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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 75 & 76




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 75 & 76

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             




Ace opened his eyes and looked around the room in the same position,he could feel his head still banging and he noticed the bandage wrapped around his head.

All the wounds and cuts In his body have been treated and plastered,his bloody clothes has been changed too. 

 He tried moving but his body still hurts,he groaned and lay back on the bed. After a minute,the door opened and Maria came in,holding a tray of breakfast,Ace's eyes followed her till she pulled a stool close to the bed and then looked at him. 

"Oh,you're awake" Maria said feeling relieved. Ace let out a short smile. 

"Thanks for letting me stay here,even though you don't know me" He said. 

Maria smiled and nodded. 

"How are you feeling now??" She asked. 

"It hurts.....my whole body" Ace replied. 

"The Doctor dropped pills for you,so you should eat breakfast before using them,can you get up?" Maria asked and Ace nodded. 

"I can manage" He said and tried getting up but the pain wouldn't let him. Maria immediately moved closer and helped him up,she rest his back on the pillow and placed the food tray on the bed. 

"I sent my maids away yesterday for a break,so this is just all I prepared" She said,opening the dishes one after the other. 

"You call this just?" Ace asked and Maria nodded. 

"I can't remember when last I cooked" She said and handed the spoon to Ace. 

"Have a taste of the soup,it will help with your body pains" Maria said and Ace nodded. He gently had a sip from the hot soup. 

"How is it?" Maria asked and Ace looked at her. 

"Great" he smiled. 

"Try the rest too" Maria said excitedly.

Ace dropped the spoon and Maria looked at him. 

"Aren't you going to ask me who I am?? Where I am from,why I got hurt and why I choose to come here instead,what if I am a dangerous person who can put you into trouble?" Ace asked the questions. 

"I am going to ask all that" Maria said. 


"When you get better" Maria replied and Ace couldn't take his eyes off her. 

"I almost died" He muttered and then continued. 

"I still can't believe I made it alive from that death,why am I here??" Ace said. 

"Because I've always wanted to come here" Ace uttered and Maria gave him a confused look. 

"Why? Do you know me??" Maria asked and Ace nodded. 

"Where?" Maria questioned again. 

"I was told you left me when I was a kid" Ace mouthed. 

Maria made a face,still not getting it. 

"I'm Loretto's son" Ace murmured and Maria made a gaping mouth in disbelief. 

"What...what did you just said?? Loretto?" She asked again and Ace nodded. 

"You know who he is right??" He asked,staring straight into her eyes. 

"Did you get your memories back? Your Doctor told me about your......." Ace couldn't complete his statement when Maria broke into tears and hugged him. 

"It was you......he told me someone came to ask him about my illness" Maria said in tears. 

Ace smiled and hugged her back with his eyes closed. 

"I'm sorry I came too late,I'm so sorry,forgive me. I thought you abandoned me" Ace said and didn't even know tears started falling from his eyes. 

"Don't talk,you don't know how much I've been waiting for this day,while fighting for my life" Maria whispered. 

Mother and son finally disengaged and Maria caressed Ace's face. 

"Now I understand why you're in this situation,It's all my fault" She grumped. 

Ace shook his head and held her hand. 

"This has nothing to do with you okay? So stop crying,I'm here now" Ace said and continue eating. 

"Do you want more? I can cook something..... "

"I will eat more,but I want to finish this first,it's my first time eating mom's food" Ace uttered and Maria smiled. 

"Eat and get well soon" She muttered. 

"Can I get a phone and laptop?? I will pay back" Ace said. 

"You are not even fine yet,you can hardly get up..."

"You said there are pills for me,I will be fine soon. I have alot of things to do,I can't stay still this way,that's the reason why I made it alive" Ace said. 

"Is it.....A woman?" Maria asked and Ace smiled before nodding.

"Aside you,there's a woman I love,and she's in danger" he said. 

"Don't get hurt again" Maria said and hugged him. 

"I won't,I promise" Ace murmured. 



Everyone was present in the power room waiting for Razor to show up,they were all dressed up for the mission on ground,saving Lily from X-Mob secret safehouse. 

Soon,The door opened and Razor came in with Roxanna,everyone exchanged glances. 

"Who is she?" Scar asked. 

"Wait,I've seen you once" Roxanna said.

"She's one of the crew" Razor said and Roxanna nodded. 

Everyone was quiet,waiting for explanation. 

"She have Leo's number,we can start the tracking from there" Razor finally spoke up. 

