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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 81 & 82




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 81 & 82

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



"What was that for?" Ace asked when he hit the road. 

"What?" Lily faced him. 

"The "Kiss me" that"  Ace said in Lily's voice and she blushed. 

"I just hate it when they flirt with you,I'm sorry,you might be questioned by the chancellor......"

"I dropped my resignation letter" Ace cut in. 

"What?!!" Lily screamed. 


"How could you do that without telling me,you barely worked for weeks" She snapped.

"You know the reason why I came here,and it's over" Ace said and Lily frowned. 

"So I won't be seeing you in school again?" She pouted. 

"I'm all yours at home" Ace said and quickly gave her a quick peck on the lips before focusing back on the road. 

"Fine" Lily mumbled and Ace smiled. 

"By the way,where are you taking me to? What's the surprise?" Lily asked curiously. 

"That's why it's a surprise,you have to be curious" Ace winked at her and she groaned before resting her head on the window glass. 



"We are here" Ace stated when he finally stopped in front of the house. Lily looked around and faced Ace again. 

"Let's get down" Ace winked at her and they both dropped,he held her hand gently as they walked in. 

"Where's this?" Lily asked. 

"Can you just calm down?" Ace groaned. 

"Fine" Lily muttered. 

Immediately Ace opened the door,Maria came into view. 

"Son! I've been expecting!" Maria said excitedly and Ace hugged her tightly. 

Lily's eyes widened. 

'His mom? He has a mom?' Lily was asking in her mind as she stood there in total shock until mother and son disengaged from the hug. 

"Is she the one?" Maria asked Ace with a smile. 

"Yes mom" Ace said and turned to Lily. 

"I know I've never said anything about her to you,but....meet my mom" She said. 

"Hello mother" Lily bowed respectfully. 

"Oh she's so cute,come give me a hug" Maria said and Lily happily went into her arms. 

"You're so pretty Lily" Maria said. 

"Thank you mother,I'm sorry I don't even recognize you" Lily said 

"That's not your fault,come on" Maria said. 

They all sat down. 

"Should I praise Loretto for the first time?" Maria grinned and Ace chuckled. 

"Did dad called you? He promised me" He asked. 

"Yes,he said he's likely to show up tomorrow,I was too shocked to even respond,son do you really have to do that?"

"Mom please,just see him this once okay? I'm sure he have alot to apologize for,I won't stay still without him asking for forgiveness from you" Ace said and Maria nodded. 

 A maid came to serve them soft drinks and left. 

Ace's phone rang and he stood up. 

"Excuse me" He said and went out

"So Lily,heard you're still in school" Maria started a conversation. 

"Yes mother,I'm in my last year now" Lily smiled. 

"That's amazing,he told me you're so pretty and brilliant,I see he's not lying" Maria said and Lily blushed. 

"How old are you? You look young" 

"I will be twenty soon,Lily replied"

"Oh wow,you're so cute. Thanks for staying strong for my son,even though he might be a nut head at times" Maria said 

"Of course not,I'm the stubborn one not him" Lily muttered and they both laughed. 

Ace came in again 

"Are you two talking about me?" He raised his brows. 

"Yes" Lily smirked and Ace scoffed. 

"Such boldness" He said and Maria cleared her throat. 

"I can't wait to meet my grand children" She said. 

"I'm giving you two at a time mom" Ace said. 

"Yeah deal" Lily nodded and they all laughed. 

A maid came in again. 

"Lunch is ready,please come to the dinning room"  she said 

"Let's go kids,I'm starving" Maria stood up. 

Ace winked at Lily before standing up. 

"Your mom's beautiful" Lily whispered to Ace. 

"I took after her" He said and Lily chuckled. 



Lily was in her room,checking out her Make up and dress. It's their seventh wedding anniversary and there is an ongoing party which just started minutes ago. 

Lily's attention was taken from herself when suddenly the door opened and the twins ran in. 

"Kids! Stop running please,come on,you might get hurt" Lily said worriedly. 

"Mom,who's more beautiful?" Mason was the first to ask as they stood in front of her with their innocent faces. 

Mason and Madison are both five years,they are the cutest twins you will ever find. 

"Who got you dressed? Nanny?" Lily asked,touching Madison's hair. 

"No,daddy" they chorsued happily. 

"Oh wow" Lily smiled. 

"Mom,I'm more pretty right? Coz I took after you,right right??" Madison said. 

"I am more handsome,daddy is the most handsome person I've seen and I took after him!" Mason snapped. 

The two faced each other and continue arguing which made Lily laugh. 

"You do this every time,come on. You both look handsome and beautiful okay? And by the way,your outfits are so cute and expensive,you should say thank you to daddy" Lily said and hugged them both. 

The door opened and one of the maids came in. 

"Ma'am,the guests are arriving" She bowed. 

"Oh thank you" Lily said and faced the kids. 

