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Moana Mulan - Episode 11 & 12




Moana Mulan - Episode 11 & 12

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R




Brielle and Arielle stood still in front of the king,their heads down. 

King Cyrus continue looking at them without saying a word,their scattered hair and rough clothes. He happened to be back right in time,Moana ended up falling on the couch in the large living room downstairs but she already lost her consciousness before she even landed there and now she's not awake. 

"What the f**k is your problem?" King Cyrus finally asked and they looked up. 

"She started it brother" Arielle said. 

"You should have solved it without attacking me back,stop talking like it's all my fault" Brielle snapped. 

"But it was you who pushed the maid down the stairs....."

"So you think I did it intentionally or something? Are you planning to make me the bad person here?" Brielle snapped. 

"Stop acting like a f**l,it's all your fault!" Arielle shouted. 

"You two,get out" King Cyrus muttered and they both kept quiet. 

"We are sorry brother" Arielle muttered. 

"Speak for yourself alone I have mouth!" Brielle yelled and turned back to the king. 

"I'm sorry brother,but I promise I didn't mean to push the maid,she just happened to come at the wrong........"

"Who said I care about that?!!! I'm f**king asking you why the h*ll you haven't stopped this useless fight of yours!!" King Cyrus yelled and they both moved back in fear. 

The king stood up and they moved back again. 

"I don't understand,is there a problem I don't know about? Or maybe you two are just too spoilt and you need some few changes in your lifestyle,should I just stop the guards from taking you to school,or should I let you take taxi to school,should I freeze your bank account so you find it hard to buy anything on your own,what the f**k should I do to make you come back to your sense? Should I tell those modeling agencies to cancel your contracts? Should I tell the students in your school to stop seeing you as princesses and treat you the way you treat others?!! Should I?! You know what I can do girls..."


Both girls went on their knees immediately. 

"It's never going to happen again brother,I promise,please don't do any of that" Arielle broke into tears.

"I might just die,forgive me brother" Brielle also said in tears. 

"Get up and stop those fake tears of yours,you know it won't move me" King Cyrus muttered and they both got up and wiped their tears. 

"Brielle" He called. 

"Yes brother?" Brielle answered. 

"I heard you attacked Arielle first,why? Did she do something wrong?" He asked. 

Brielle bite her lips and said nothing. 

"I hate it when you get mute when I ask questions and you know that" King Cyrus said and sat down. 

"She's trying to get close to the boy I like" Brielle confessed and King Cyrus looked at Arielle. 

"That's not true brother,I have no intention of doing that! We only sat together in class and she's getting mad ......"

"You shouldn't have sat with him! You even walked with him after class! You know how much I like him!" Brielle yelled,tears rolling down her eyes. 

King Cyrus placed his hands on his head and inhaled. 

"Sorry brother" Brielle wiped her tears. 

"Girls who fight and cry because of guys.......they bore me so much" He muttered and Brielle bite her lips. 

"So are you telling me you attacked your sister because of a dude? Are you crazy or something?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Are you trying to disgrace me or something? I thought you have so much pride,but it doesn't matter when it's about a boy? You're not even that smart,the chancellor told me you're not doing well in school,you spend time partying instead of studying,and now you're fighting because of a guy,you think he will like you because of that? Huh?" 

Brielle bite her lips and continue crying silently. 

"And then you pushed someone,I won't blame you for that,it was obviously not intentional,but what if something happened to her in the process? Huh? Will your crush come and solve that?" 

"I'm sorry brother" Brielle sniffs. 

Arielle bite her lips hard. 

"I'm also at fault,you can scold me instead" She said. 

"I'm done with you,leave" The king snapped. 

Arielle bowed slowly and walked out. 

King Cyrus turned to Brielle who was still in tears. 

"I'm giving you two options" he said and Brielle raised her head up. 

"It's either you stop this crazy attitude of yours and focus on your studies or I do what I mentioned earlier......"

"Brother no....."

"Then make me proud at least and stop thinking about boys!!" King Cyrus yelled. 

