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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 71 & 72




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 71 & 72

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             




Walter drove into the penthouse roughly that the guards there almost shot at them thinking they are intruders until they came out of the car,but they didn't wait either,they both rushed toward the entrance. 

They were stopped by Razor and Scar. 

"Roger?" Razor called suspiciously. 

"Thank goodness" Roger said breathlessly. 

"What's going on?" Scar asked impatiently. 

"The boss" Walter said. 

"Ace? What happened to him?" Razor questioned. 

"Ma'am Lily was taken,and the boss went there. We tried following him but lost track,we are worried because he went alone,I think this is a plan to......."

"Why would you lose him in the first place!!" Scar yelled. 

"Where did he go?" Razor asked. 

"We have no idea" Roger replied. 

"But...why would he go alone?" Scar muttered worriedly. 

Razor suddenly decided to check his phone and that was when he found a text From Ace which he sent almost an two hours ago,it's an address. 

"He sent the address" Razor said and Scar looked at it. 

"Two hours ago?! Why didn't you f**king check your phone!!" She shouted and immediately started running to the car,

"Get into the car" Razor said to Roger and Walter before running after Scar who was about starting the car.

"Scar wait" Razor said. 

"We don't even know if something bad happened" Scar said. 

"You should calm down" Razor got into the car and Scar zoomed off. 

Roger and Walter also followed the lead. 


"What's going on?" Loretto asked his men as he watched from the rooftop. 

"No idea boss" 

"Ask immediately,or follow them!" Loretto yelled. 

"Yes boss!!" 

Three men immediately rushed out,he got downstairs in no time and also entered the car,they drove out of the penthouse. 



"I'm so sorry boss....she lost the pregnancy" The Doctor said and Leo smiled. 

"Good,is she okay??" He asked. 

"Yes boss,she will be awake soon" 

"You can go" Leo said and he walked out. 

"What pregnancy??" Lily's voice came the moment the Doctor left. 

Leo faced her with a smile. 

"You're awake" He said and moved closer. 

"Tell me what's going on! What pregnancy was he talking about?!" Lily shouted. 

"I guess you were pregnant for your ex husband,and now it's gone" Leo grinned. 

"What....what are you talking about??.....ex....ex...husband??" Lily stammered. 

Leo chuckled and sat down on the bed with her. 

"Isn't it better to loose the pregnancy? Since you two won't be together anyways" he asked. 

"What did you do to Ice!!! You devil!!!" Lily cried out. 

"Nothing much,I'm surprised he didn't die even after shooting him twice,but I took care of him... In few minutes,he will die a painful and hot death,am I not nice?" Leo grinned. 

"You are a devil!!! I hate you!!!!!" Lily screamed trying to get out of bed. Leo grabbed her hair and pushed her back on the bed roughly.

"Ahh!!" Lily screamed in pain. 

"Don't make me regret keeping you alive,don't repeat that word again" Leo said.  

"Just kill me you devil!!!!!" Lily cried. 

Leo chuckled. 

"You know I won't do that,I love you so much Lily,and finally you're mine" Leo said. 

"Says who! I can never be yours...."

"Well you have no choice right now baby,because nobody will find you here" Leo said and kissed her hair before getting up. 

He smiled at her one more time before going out.

"No!!!!!" Lily rushed to the door,trying to open but it was locked. 

"Let me go!!!" She started knocking the door,tears rolling down her eyes. 

"Let me go you monster!!!! Ice!!!!!!! Ice!!!!!" She continue crying out loudly. 


Outside,Scar stopped the car and came out,getting her guns from her back pockets,Razor also came out. Roger and Walter did the same. 

"Who are you??!" The guards outside appeared,before they could think of attacking,Scar started shooting them with every anger inside her,Razor also joined her. 

Scar faced Roger and Walter. 

"Take care of them" She said and they nodded. 

Scar and Roger went into the mob leaving Roger and Walter with the guards.


The loud speaker let out and immediately tones of mobsters appeared to Scar and Razor. Only them in the middle of about thirty men. 

"You are all dead!!!" Scar screamed as she jumped on two guys neck at a time and began strangling them with her legs,she brought out her two guns and began shooting others,still on the necks of the two. After a while,she broke their neck and fell from them before shooting them finally. 

She faced the others. 

Razor was also dealing with his tenth victim whose face was already destroyed from countless cut from Razor's knife before he finally drop dead on the floor. 

Three attacked him at once this time,he threw his knife at one and kicked the second one angrily,he landed on the third and they both fell,Razor pulled them both up at a time and hit their heads on the wall,they let out screams of agony,he shot them finally and turned to face the rest only to find them all dead on the floor,he looked at Scar whose face and body was covered with their blood while breathing heavily. 

"Are you......."

"I'm fine,we need to find Ace" Scar cut in and took the staircase immediately,Razor followed her,but as soon as they got up,Leo appeared to them with his men. 

"Attack!!" One of them shouted but Leo stopped them by raising his hand up. 

"Where's Ace you f**king bastard!!" Scar yelled and Leo chuckled.

"Aren't you too late?" He asked. 

"What are you talking about?" Razor asked. 

"I asked my boys to drive him away few minutes ago,and by now he will be at the edge of the bridge waiting for the right time before he finally get drowned into the sea of no return" Leo laughed. 

Razor moved closer and grabbed his collar. 

"What the f**k are you saying!!" He yelled angrily. 

"You should be asking me for location if you want to save him" Leo said and Razor let him go.

"Where is he....."

"Blue bridge" Leo smirked. 

Scar was the first to run off,Razor stood there glaring at Leo,he wanted to kill him badly but Ace first.

"What are you waiting for? Follow her" Leo smirked and Razor ran after Scar immediately. 

"How many minutes left? They shouldn't get there before the explosion" Leo faced his boys. 

"Just ten minutes left boss,even if they speed so fast,they won't be able to save him" They answered and Leo smiled. 


Back in the room,Lily was still knocking on the door,but she was getting tired every second,running out of breath,she was feeling so much pain in her tummy and soon,she began bleeding again. 

"Ahh!" She held her tummy and fell on the floor weakly,her eyes half closed. 

"Ice......" She muttered,tears rolled down her eyes and finally her eyes went shut.



It's a bridge on the most lonely highway in Paris,it's always hard to ever see a car or people come here. 

After few minutes,Scar finally stopped the car and they both rushed out of the car.

"Ace!!!!" Scar screamed as she began running,looking around,she was already in tears,her eyes looking so red,her nose running. 

"Ace!!!!!" She continue screaming and running,Razor was also looking around until they suddenly saw Ace's car at the edge of the bridge,it was at the point of falling inside. 

"Ace!!" Scar and Razor shouted at a time and began running toward the car but just before they could get there,the car exploded and threw them off somewhere,they both landed on the ground,the car fell straight into the sea. 

"Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!" Scar cried out agonizingly. 


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