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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 79 & 80




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 79 & 80

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             




Lily was woken up by a familia voice,she grumbled sleepily and opened her eyes,she was greatly shocked when she saw Roxanna. 

"Roxan?!!!" She screamed and jumped out of bed. 

"Hey bestie......." Lily quickly covered her mouth before Roxanna could finish. 

"What are you doing here? How did you know this place??" Lily asked,looking around.

Roxanna pulled her hand down.

"Sir Ace himself gave me permission" Roxanna smiled. 

"What?!" Lily was shocked. 

"My brother brought me here this morning because I missed you" Roxanna added to Lily's confusion.

"Your brother?" She asked. 

"Yeah,Razor....He's my prince charming" Roxanna said. 

"You have a brother? And it's Razor?? As in,Ice's friend?" Lily asked.

"Yes,you should freshen up,I will explain better. My brother told me everything about Leo,I'm still in shock,He's a monster" Roxanna said and Lily sighed. 

"Anyway,I'm glad you are safe" Roxanna hugged her. 

"Where's Ice?" Lily asked. 

"Oh,he left with my brother" Roxanna replied and they went into the restroom together.  

"See" Lily showed off her ring and Roxanna gasped. 

"Don't tell me it's what I'm thinking..."

"He proposed,I'm finally having a real wedding this time" Lily said. 

"Oh cutie" Roxanna hugged her tightly. 

"I'm so happy for you" Roxanna said and Lily smiled. 

"Hurry up tho,we are almost late for class,we've missed alot of lectures" Roxanna said



Razor stopped at the door when they got to Loretto's suite,Ace went inside alone. 

"You're finally here" Loretto said. 

"Do you miss me?" Ace sat down and crossed his legs. 

"Why would I? You wouldn't possibly die as a loser,I didn't teach you that way" Loretto scoffed and Ace nodded.

"You're right,I can't die now,not now" Ace said and stood up. 

"I survived because of mainly two things father" He said and Loretto looked at him. 

"Mom....and Lily" Ace said. 

"I'm not going to run away from it anymore,I'm not scared of you because I will protect those two even with my life,if I have to go against you for their case,then I'm ready....."

"Do whatever you want" Loretto cut in and Ace raised his brows. 

"I won't stop you anymore,so do whatever you want....your mom and your wife,protect them like you said,I won't bother you,you got those people I've been after for years,what else do I need?" Loretto moved closer to him and pat his shoulder. 

"Just stay safe and don't get hurt,don't disappear like this again or I will do what you hate the most" he said and walked away. 

Ace cracked. 

"Since when?" He muttered. 

"He was really worried about you,He's just hiding it" Razor entered and Ace scoffed. 

"As usual" He muttered. 

"Where's that bastard?" He asked. 

"Torture room,He's perfectly okay now" Razor replied and Ace opened the door at once,Razor followed him. 

"Did you send Pinkie away like I said?" Ace asked. 

"Yes,she left" Razor replied and finally they entered the torture room.  

Leo was hanged,he was sweating profusely and looking so tired. 

Ace smiled and moved closer. 

"How does penthouse feels like? Staying in such a special room is amazing isn't it?" Ace asked him and Razor chuckled. 

Leo couldn't talk. 

"It's a pity tho,I really want you to be so agile when I start with you,but unfortunately you're looking tired already......where should I start from?" Ace mumbled and walked to a table of different sizes of knives. 

"Should I start by cutting your fingers off?? You really want to get married to what's mine and have a ring on that finger?? What audacity" Ace scoffed and took a knife. 

"This looks nice.....like your name" He smirked,turning back to Leo. 

"Do whatever you want and kill me you bastard" Leo said. 

"Kill?? That's hilarious" Ace laughed. 

"I have no plans to do that,why would I kill you? I'm just going to do something worse,I will make you pay so much that you will cry but no tears will come out,you will wish for death but it won't come,I will hurt you and get you treated over and over again so you don't die easily but feel pain for as long as I want,when you die is for me to decide not you. The pain you made her pass through,making her loosing my child and what you made me go through,I will multiple them by ten for you............You're not dying so soon Leo,don't keep your hope high" Ace said with a wicked smile and faced the guards. 

"Bring him down" he ordered and immediately the boys brought Leo down. 

"His hands on the table" Ace muttered and unsheathe the knife. 

"You psycho!!!...." Leo yelled as the boys forcefully placed his hands on the table. 

"You should have known before planning all those sh*ts,I'm a monster,more wicked than you but I don't kill or hurt people I claim to love" Ace said and without thinking twice,he slammed the knife on Leo's hand,cutting off the five fingers at once.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!" Leo screamed in agony as blood flushed out furiously. 

Ace laughed. 

"Is it painful? Sorry,I will go gently this time around" He smirked.

"He's back to the Ace I know" Razor muttered,smiling from where he was standing. 