"I'm sorry" Brielle muttered. 

"Leave" King Cyrus said. 

Brielle walked out gently,she entered her room and sat on the bed before breaking into tears. The door opened  again and Arielle came in. 

"Hey" she called and Brielle looked up.

"What are you doing here? Get out!" She yelled. 

"Are you okay?" Arielle asked worriedly. 

"Stop acting like you Care and leave! You like acting like you're the nicest person in the world right?! I don't care,so don't talk to me and get out!! I don't care if you fuck him anymore!! I don't care!! Leave!!" Brielle cried,throwing the teddy bears on the bed at Arielle. 

"I don't even like him that way you're thinking,why can't you just understand....."

"I said I don't care again!! Get lost!! Now I have to study like an insane person so brother won't take everything away from me! Leave!!"

"I can help you" Arielle immediately said. 

Brielle chuckled. 

"Really? When did you ever tried to do that? You like getting all the attention anyway,you love it when people pick you over me,you love if when the lecturers compliment you about how Brilliant and better you are than me,and now you think you're prettier than me also because the guy like only look at you,seriously? I hate being your sister so much!!! I hate it that I want boils to cover my face and transform my life for ever,just disappear from my sight!!" Brielle shouted and stormed out of the room. 

Arielle swallowed nothing,she didn't know when tears started rolling down her eyes,but she quickly wiped it off and went in. 

She ran downstairs and saw a car driving out of the castle. 

"Who's that?" She asked the guards. 

"It's the princess" they answered. 

Arielle sighed and started walking to the maids quarter,she was showed Moana's room and when she entered,Moana was just waking up. 

"Princess Arielle!" Amelia gasped and stood up straight away. 

Moana also sat up,looking surprised to see her. 

"Are you okay?" Arielle asked and Moana nodded. 

"I'm fine"

"I'm sorry about earlier,I'm sure she didn't do that knowingly,you know right?" 

Moana nodded. 

"I'm glad you're awake,and don't worry,brother already scolded us,so it won't happen again" Arielle smiled and Moana gave her a surprised look. 

"See you around" Arielle waved at her and walked out. 

"Whoa,see how beautiful she is" Amelia gushed crazily. 

Moana checked the time and gasped. 

"It's almost time the king have dinner" She said rushing out of the room. 

"Be careful!" Amelia called after her but she already left. 

"She's really lucky,she's serving the king and now the princess came to visit her" Amelia muttered



Jimmie was the only one left,he was already planning to go home also so he's not accepting any more customers. 

He was writing down the day's record when the door opened and someone came in. 

"We are done for today" Jimmie said without raising his head. 

"It's your master" Brielle said and Jimmie looked up,he was shocked to see her. 

"Brielle?" He called and Brielle frowned. 

"Who said you can call me by name? Hey,I'm older than you and also your senior,some respect" She snapped. 

"I call my sister by her name also,she's twenty one" Jimmie said. 

Brielle rolled her eyes and went to sit down. 

"I was about leaving though" Jimmie said. 

Brielle stood up and walked over to him. 

"You're my slave,so you have to do anything I want anytime" She said and Jimmie sighed. 

"What do you want this time?" He asked. 

"Can you drive?" Brielle asked. 

"Can I?" Jimmie asked and Brielle frowned. 

"It's a question" 

"Yeah,I can" Jimmie muttered. 

Brielle threw the car key in her hand to him. 

"Come outside,right now" She said and walked out. 

Jimmie immediately recorded everything,he grabbed his bag and ran out of the café,after locking the door,he went to Brielle who was waiting for him beside her car. 

"Where am I taking you to?" He asked. 

"A clubhouse" Brielle smirked and Jimmie blinked. 


"Don't tell me you've never been to a clubhouse" Brielle asked. 

"No I haven't......"

"Today is your first day then,open the door for me" Brielle said. 

Jimmie quickly opened for her and she entered,he also got in to the driver's side. 

"Don't drive too roughly" Brielle muttered 

"What about your driver and bodyguards......."

