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Moana Mulan - Episode 13 & 14




Moana Mulan - Episode 13 & 14

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"I'm sorry but I can't leave without the king's order" She mumbled and Louisa glared angrily. 

"What?" She glared. 

"You heard me" Moana said and that increased Louisa's anger times ten,she immediately faced the king. 

"Leave" King Cyrus ordered Moana and she bowed before walking away. 

"Where the f**k did you get that disrespectful maid?......"

"Let's talk about what you did first,what was it for?" King Cyrus cut in. 

"I hope you're not talking about the kiss because I have every right to kiss you whenever I want,you're not planning to do it so I will take responsibility from today" Louisa said and tried kissing him again. 

"Louisa!" King Cyrus groaned. 

"What!!" Louisa yelled. 

"You should have rejected the engagement if you know you would neglect me this way! You don't even care about me! You don't pretend to Care either,I'm the only one who cares and show all the love! Should I just go and announce to the royal council all you've been doing to me?!! Should I?!" She shouted. 

"I'm not in the mood for this" King Cyrus muttered. 

"I don't care about your mood tonight,I'm having you and that's final" Louisa said grabbed his shirt,pulling him close before locking her lips on his own,she dropped her bag in the process and cupped his face with her two hands,kissing him hungrily. 

King Cyrus gave up on pushing her away,he allowed the flow of the smooth kiss,Louisa Moaned when his hands fell on her waist. 

King Cyrus then took over completely,a minute later he already pulled down her dress zip from the back and soon the dress was laying helplessly on the floor. He moved away from her and gave her his unusual bad boy smirk as he gave her body a long intense stare.

Louisa smiled shyly and began taking off the rest that covered her nakedness,soon she was stank naked in front of him,she walked over to him again and connected their lips,king Cyrus gave her @ss cheeks a naughty squeeze and she groaned silently into his mouth. 

Two minutes later,they are on the bed. 



Jimmie was sitting quietly at a corner,his eyes on Brielle who was busy drinking and dancing. He kept on checking the time every second,it was becoming so late and he was sure his parents will be worried already,but then he can't possibly leave her here when it's so obvious she's planning to drink herself to stupor. He just made sure he kept his eyes on her every move. 

"Your girlfriend is hot" A guy said as he sat down next to Jimmie. 

"Girlfriend?" Jimmie looked at him in surprise. 

"You came in with her and you've been staring at her all night" The guy said with a smile. 

Jimmie didn't reply,he simply turned back to continue keeping his gaze on Brielle. Soon,a strange dude appeared behind Brielle who was still dancing. Jimmie sat up properly on the seat,watching closely. The guy started moving in rhythm with Brielle's moving waist and finally he held her waist. 

Jimmie stood up immediately and walked over to them. 

"Hey,that's disrespectful" Jimmie said. 

The guy looked at Jimmie down since Jimmie is shorter than him,he turned to his friends and they all laughed. 

"Are you talking to me?" He asked. 

"Who else is here?" Jimmie asked. 

"Dude,what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school,probably studying or something?" The guy asked and his friends laughed. 

Jimmie looked at Brielle,she was obviously drunk from the way she was acting. Jimmie faced the guy back,not minding the fact that he was actually looking up to see the guy. 

"You should be somewhere else trying to restore your brain coz obviously you lost it,do you even have at all? Are you trying to take advantage of her drunken state or something?" Jimmie said angrily and the guy grabbed Jimmie's collar. 

"Who are you to talk to me like that" he asked. 

"Touch me and see how I destroy your ugly face,underestimate me at your own risk" Jimmie said and pushed the guy off. He grabbed Brielle's hand and began dragging her away. 

"Hey,where are we going?.....I'm not done here!!" Brielle said drunkenly. 

Jimmie ignored her till they got outside and he released her hand roughly. 

"Hey!! That hurts!" Brielle yelled. 

"I thought you're a princess,if you have no pride as a girl,shouldn't you try to protect your family image at least? He would have touched you crazily without you even noticing because you're out of your mind! You only care about yourself,I've never been this late to get home but all in the name of your senselessness,I'm still out here trying to keep up with your dumb attitude but you're not even helping matter at all!!!" Jimmie shouted at her angrily. 

Brielle blinked her eyes,looking surprised that Jimmie yelled at her. 

"Did you....just....shouted at me??" She asked. 

"F**k you!" Jimmie shouted and dropped her car key on the ground. 

"You can go ahead and terminate my scholarship,I'm tired of the school because of your face anyway,I don't care how you get home,goodnight" Jimmie said and turned to leave. 

"You.....you also hate me....you too?" Brielle asked in tears. 

Jimmie faced her back. 

"No,it's you who hate me. That's why you're doing all these,that's it! Stop trying to be the victim when you're the f**king bully" Jimmie said and started walking away 

"Hey!!!! Jimmie!!! Hey!!! Jimmie Mulan!!!!" Brielle continue screaming his name but he didn't wait. Brielle was calling until he was out of sight. 

She broke into tears and fell on the ground,she lost her consciousness. 

Just a minute later,about four cars stopped at once. 

