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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 73 & 74




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 73 & 74

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             




The penthouse have been quiet since  yesterday as the news of Ace got to them. They've been searching to find his body at least,but nothing was found. X-Mob was also found empty,no single body was left in the mob. 

"So you mean you haven't found any traces of my son?!" Loretto yelled at his men and they went mute. 

"Continue searching till you find him or don't come back inside this penthouse if you love your life...."


"Get out!!!!" Loretto hit his hand on the table angrily and they rushed out. 

He turned to Razor who was leaning on the wall looking so lost. 

"Is X-Mob still empty?" He asked. 

"Yes godfather,I think they really escaped because of us,it's really empty" Razor replied. 

"Lead the way to where that Pinkie girl is kept" Loretto said. 

"This way godfather" Razor immediately led the way,they walked till Razor entered the room where Pinkie was,Loretto followed. 

Pinkie who was still tied up started panicking the moment they came in. Razor closed the door and Loretto walked closer to Pinkie who was shaking badly on the seat.  He took one of the knives scattered on a table and turned back to pinkie. 

"I have a question to ask you" He muttered. 

Pinkie swallowed. 

"How you answer will determine your destiny,maybe you will be dead in two minutes time from now or I will spare you till I want,should I go on?" Loretto asked and Pinkie immediately nodded in tears. 

"You stayed in X-Mob,you must know if they have a hidden backup safe house" Loretto said and Pinkie broke into tears.

"I don't know,I have no idea" She cried out. 

Loretto nodded and dropped the knife back on the table. 

"You should know by now that I don't repeat my question twice" he said and turned to Razor. 

"Start by slicing her body till she confess everything she knows" He said and walked out of the room,slamming the door loudly. 

Razor started walking closer. 

"Razor please,don't....I really don't know a thing,I don't,don't hurt me" she cried,shaking her head. 

Razor looked at her with his red angry eyes. 

"Since yesterday,I think I've lost the tiniest affection and pity inside of me" Razor muttered,picking the longest combat knife on the table 

"No!!! Please!!" Pinkie screamed,shaking extremely. 

"Then tell me everything damn thing you f**king know before I loose it completely bitch!!!" Razor yelled and placed the sharp edge on her throat,her body shaking. 

"Honestly......I've heard the mobsters talking about.....a safehouse......but....I swear....I know nothing......Leo doesn't even trust me fully!!....believe me Razor......he even threatened to kill me if I discuss anything with Ace......he doesn't trust me to that extent,....believe me..!!" She cried. 

Razor grabbed her hair roughly. 

"Stop saying I should trust you,once a traitor will forever be a traitor" Razor said,running the knife down her throat. 

"You better think hard before I get back,or you're dead" He released her hair roughly and dropped the knife loudly before storming out of the room. 

Pinkie kept on crying. 



Spudz gently opened the door after knocking for almost five minutes without response. She entered and met Scar on the bed in tears,she sighed out and closed the door. 

"You should stop already,you will get sick at this point" Spudz said 

"I want to be alone,which side don't you understand? Leave me alone" Scar said,wiping her tears. 

"They are still Searching for him....."

"What difference does it make? Will they find him alive? His car exploded right in ny face,and you expect me to be calm? Huh??" Scar broke into tears again. 

Spudz sighed and sat down gently on the bed beside Scar. 

"I'm also sad,but I'm now worried about you. You've been crying since yesterday,you haven't eaten anything...."

"I have no appetite to eat,just leave me alone" Scar lay back in the bed and covered her head with the duvet. 

Spudz sighed out frustratingly and sat up,she walked out of the room silently. 



"Found anything yet?" Blondie asked Flash who was on the system. He sighed and shook his head. 

"Still can't believe those people escaped,are they scared or something?" Nicki asked. 

"Isn't it obvious yet? They are obviously scared,they knew we would definitely come for them,cowards" Cardi hissed. 

"Oh oh,since when did Nicki and Cardi ever agree on something?" Whiskey asked and Blondie chuckled. 

"This isn't about rivalry,we are talking about boss here" Cardi said. 

"But we never did anything rivalry since I became a member of this mob" Rambo said. 

"They became enemies because of Hermes I guess" Blondie smirked and Hermes looked up. 

"Stop talking sh*t" he muttered 

"And then,you've been quiet these days,what's up?" Blondie asked. 

"Can we find a way to look for their hide place and forget about me for now??" Hermes asked. 

"Why don't we go back to X-Mob to search properly,I'm sure we can find anything at all. The boss's wife is with those people,we need to take her at all cost" Rambo said. 

"I'm in" Flash and Nicki said. 

"We are all in,when should we move?" Blondie asked. 

"We should inform Razor first before moving" Whiskey said. 

"He's not in the penthouse right now tho" Hermes said. 

"Then we will wait for him" Cardi said and they all nodded. 