"Don't ask me silly question and do what I ask" Brielle snapped. 

Jimmie sighed and started the car. 



Andrew entered prince Zayne's suite and met him sitting on a chair with his eyes closed,music was playing in the background. 

"Are you sleeping?" Andrew asked,falling on the couch. 

"Is there a problem?" Zayne opened his eyes. 

"You look tired,is the work so stressful at the office today?" Andrew asked,picking an apple on the table. 

"I guess....but wait" Zayne turned to Andrew. 


"That girl I was talking to at the restaurant,before you suddenly appeared" Zayne said. 

"Oh,the girl you almost captured?" Andrew grinned and Zayne nodded. 

"Do you have any idea who she is?" He asked. 

"Not at all,why?" 

"F**k she's sexy,did you see her shape tho?" Zayne muttered and Andrew laughed. 

"I thought you were angry at her,so you were checking her out also?" He asked. 

"This is not even funny,I've been thinking about her since then,she's damn hot. She's totally my type" Zayne said.

"I don't know her tho,I've never seen her before" Andrew said and stood up. 

"Goodnight bro" he walked out of the room. 

Prince Zayne groaned and fell back on the couch. 



"Is my daughter back?" Queen Karina asked as her maid,Inaya helped her packed her hair. 

"No your highness,she haven't returned yet" Inaya replied and the queen sighed. 

"Does the king knows she left the palace?" She asked. 

"I have no idea your highness" Inaya answered. 

The queen picked up her phone and dialed Brielle's number but she didn't answer the call. 

"That girl" Queen Karina groaned. 

"Tell the king about it,I don't care if he decide to ground her,just let him know she's not in the palace right now" Queen Karina said. 

"Yes your highness" Inaya bowed and immediately walked out of the suite. 


Arielle was in the large living room downstairs watching movie with a bowl of popcorn in her hand,she always do that whenever she's bored of her room and tonight seem to be like that,she saw the guards rushing outside,she stood up and called one. 

"What's going on?" Arielle asked. 

"The king ordered us to go find the princess" The guard replied. 

"She's not back yet?" Arielle asked in surprise,the guard shook his head and ran out also. 

Arielle sighed and dropped the popcorn in her hand. 

"It's all my fault" She muttered sadly and decided to focus on the movie. 



"Check all the club house she always go to,make sure you find her before coming back or y'all are dead" King Cyrus ordered through the phone. He hung up and dropped the phone loudly on the table. 

He met Moana standing when he turned and he let out a frown. 

"What are you still doing here?" He asked. 

Moana bite her bottom lip before turning,she was standing because she was expecting him to ask her how she was doing from the fall but seems it's not going to happen. 

"Wait" The king suddenly uttered and Moana turned immediately without thinking twice. 

"Yes my king" she answered anxiously,waiting for what he wanted to say. 

"Did you get hurt from the fall?" King Cyrus asked and Moana smiled inwardly. 

"No I didn't" She responded. 

Moana was expecting the king to say more when suddenly the door opened and Princess Louisa walked in,she pushed Moana out of the way with her shoulder as she approached the king who seems surprised to see her. 

"Hi sweetheart" She smiled and before the king could react,Louisa went on her toes and kissed him right there. 

Moana gasped out but immediately covered her mouth still looking shocked and then wondering why she's shocked.

Louisa broke the kiss and the king maintained his blank stare,Louisa turned to Moana. 

"What are you still doing here?" She asked. 

"I was talking to the king before you came in" Moana replied and Louisa scoffed. 

"And I said you should leave" She snapped. 

Moana bite her lips without moving,she held the tip of her uniform and continue standing there cutely,her long hair also stood still behind her as if they both planned it. 

King Cyrus raised his brows but he didn't say a word either,he wanted to know what this slave of his have in mind. 

"Hey!" Louisa yelled at her and Moana spoke up. 

"I'm sorry but I can't leave without the king's order" She mumbled and Louisa glared angrily. 

"What?" She glared. 

"You heard me" Moana said and that increased Louisa's anger times ten. 


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