"It's the princess!" They called when they saw her. 

"Carry her,don't wait"

One of the guards carried her and immediately rushed into the car,the car left first and then others follow. A guard drove Brielle's car also. 

Jimmie came out from where he was hiding and sighed out loudly,he was already super worried when she became motionless on the ground,but now he's glad he didn't rush back to her or he would have been in greater trouble. He boarded a taxi and headed up immediately. 



Moana opened her eyes,she turned to see Amelia sleeping soundly on her bed but she couldn't sleep. 

She got up from the bed and walked over to the window,she opened it and the first breeze that hit her blew her hair all over her face. 

"Refreshing" Moana grinned. 

Her eyes moved to the building where the king's chamber is and she kept staring without looking away. She never wanted to think about it but somehow it came to her mind,what was going on in there with the princess and the king? 

She sighed out and continue to enjoy the night breeze and somehow she wanted the night to break so fast already. 

"I wonder when his face will ever soften when looking at me" Moana mumbled senselessly and her eyes widened. 

"What am I saying?" She asked herself and quickly closed the window.

"Stop thinking about something impossible" She said and returned to her bed,she had to keep on closing her eyes until she finally slept off. 



Brielle woke up with her head banging heavily,she groaned loudly and yawned tiredly. Her mind immediately went to Jimmie and she scoffed. 

'Can't believe he really left me' she thought. 

"Are you awake?" The deep familiar voice made her sprang up from her bed and immediately her eyes caught with the king standing by the window side.

"Brother...." Brielle called in a low voice. 

King Cyrus walked over to her gently and she bite her lips,ready to hear him scold her. 

"Are you okay?" He asked and Brielle looked up with surprise. 

"I'm.....fine" she muttered. 

"You were found unconscious on the ground last night,do you remember?" King Cyrus asked and Brielle swallowed.

"I'm sorry" She muttered. 

"This is what you always say Brielle,should I just give up on you and stop complaining? Would you love it that way?" He questioned her. 

"No" Brielle answered. 

"Then why aren't you listening??"

"I was just too sad last night,I had no choice" Brielle said and the king nodded. 

"This should be the last time the guards will ever find you in such a situation...."

"It won't happen again" Brielle assured. 

"Good" Kind Cyrus said and walked away. 

Brielle sighed out and rushed into the bathroom. 

"F**k I'm late" She spat and immediately undressed before getting under the shower. 


Moana was on her way to the king's chamber,she was holding the king's morning tea in her hand while walking carefully. But like magic,she still ended up bumping into someone and the tea poured all over the white shirt the person was wearing. 

"Oh my goodness!" Moana screamed with wide eyes and looked up at Hector who was making a call before the unfortunate happened. He dropped his phone and looked at his shirt which already got stained. 

"I'm so sorry!!" Moana apologized immediately and bowed repeated,she recognized him as the Queen's brother. 

"Raise your head" Hector said and Moana did. 

"It was a mistake,I promise. I can help you wash the clothes,just.....I'm sorry" Moana said and Hector smiled which surprised Moana. 

'I guess it's only the king who doesn't smile' she thought. 

"Are you new here?" Hector asked. 

"Yes I am" Moana replied. 

"What's your name?" Hector asked. 

"Moana" She answered and Hector nodded,staring at her from her legs to her pretty face. 

Moana bite her lips nervously. 

'What's going on? Why is he not leaving or talking?' She thought inwardly almost wishing that she can just disappear from his sight so he can stop staring at her that way. 

"Do you want me to help you clean your clothes? I can do that" Moana spoke up to at least break the silence. 

"Fine" Hector nodded. 

"Come with me" He said and Moana was about following him. 

"Where do you think you're going?" Maona heard the king's voice from behind and she quickly turned back. 

"My king" She called and quickly walked over to him like a sheep following his shepherd. 

King Cyrus looked at Hector. 

"Oh,is she your maid?" Hector asked with a smile. 

King Cyrus gave him one glare. 

"Oh....good morning your majesty" He bowed. 

"Your maid mistakenly poured tea all over me as you can see" Hector said. 

"I apologized" Moana mumbled under her breath but King Cyrus heard her. 

"You should get changed,the maids will clean up for you" The king said and Hector smiled. 

"Of course I will....."

"Follow me" King Cyrus said to Moana,ignoring Hector,he started walking away. 

Moana bowed for Hector before running after the king. 

Hector stared at them till they were out of sight. 


It was silent till Moana and the king entered his chamber,then he faced her. 

"Do you pretend to be smart when absolutely you're so dumb down to earth?" He asked and Moana blinked twice. 

"Were you really going to follow him?" He asked. 

"I....it was my....fault. I spilled the tea all over him....so I thought.....I can help him and........"

"You can't run errands for any f**king body except me" The king said and Moana looked at him as he talked to her with the cold look on his face.  

"You only have to do what I order you to do,you're my slave and only I have authority over you,do you understand or you want me to explain better in a way that you will understand that you're mine and mine alone??" King Cyrus asked and Moana swallowed. 

"I understand.......I'm yours and yours alone" She muttered,her eyes on the king's own. 


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