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Moana Mulan - Episode 1 & 2




Moana Mulan - Episode 1 & 2

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R




"Of course!! Do you know how much this outfit cost?" Brielle turned in front of the camera proudly,she's on a video call with her friends. 

"Five hundred thousand dollars" Brielle said and her friends gasped out loudly. 

"Whoa! That's expensive,I want to be you!!" Margo and Treasure screamed. 

"Well sorry,you can't be like me" Brielle winked. 

"Come to school fast girl,we are waiting already" Margo said. 

"Of course,I will be there soon" Brielle smiled,touching her hair every second. 

She started hearing a loud voice from afar. 

"Get out of my way b*tches!" The voice yelled and almost instantly,the door opened hardly and hit the wall before closing again. An angry looking Arielle stormed in,her long hair bouncing as she walked while her boots making loud noise as she walked in sexily like a model she is. 

Arielle and Brielle are princesses,don't be deceived by their names,they aren't twins,but they were named in rhythm because they were born same day,same time.

 Yeah,the first queen,Queen Maria had Arielle before she died,she actually died the moment Arielle was born,the second queen gave birth to Brielle,and she's the only child she had before the king died. 

The first queen had Irene,the eldest child of the family,then king Cyrus who is also the only male in the family before having Arielle. 

Arielle and Brielle are both twenty one years of age ,they attend the family university,the most expensive university in Green City,Red Gold University. You might expect them to be friends but it's the opposite,they are enemies,competitors,they are just everything that rhythm with the word ENEMIES. Even in the modeling world,Arielle and Brielle are strong rivals but Arielle is more popular...you might be wondering,who's more pretty?? 

No answer to that,they are both pretty and cute,for real!,one thing they have in common?? Ego and Pride,arrogance and haughtiness. 

Brielle hung up her call and stood up to face Arielle who was looking so mad and pissed off. 

"What are you doing in my room? She asked. 

"What gave you the f**king audacity to tell the guards not to allow me take out Czinger ? What!" Arielle shouted. 

"Oh that? Sorry,but I will be taking that car to school today,you can have another one" Brielle said.

"Are you insane? Have you forgotten who owns that car?" Arielle asked. 

"Our brother of course" Brielle smiled. 

"Our? Oh she finally went crazy" Arielle muttered,trying to calm down before moving closer. 

"Hey b*tch,it's high time you understood the meaning of blood sister and step sister,He is my brother,not your brother!! Do you understand that?!!!!" Arielle shouted. 

"I don't care whatever you say okay? I'm taking that car out and there's nothing you can do about it" Brielle said. 

"Wow" Arielle clapped. 

"We will see to that" She smiled and started walking out of the room,Brielle grabbed her bag and followed. 

The maids followed them both,shivering already because they know that trouble has began as usual,they just can't get used to it. 

The guards bowed for them both when they got to where the car is. 

"Give me the key right now" Arielle opened her palm. 

"If you give her that key,you are fired!!" Brielle yelled and the guards kept quiet. 

"Give me the key!!" Arielle shouted,the guard almost did.  

"I will kill you" Brielle glared at him. 

Arielle chuckled and looked around,her eyes caught with a nail,she went to pick it and before anyone could stop her,she went for the tyre and Started bursting them. 

Everyone gasped,she burst the four tyres. 

"You animal!!" Brielle screamed and grabbed Arielle's hair,Arielle pushed her away and one of the guards caught her before she could fall. 

"Get off me!!" Brielle slapped the guard. 

"Now we are even" Arielle smirked and arranged her hair. She used her shade and faced the guards. 

"I'm taking the Ferrari out" She said. 

"Yes princess" They bowed and about seven of them ran off,the car was drove back to the scene. 

"Here princess" They opened the door for her. 

"See you in school" She smirked at Brielle before entering the car which drove out immediately. 

Brielle fold her fists angrily.  

"What are you waiting for?!! Get me the Bentley!!!" She screamed and the guards scattered. 



The maids were all standing professionally with their folded hands in front,they look so polite in their uniforms. The King's dresser was dressing up the king. 

"All done your majesty" he said with a bow after getting the last button of his shirt done. 

King Cyrus checked himself out in the mirror,his two hands in his pocket,he made no single expression on his face to show if he was satisfied with the design or not. 

"You look really handsome your majesty,I've also prepared your other two outfits for the day,they will probably be ready before you need them today,and the earrings,it's white gold,your favorite" The king's dresser said,grinning but the king didn't make any acknowledgement of that. 

"Leave" Came his cold voice,still focus on the mirror. 

"The king said you should go...." The dresser faced the maids.

"Everyone" King Cyrus cut him off. 

"Oh...yes your majesty" 

Everyone bowed at once and walked out of the chamber. 

👥 Oh my precious heart. 

