. 

"Let's eat up" Andrew said and Brielle smiled,wandering why he's suddenly talking to her.

"I wonder what's going on" Stormi said to Arielle,they were also watching the drama. 

"Who's the cute guy anyway?" Gracie grinned. 

Arielle's eyes were only on Brielle and Andrew. 

"Hey Arielle" Stormi tapped her. 

"I have no idea who he is,come on" Arielle groaned and continue eating. 



Moana walked in with the wine the king had requested for,but when she entered,she met the king dozing off while sitting down. Moana tiptoed quietly and dropped the wine on the table,trying not to wake him up. After that she stood there watching him which his eyes closed,he was still holding the book he was reading. 

Moana chuckled and suddenly wished she had her phone with her,she would have taken his picture,but just as she was thinking about it,King Cyrus's head almost fell but Moana was fast enough to catch him with her palm and his head landed on it instead. 

She held him carefully in her palms,staring at his face. He didn't wake up even after that,Moana kept on staring and then the king lick his pink lips slowly from his sleep. 

Moana swallowed hard,her eyes couldn't leave his lips,but crazily she lost control of herself and before she could think,she began bringing her lips closer to the king's own. 


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