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!!" Leo's scream came again as Ace cut off the other five.  

"Hang him back,you can get him something to eat today,he needs to be strong for tomorrow" Ace smiled and grabbed Leo's hair. 

"Wanna hear a gist??" He asked and lean closer to Leo's ear. 

"That girl you love so much......I proposed to her again and she said yes,I will start planning our wedding right away,too bad you won't be there but I will make sure some food would be brought here...oops...you don't have hands again....you can eat with your mouth alone,like a goat tho,what do you think?" Ace whispered.

"Just kill me!! Kill me!!!!" Leo screamed.

"Why screaming? I've not even started with you yet,stop acting like you're weak,you did a lot to me too,I'm just multiplying yours" Ace smirked and released him. 

"Let's go" He said to Razor who nodded immediately.

"Kill me you bastard!!!!!" Leo continue screaming until they walked out of the torture room. 

"Are you okay?" Razor asked. 

"Why?" Ace asked,wiping his bloody hand. 

"It's been long since you tortured anyone,do you feel good?" Razor asked. 

"I miss doing this" Ace winked and Razor smiled. 

"By the way,what's with you and Kim Nana?" Ace asked. 

"What are you talking about?" Razor looked away. 

"That expression gave me my answer already,never mind" Ace scoffed. 

"What do you know about my expression,stop it" Razor said. 

"We've been friends for over twenty years,stop making noise" Ace snapped and Razor laughed. 

"You're so confident and it's annoying,how can you tell just by my expression" 

"You also do that to me,you know what I mean even when I say no word" Ace muttered and Razor smiled. 

"I missed you" He said and hugged him. 

"You want to die?" Ace asked. 

"Shut up and hug me back If you want to live" Razor snapped. 

"Do you two live to threaten each other?" Scar appeared and Razor broke the hug. 

"Hey" Ace winked. 

"Stop that,your little wifey will cry when she see that" Scar scoffed. 

"You're mistaken,she's not a cry baby" Ace said. 

"Anyhow" Scar rolled her eyes. 

"Kim Nana and I are dating" Razor suddenly dropped the bomb. 

"What?!!! That granny?!" Scar screamed. 

"What do you mean granny? She's just thirty" Razor said. 

"So what? You're just...  "

"I don't care about our age difference,so stop it" Razor muttered. 

"Fine" Scar sighed. 

"Start preparing,you will be in charge of planning my wedding" Axe said,walking away without waiting for answers. 

"I'm a mafia not a wedding planner!!!" Scar yelled. 

"Sorry" Razor chuckled and pat her back before going. 

"I hate both of you!!!" Scar screamed and coughed. 

"Take it easy" Spudz joined her. 

"They are annoying" Scar said and faced her. 

"The DNA result will be out tomorrow" She said and Spudz nodded 

"What,where are you going dressed like a girl?" Scar asked 

"What do you mean like a girl? I'm a girl" Spudz scoffed. 

"Spudz" Flash showed up,he was also dressed. 

"Oh wow,this makes sense now" Scar mumbled. 

"Don't worry,she's safe with me" Flash winked. 

"Who said I care? Stop talking like she's my sister" Scar rolled her eyes. 

"Stop acting so tough,I know you love me. See you later" Spudz smiled before leaving with Flash. 

"Wow,Our very own Penthouse turned into a Love Palace,amazing" Scar chuckled and walked away. 



Lily was just done with her class when Ace's call came in. 

"Hey Ice" 

"Come to the parking lot,I'm waiting"Ace said. 

"Huh? Why?" Like asked. 

"You need to meet someone today" Ace said. 


"It's a surprise,so come,hurry up" Ace hung up. 

"Sir Ace?" Roxanna grinned and Lily nodded. 

"I need to go" she said,carrying her bag and left the class. 


In the parking lot,after Ace spoke to Lily,he came out of the car and immediately attracted the students. 

👥Prof Ronnie!!!

👥 He's so handsome!!

Some girls rushed over to him and surrounded him. 

"Prof we've missed you a lot,when are you returning to school?" Some group of girls asked,trying to flirt with him. 

Ace only chuckled inwardly,patiently waiting for Lily without doing anything. The girls continue asking questions and flirting. 

"Stay away from him!!!" Someone suddenly screamed from the back and they all turned to see Lily. 

Ace smiled,watching his little bride looking angry and jealous. 

👥 Who does she think she is??

Lily glared at the girls and moved closer to Ace. 

"Stay away from him,He's mine" She said and they all gasped. 

"What?! Are you insane?! Prof Ronnie won't stoop so low to date someone like you! He needs someone hot like me" A girl said and Lily chuckled before facing Ace. 

"Kiss me" She said in an ordering voice. 

"Yes my queen" Ace smiled and gently placed his lips on hers. 

Everyone's eyes widened. 


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