"Oh finally,let me have it" Hermes said. 

Roxanna immediately went to him and handed over her phone to him. 

Scar grabbed Razor's hand and Dragged him out. 

"What is it?" Razor asled. 

"Are you sure it's safe bringing her here?" She asked. 

"She's my sister Scar....."

"Step sister...."

"No,blood sister. We have the same father" Razor cut in and Scar sighed. 


"Don't worry,nothing like what you're thinking" Razor implied and they both went back in. 

"Found it!" Hermes and Flash said at once. 

"Really?!" The rest moved closer immediately.

"Here" Hermes pointed at the red light dot on the screen. 

"Great,let's move everyone" Razor said. 

"I'm killing that bastard myself" Scar phrased as she pushed the two guns inside her backpocket and walked out first,the rest followed one after the other leaving Roxanna and Razor. 

"You can drive back home right?" Razor asked and she nodded. 

"Be careful" She whispered. 

"I will be fine" Razor assured and ruffles her hair,they left the room together. 



Maria entered Ace's room and met him dressed up,he was just putting on his face cap,the wounds on his face are almost invisible thanks to the Doctor,he's really okay now,just the bullets wounds on his chest left,but he can't feel the pain any longer. 

"Where are you going?" Maria asked curiously. 

"I need to go," Ace replied. 

Maria decided not to question him any longer. 

"Don't get hurt" She breathed. 

Ace nodded and moved closer to her,he hugged her gently. 

"I will be back" he said and broke the hug. 

"Don't take long" Maria uttered. 

"I won't" Ace replied and walked out of the room.

Maria sighed and sat down on the bed,she touched the bed slowly. These past days have been the best days of her life,talking and laughing with her son who she never imagine she would ever see again. She lay her back on the bed hoping Ace return back like he promised,she wouldn't want anything that will take this joy from her the second time. 

"Be safe...please" she mumbled. 



The gang jumped into the building two at a time,Scar and Razor were the first,and immediately they sighted the guards,they began shooting them dead non stop till they were all on the ground in their cold blood. 

Others came in after that. 

"Get separated right away and search everywhere,kill anyone who get in your way" Scar said before leaving with Razor again.  


Inside a hall in the safehouse,the wedding was going on. Garrett was sitting in front,some mobsters were also present while Leo was standing in front,expecting his to be bride,Lily. The aisle was well decorated and Leo seems like the most happy person on earth at the moment. 

Seconds later,Lily was ushered in by two guards in her wedding gown as she walked slowly toward Leo who was waiting for her with smiles on his face. Lily's eyes were looking thoroughly red from the tears,her face was dry up,countless rain of tears on them. Her head was down as she stayed In front of Leo,her heart beating fast,inwardly she was screaming for help but at the same time,she was beginning to give up,maybe she will really become Leo's own forever,Maybe nobody is ever coming for her,just maybe,but she want to hope so badly that someone will come save her. 

"We shall proceed to the exchange of the ring" The priest stated and Lily Started wondering where Mafias get their priests from,first it was Loretto,and now Leo?? And why is her life so messed up with the worst weddings in the whole world?? Is she fated for bad luck all her life?

Leo gently took her hand and made to insert the ring into her finger but a knife from nowhere entered his hand and he groaned out painfully. 

The mobsters all stood up and brought out their guns. 

'Ace' Lily said inwardly,looking around. 

"Get down you bastards!!!" Scar and Razor entered the hall from the left entrance,Nicki and Cardi also came in from the right. Flash and Hermes came in after,all pointing their guns at the mobsters. 

Blondie and Whiskey appeared behind Garrett and Blondie placed her gun on his head.

"Nice to meet you,old fool" She muttered and Garrett swallowed. 

Leo removed the knife in his hand forcefully and blood started rushing down. He grabbed Lily's hand.

"Let go of me!!" Lily screamed but he didn't stop,he started dragging her away.

"Stop!!!" Lily cried out. 

Leo almost got to the door when Ace jumped in front of them and Leo's eyes widened in shock. 

"Ice!" Lily screamed and tried running to Ace,Leo dragged her back and immediately used his arm to choke her neck from the back. 

"It's too late" Leo smirked before placing his gun on Lily's head. 

Lily gasped,shaking in fear. 

"If I can't have her then I will kill her so you don't have her either" Leo muttered.

Ace made to run closer but It was followed by the sound of a gunshot and the blood splashed all over Ace's face. 

"Noooooo!!!!!" He screamed out. 


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