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Moana Mulan - Episode 15 & 16




Moana Mulan - Episode 15 & 16

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"I understand.......I'm yours and yours alone" She muttered,her eyes on the king's own. 

The king gave her a "what are you thinking" look and Moana looked down. 

"Just until your parents pay up,don't act like you're in your own freedom here,don't ever again disrespect my fiancee,I won't over look one more time" He said. 

"I'm sorry" Moana muttered. 

"And then,stop making my tea all the way from that place,come here every morning and do it here" King Cyrus said and walked out of her sight before she could respond. 

Moana bite her lips,she stood there anyway. The door opened,Jericho and Jerome walked in,they looked at her before going into the king's room. 

"Your majesty" They both greeted. 

"Here are the reports you requested for....."

"Not now" King Cyrus cut in. 

"Do you want me to call the dresser? It's almost time to start preparing for the day's schedule" Jerome said. 

"There's a lot to do today" King Cyrus said. 

"That's true your majesty" Jericho said. 

The king sighed and closed his eyes. 

"Do you feel sick? Is there anything you want?" Jerome asked. 

"Get me a smoke" King Cyrus uttered. 

Jericho immediately left his sight,he returned with the stick of cigar,he light it and handed over to him. 

King Cyrus opened his eyes as he started smoking. 

"If you're too tired,I can go and make an announcement to cancel the schedules" Jerome said. 

"No,it's fine. I will get ready" King Cyrus said. 



Jimmie walked out of the class with two guys who insisted they must eat together,he have been trying his best to avoid those rich kids but they kept on flowing all over him,the problem from the girls is another thing anyway. 

"I told you I love eating alone" Jimmie said. 

"Come on,nobody love eating alone. You're just avoiding us" Francisco said. 

"Yeah" Ryder agreed. 

"Fine,you caught me" Jimmie sighed. 

They were still talking when Brielle appeared in front of them,Margo and Treasure behind her while she glared at Jimmie. 

"You two,leave" She said to Ryder and Francis. 

"Meet us at the cafeteria" Ryder whispered to Jimmie. 

Margo and Treasure also walked away. 

Brielle continue glaring at Jimmie who was looking somewhere else. 

"Look at me....."

"Why are you here? Should I leave the school? Have you concluded?"Jimmie asked coldly. 

"Is the school not that important to you?" Brielle asked. 

"It was important until I met you" Jimmie snapped. 

Brielle chuckled and then frowned. 

"I don't understand,who should be angry with who? You f**king left me there even when I was drunk! What would have happened if the guards didn't come immediately?!........"

"At least you have bodyguards,I went home late because of you last night! Do you know how scary it was to walk down to my house?! Do you!! For heaven sake I'm just a kid,I just clocked Eighteen,I'm not what you think I am,please! Stop frustrating my life I beg of you! It was f**king scary last night,my parents were so worried about me! Why the f**k do you hate me so much? Why can't you just pick someone else and leave me alone?" Jimmie said. 

"I'm not picking someone else...." Brielle muttered. 

Jimmie lick his lips and looked away feeling frustrated. 

"Fine....I'm sorry" Brielle muttered. 

Jimmie faced her back,he thought he heard her wrong. 

"I said I'm sorry,are you just going to keep quiet? I've never apologize to anyone aside my brother" She said and rolled her eyes. 

"You should have kept it to yourself if you don't mean it" Jimmie scoffed. 

"If course I meant it,I admit it was my fault you went home late. I kinda forgot I was dealing with a kid" Brielle said and Jimmie rolled his eyes. 

"Are you still angry? I promise I won't call you my slave anymore,how about that?" Brielle asked and Jimmie scoffed.

"I wasn't even ready to answer you if you call me that,the worst you can do is to tell the school chancellor to get rid of me and I'm ready for that" he said. 

"Hey,you should know how to respect me also,how can you be talking to me this way? Even if you're no longer my slave,I'm older than......."

"You don't have to remind me,I know. So why don't you go on and meet the boys around your age or older than you and leave me alone?" Jimmie asked and she kept quiet. 

"Let's eat lunch together" Brielle said. 

"Sorry I am eating with my new found friends,eat with your friends too" Jimmie said and walked away. 

Brielle frowned and turned to stare at him.

"He's so annoying,seriously" She mumbled. 

Margo and Treasure came behind her. 

"What's up now?" Margo asked. 

"Let's go eat,nothing to say" Brielle said and they followed her. 



Everyone was still standing outside the court,the meeting is meant for the royalties,and also where the royal elders meet with the king outside the palace,today is a general meeting,all the royalties are present,including the royal elders,every kings under Mal Empire must be present also. 

Only King Cyrus is yet to arrive and without him,they can't go into the meeting room. 

Prince Zayne remained in his car as everyone waited for the arrival of the king. 

"You think he's going to show up this way?" He asked with a scoff. 

"No report was made that he would be absent so that means he will be here" His PA said and he rolled his eyes. 

Some minutes later,numbers of cars drove in at the same time. The guards all rushed out and maintained their salute position,Jerome and Jericho opened the door for King Cyrus and he stepped out looking hot and expensive as usual. 