👥 I was literally shaking as I stood there. 

👥 My hands are still sweating. 

👥 He's scarily handsome. 

The maids kept murmuring as they walked in twos and threes. 

Back in the King's chamber,the door opened and Jerome walked in smartly,He's one of the King's two personal bodyguards,these two follow him everywhere he goes. 

"Your Majesty" He bowed,even though the King wasn't facing him but backing him. 

"Here's your schedule for the day...."

"A smoke" King Cyrus muttered before taking his seat and crossed his legs. 

"Yes your majesty" Jerome bowed and immediately walked to where the kings smokes are being kept,he opened the case and took a stick out. 


The most expensive cigarettes in the world,it is wrapped with gold leaf and a stick is worth more than a million dollars. 

"Here your majesty" Jerome gave him and then helped him light it up. 

He stood there,watching as he smokes while waiting for his go ahead command. 

"Go on" King Cyrus muttered after three smokes puffs.  

"You have a meeting to attend in the white house by 10am your majesty....the president personally sent the invite himself" Jerome said. 

The king said no word as he continue smoking,Jerome continued. 

"You are meeting with princess Louisa......"

"I'm not In the mood for that" King Cyrus said bluntly. 

"Your majesty.....it was you who scheduled today to meet with....." He stopped when the king raised his head. 

"I understand" Jerome muttered and continued. 

"You're meeting with the kids at the Golden orphanage by 2pm,I will tell the dresser to arrange your outfit for that....after that,your majesty will be having a dinner with lady Rose tonight,she's been waiting for two weeks to see you your Majesty" Jerome said. 

"Is that all?" King Cyrus asked,finally dropping his smoke. 

"Yes your majesty,I will like to know when you want to have the shoot for the coming magazine cover your majesty so I Can inform them...."

"I will think about it" The king said and he bowed. 

Jericho came in just then. 

"Good morning your majesty" He greeted with a deep bow. 

"This is the information you asked for" He said. 

"The farmer is yet to show up?" He king questioned. 

"Not yet,but I got his address and everything like you asked for,when should we go....."

"I will like to see him myself" King Cyrus said. 

"Then I will prepare some guards to bring him....."

"We will be going to him,get prepared tomorrow" King Cyrus said. 

Jerome and Jericho exchanged glances in shock. 

"What's the 10am meeting?" The king asked,walking out. 

"With the president your majesty" Jerome and Jericho immediately followed him out of the chamber. 

👥 Good morning your majesty!!

👥 Morning your majesty!!

👥 Good morning your majesty!!

Everyone kept on bowing as soon as they saw the king with his two bodyguards behind him. 

The guards started running to order,some opened the car door for him and he entered,Jerome entered with him and Jericho entered the front seat,then the driver took off. About five cars followed their car,the remaining guards were bowing till the cars were out of sight. 



"Walk faster Moana,I can't possibly miss him today" Naveah urged as she walked in a fast motion. 

"I don't understand,who the f**k are you talking about?" Moana groaned tiredly. 

"Ssshhh!!!! It's prince Andrew,the most handsome guy in Red Gold university,He's also a model,in short my crush" Naveah grinned,bringing out her camera. 

Moana scoffed. 

"I can't believe this,you brought me here because of this?! Are you okay?" She asked and turned to go but bumped into someone,a man. 

'It's prince Zayne!!' Naveah screamed inwardly with wide eyes. 

Prince Zayne Is the most popular crown prince in Mal Empire,He's not a king yet but his status is greatly high. He's known for his strictness and this is the reason why most people are scared of him.

"Moana....moana...don't look into his eyes" Naveah warned in a whisper but Moana didn't hear her. 

"Sorry about that" She said bluntly and almost walked away when two guards blocked her way. 

"Apologize rightly!" They shouted. 

"How should I apologize? Should I kneel in front of him?" Moana asked and Naveah gasped,she immediately rushed forward. 

"Forgive her my prince,she's really naive not to know you" She bowed.

"Prince?" Moana muttered and looked at Prince Zayne who was also staring at her. 

"You really don't know me?" He asked. 

"No I don't" Moana replied and Zayne scoffed,this young girl just hurt his pride. 

"Who doesn't know the greatest prince!! What should we do to her your highness" The guards asked loudly. 

Some people already gathered to watch the ongoing scene. 

Prince Zayne smiled. 

"Go on your knees now and apologize" he ordered,staring at her. 

"Why should I do that?" Moana asked and everyone gasped. 

Prince Zayne frowned angrily. 

"I apologized already,why should I go on my knees again? Because you're a prince? You think you own the world?" Moana glared at him. 

"Moana" Naveah cautioned. 

"Take her" Prince Zayne ordered. 

"No!!" Naveah broke into tears. 

The guards almost grabbed Moana...

"Stop" A voice said and everyone stopped. 


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