"Where's Spudz?" Flash asked. 

"Here" Spudz entered like that. 



"There's someone waiting for you" A girl said to Roxanna and she raised her brows. 

"Who?" She asked. 

"He said he's your brother,He's so cute" The girl said and Roxanna immediately got up. 

"Where's he?"

"Parking lots" 

Roxanna ran out of the class immediately,she got to the parking lot in no time and there was Razor waiting for her. 

"What are you doing here?" Roxanna asked.

"I thought you will be happy to see me" Razor said and she rolled her eyes. 

"When last have you seen your friends?" Razor asked. 

"They are both not in school today,I've been calling too but their phones aren't available,are they playing a prank on me?" Roxanna scoffed. 

"I guess you don't know anything" Razor muttered.

"What are you talking about?" Roxanna asked. 

"I'm saying your best friend was kidnapped" Razor said and Roxanna gasped. 

"What?? Leo and Lily?! Why?!"

"Leo kidnapped Lily" Razor said and She frowned. 

"Is this a prank too?? Can you stop......"

"Get in the car if you are confused" Razor muttered. 

"I should get my things in the class" Roxanna muttered and immediately walked away. 

Kim Nana came to pick something from her car when she saw Razor. 

"Ryder?" She called and Razor turned. 

"Oh...Kim" he muttered. 

"Is Ace here? He's absent and his line isn't going through either" Kim Nana said. 

"He's quite busy" Razor said. 

"Are you okay? You don't sound good" She said. 

"Let's go" Roxanna appeared,she gave Kim Nana a little bow before getting into the car. 

Kim Nana raised her brows. 

"She's my kid sister,I will talk to you later" Razor said and also entered the car,he drove off. 

"What's going on?" Kim Nana wondered,staring at the car till it was out of sight. 



The door opened and Lily turned,she looked away when she saw Leo. 

"Heard you rejected your food" He said. 

"Let me go you son of a b*tch!!!" Lily yelled and Leo chuckled. He sat down and light up his smoke. 

"I told you right? No one is coming to save you...."

"Ace will be here,and you know what he can do right?? He's going to kill everyone of you!!!!!....."

Leo stood up and grabbed her neck. 

"Don't ever mention that name again" he said and released her neck making her cough. 

"You will die if you don't eat,and you can't die now when our wedding is coming up" Leo said and Lily's eyes widened. 

"What....what....are you....talking about? Whose wedding?" Lily asked. 

"You and I of course,I'm getting married to you...you will become mine,this is not something you can reject" Leo smirked. 

"I hate you!!!!" Lily screamed. 

"You will grow to love me" Leo smiled and stood up. 

"You're looking skinny,I hate it. Finish up that food before I get back,or you're dead" Leo said seriously and walked out of the room,Like heard as he locked the door again. 

She rushed to the door and started banging again. 

"Open this door!!!!!!!" She continue screaming till she became tired again and fell on the floor in tears. 

She looked around,the room doesn't even have a window,she would have tried jumping out,she wouldn't care even if she dies in the process,she just want to leave this hell. 

"Ice please......don't die....please" She said tearfully. 



"What's going on?" Maria muttered the moment she got up from the couch and the flower verse on the table fell and broke,it's the third time today,first it was her favorite glass cup,second was the bottle of wine she was holding in her hand and now a flower verse??

She sighed and bent down to pick them up but as soon as she picked one,it injured her hand and she immediately dropped it. Why is everything happening today that she decided to give all her maids some break??

Maria stood up and looked out of the window,the breeze was blowing the curtains in a scary way. 

"It's going to rain" She muttered and went to close the windows one after the other. She decided to go out also to check nothing in particular,she even sent her security home today without any reason,she just wanted to be alone. 

"I should have left him alone at least" She said in a sad tone as she finally stepped out of the door. She looked around but nothing seems fishy,she turned and was about going back inside when she heard a weak knock on the gate,she turned almost in fear but nobody was there. She wanted to go inside again but the weak knocks doubled this time around and she swallowed. 

"Who's there??" She asked softly and even though she was scared,she started walking toward the gate slowly. As she almost approached,she saw the bloody hand knocking and she gasped loudly,she rushed to open the gate for the unknown person and there was a man sitting down weakly on the ground covered with blood from his head down. 

"Who....are you??" Maria asked in broken voice and he gently looked up. She couldn't recognize him either coz his face was covered with blood and the only thing she was seeing was his red eyes,blood kept rolling down from his head down. 

"Help" He mumbled in a weak voice. 

Maria immediately helped in pulling him up and she started taking him inside,he couldn't even wall straight and he kept falling while Maria used all her power in holding him tightly,the rain started pouring the moment they entered the house. 

By the time Maria dropped him on the couch,he was already unconscious. 

"Oh no" She uttered and immediately dialed her Doctor's number. 


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