"Everyone!! Pay Homage for the king has arrived!!" The king announcer shouted loudly and like that everyone went down respectfully with bow. 

"Your majesty!!!" 

King Cyrus replied with a nod. The other older kings there joined him. 

"It's been a while" One of the old kings said.

"Yeah,it's been a while for real" King Cyrus said blankly. 

"You've been doing well,your father must be so proud of you wherever he is" Another one said. 

"Let's go in" King Cyrus muttered. 

They nodded and started walking to the meeting hall. 

"I can't believe I'm doing this" Prince Zayne scoffed. 

"You should start believing it now" Jericho said and walked forward before Zayne could reply. 

"That bastard" Prince Zayne spat. 

Everyone gathered in the meeting hall,the guards checked where the king would be sitting before inviting him to sit,he sat down and crossed his legs. 

"Have your seats" He said and everyone bowed before sitting down. 

"What are the news for today? One after the other please" King Cyrus said. 

"Yea your majesty" They chorused. 

King Cyrus saw Prince Zayne on his phone,Jericho and Jerome saw him staring and they also turned to see the prince. 

"What should we do your majesty?" They asked in a whisper. 

"If anyone isn't interested in this meeting,leave now" The king spoke up,ignoring Jerome and Jericho. 

Prince Zayne looked up. 

"Right,I'm talking to you,if you're going to keep operating your phone,go on and exit" King Cyrus said. 

The guards immediately walled over to the prince,ready to lead him out. 

Prince Zayne dropped his phone and the guards returned to their position. 

"You may start" King Cyrus ordered and the meeting began. 



Queen Karina entered Brielle's room and met her on the laptop. 

"Busy?" Queen Karina asked. 

"I'm not in the mood to talk to you mom,maybe tomorrow" Brielle said without looking up. 

"Are you okay?" The queen sat down on the bed. 

"I told you I don't wanna talk to you mom,please" Brielle said. 

"Why don't you want to talk?" 

Brielle closed her laptop and groaned. 

"Fine,Tomorrow,come over to my suite okay?" Queen Karina got up. 

"I will do that" Brielle said. 

Queen Karina kissed her hair before walking out of the room.. 

Brielle took her phone and dialed Jimmie's number. For three times straight it was ringing but he didn't answer the call,he answered the fourth time. 

📞 Hey!!! How dare you ignore my calls!!

Brielle yelled. 

📞 I can't remember you buying me a phone. 

Jimmie replied. 

📞 Wow,were you this arrogant?

📞 I don't think my arrogance can beat yours princess,now why are you calling me and disturbing my peace? 

Jimmie asked. 

📞 I'm bored......

📞 So? Why not go where to kill your boredom as usual?

📞 You're being too harsh on me kiddo 

Brielle said. 

📞 Goodnight 

Jimmie hung up and Brielle sighed sadly,she dropped her phone and walked to the fridge,she brought out a drink and returned to her table. She smirked and dialed Jimmie's number again. 

📞 What is it this time? 

Jimmie groaned. 

📞 I was not expecting you to answer

Brielle grinned. 

📞 I'm hanging up

📞 No please wait! Just talk to me nicely for twenty minutes,okay? I'm serious. 

Jimmie kept quiet. 

📞 Fine

He muttered and Brielle smiled. 



Moana and the igher maids were all busy arranging the dishes on the table,Jerome and Jericho stood somewhere in the hall,watching them. Jericho saw two maids whispering and he frowned. 

"Don't talk on the king's meal if you love your life" He said and they all became quiet. 

"Hey" Jerome called Moana and she turned. 

"You should call the king already" He said with a smile. 

"Oh,that's true" Moana muttered and immediately started walking toward the door. 

Jericho's eyes followed her @ss. 

Jerome slap his head.

"What was that for?" Jericho frowned. 

"You were staring,I know she's hot but she's out of lane" Jerome said. 

"I didn't say anything,it's not bad staring,she have a cute @ss" Jericho winked and Jerome shook his head. 



The king was in the bathroom,he was inside the tub filled with warm bath. He felt so tired after all the meeting and media rounds he went for,he just want to stay in a position and rest. After he finished smoking,he closed his eyes and rest his whole body in the tub. 

In the king's room,the door opened and Moana came in.

"My King" She called gently as she looked around but everyone was empty. 

"Where's he?" She mumbled and bite her lips,she was about going back when she turned to the bathroom door. She walked closer and opened,she first met somewhere that looks like a dressing room,she walked in deeper and opened another glass door,she entered and looked around the large bathroom to see the king inside the tub with his eyes closed. 

Moana stood there without moving,staring at the king taking a nap inside there. 

'He must be so tired' she thought inwardly. She continue staring at him and taking steps forward at the same time,she finally got really close to seeing his handsome face well. 

She was still standing there when suddenly the king opened his eyes. 

Moana let out a loud gasp,she wanted to turn and run out but she lost her balance and started falling right inside the tub. 

King Cyrus's eyes widened inside the tub,before he could do anything,Moana fell inside,right on top of him and his hand grabbed her @ss. 

Moana gasp out loudly as the king's hand rest on her butt,her face on his chest,she swallowed hard with her eyes closed. 


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