"Be careful okay? Don't play too much so you won't get hurt" She said. 

"Don't worry mom,I will protect her" Mason smiled and held Madison hand,they both left the room. 


Downstairs,the party hall was looking so shiny and beautiful with the decorations,music was playing at the background. Some guests/couples are already sitting around different tables while others are just arriving. Ace was the first to welcome his mom and dad as they came in together. 

"Congratulations son" Loretto said,hugging him sidely.

"Thanks dad" Ace smiled and then pulled his mom into a warm hug. 

"You're looking so handsome" Maria complimented and Ace chuckled. 

"You too mom" 

He sighted Austin and Regina as his parents walked to their table. He smiled and immediately went over to them. 

"Hey mom and dad" He bowed. 

"Son! I've been trying to find you" Regina said and stood up to hug him. 

"Thanks for coming" Ace said. 

"Can't believe you came mom,dad" Lily joined them.

"Why not?" Austin smiled. 

They all exchanged pleasantries before Ace and Lily left together. 

"Do I have to greet everyone?" Ace asked Lily and Lily looked at him. 

"Honey you promised,come on. You're doing well" She whispered. 

"I know I promised to act super nice Today,but isn't it becoming too much? I mean......."

"You have no choice" Lily winked at him and left his side to greet some new guests coming in. 

"She will be the death of me" Ace mumbled,staring at Lily,hugging everyone. 

"Hey dude" The familia voice said from the back and Ace turned for face Ryder and Nana. 

"Hey Mr Hales" Kim Nana smiled. 

"Oh not you again,do I Have to greet you?" Ace asked and Ryder laughed. 

"I guess Lily finally got you this time around" he said. 

"I don't have your time okay? Where's Andy?" Ace asked. 

"He's probably with the twins,it's been long they've seen each other" Kim said. 

Andy is the same age with Ace's twins. 

"Boss!!!!" Blondie screamed as she walked in with Whiskey. 

"Lord please" Ace groaned. 

"Hey boss" Blondie hugged. 

"I'm no longer your boss....."

"You will forever be my boss" Blondie grinned. 

Whiskey and Ace shook hands also. 

"Awwwn,Nana,you keep getting more pretty,But I know why" Blondie winked at Ryder and he chuckled. 

Scar came in with Spudz and Flash.

Rambo and Nicki were next,followed by Cardi. Roxanna and Hermes came in holding hands,those two started dating about two years ago and now engaged,they are deeply in love with each other. 

Soon,the hall was filled up. All the ex crew members surrounded a large table,eating and having fun. 

"Cardi and Scar,you are the only single ladies in this hall" Flash spoke up. 

"Oh please,spare me. I'm just twenty nine" Scar said. 

"that's right,I'm not even thirty yet,I don't have plans of getting married" Cardi said. 

"Oh wow,I want to be like you" Blondie said and Whiskey looked at her. 

"Calm down lover boy,she's joking" Hermes touched Whiskey. 

Everyone started laughing. 

"Don't worry baby,I'm not serious at all" Blondie said and pecked his lips. 

Andy ran in with Madison and Manson. 

"Awwwwn,cuties" Roxanna said. 

"Don't worry,we can have three at once" Hermes said. 

"What?!!" Everyone screamed. 

"Are you crazy?" Roxanna whispered and Hermes laughed. 

"What,are you scared?" He asked. 

"Stop" Roxanna laughed. 

The MC got on stage after a while. 

"It's time to call out our couples,for their romantic moment" He said and everyone started clapping. 

"The boss!!!" Blondie screamed from her seat as Ace and Lily started walking to the stage. 

All eyes on them,they look so good together. 

They finally stopped on the stage and faced each other. 

"Do you have anything to say to each other? Before we proceed?" 

"Of course,I have thousands of words I have to say,but I can't because we might have to sleep here" Ace said. 

👥 Awwwwwnn. 

Lily's cheeks turned red. 

Ace gently took her hand and kissed it. 

"I just want to say thank you to the most amazing woman I know,Sometimes it feels like I’m having a dream, but then I realize it’s all real and I’m one lucky fellow in this beautiful world,I love you so much and my love wouldn't change till forever" Ace said. 

"Me too,You make me feel like the most special woman on earth. I would marry you all over again, just so you know Ace Hales,I love you more than anything in this world" Lily stated and the couples locked lips with each other. 

Lpud screams filled the hall,cameras flash all over. 

"Me too!!!!" Madison and Mason screamed,running to them and came in between them. 

"Oh Precious sweethearts,From the moment you were born, you became the sun to my planet. You are the most important in my life babies" Ace said. 

Madison and Mason couldn't help but smile happily. 

"You two are the best thing mommy have ever done with her life" Lily also said and they smiled more brightly. 

"We love you mommy and daddy" They said at once. 

"And we love you two" Ace and Lily said. 

The family of four hugged each other at once. 



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