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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 18




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 18

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


After spending a few weeks in the hospital, I was finally medically clear and ready to go home, My father came to take me home, Everyone back home was happy that I was finally okay and getting better, Even Kate was happy too, she surprised me with a lot of gifts 🎁, My friends and neighbors came to check on me and everyone wished me a happy recovery! 

What surprised and pained me was none of the members of Barbie's gang came to check on me to see how I was, Besides most of them hated me anyway so I shouldn't expect anything less from them than a death wish! 

As I stayed at home relaxing, I wondered how I was going to get that modem from Barbie without her noticing! And to make things worse, Her sugar daddy wants me dead, well, I haven't got much time so i have to act fast! 

First of all, taking them head on is a foolish plan, that's what got Billy and the others killed, someone knew about them threatening to expose the gang and as far as I know the people responsible for this, were Oga James, Vixen, Sophia and the guy that knocked me down! I have to get rid of this people first and Secondly gaining Barbie's trust is the next thing, I need her to trust me well enough to take that modem without her even bothering about it and finally the big slam, that's where I expose the bastards. 

But first, I have to start with Oga James, the next day, after I had relaxed well enough, I decided to take a stroll to Oga James house, I hope he's even around, as I reached his house, I noticed there was a car parked outside, Somebody had came to see him but who? Besides I need to know maybe it was barbie and her cronies, well let's just see, Behind his house, there was a low wall which could be climbed easily, so I sneaked in from behind without anyone noticing, I went close to the window of his Parlor to see what was going on! It seemed they were discussing something very important, so I listen to what they were saying, According to what I heard, There was going to be a delivery  of nightshade by 12 midnight in one of the gang members hideout and as soon as the delivery is done, then Oga James would be secretly selling it here to the people here! 

This was madness and savagery! Selling drugs to innocent people and kids? Something that could kill you within seconds? I have to stop this from happening and I know how, Fortunately Oga James and the others entered the car and drove off, I quickly went to his front door and entered his house, I was surprised, why didn't he close the door? Maybe someone was inside, I quietly tiptoed to his room to see if I could find anything related to the Nightshade stuff,  I entered his room checking the drawers and under his bed 🛌, I raised the edge of the carpets but there was nothing! How could it be? Someone that distributes nightshade has to have something lying around, I looked up the ceiling and saw an opening above, I quickly climbed the bed and reached for it, as I opened the place, my hands touched something and I pulled them out, there were files of something else, as I checked I saw it was the location of where the delivery and exchanged of nightshade was, Everything was in there, and with this I could break them economically, I quickly  took  pictures of the files and hid all of them into my Gallery vault in case of any problem, I quickly returned the files and put everything in place, as I was about to live the room I came face to face with Sophia! 

We stared at each other for minutes, from the way she looked at me, she knew something was wrong, I have to find a way to sway this bitch if not, I'm dead, she could expose me anytime so I decided to play along. 

Johnson ➡ Sophy, how far? I didn't know you were here. 

Sophia ➡ Well, I am, what are you doing in my boyfriends room? 

Johnson ➡ Boyfriend? Oga James? Seriously? Do you know he's married? 

Sophia ➡ I know but you haven't answered my question? 

Johnson ➡ Well, if you must know, I came to surprise Oga James, and I saw there was nobody in the house so I entered and waited! 

Sophia ➡ Ehn? So you can't wait in the parlor, and you had the guts to enter his room! 

Johnson ➡ So? Its not like I'm going to steal something, I was just checking the house. 

Sophia ➡ Liar! 

Johnson ➡ Shut up! If I was going to steal I would have done that minutes ago, besides how do I know you're not stealing as well? 

Sophia ➡ That's not true! I never steal. 

Johnson ➡ Well, enough talk, Sophia I miss you. 

Sophia ➡ What? Why are you saying that? 

Johnson ➡ Come on, Oga James can't give you the satisfaction you need, I can and you know it, besides I can give you what ever you want, cause I'm now your boss, anything you want is at your disposal! 

Sophia ➡ I.... I  

Before she could finish, I grabbed and planted a kiss on her lips, she tried resisting but I held her tight still kissing her, I used my other hand to massage her c+nt and br+asts, she started m0@ning softly and she eventually surrendered her body to me, I continued touching her body and kissing her, I took her up in my arms and placed her on Oga James bed, I removed my trousers and slowly removed hers as well, She just lay down on the bed looking at me with her lovely eyes, I couldn't believe she had given in so quickly, She believed I actually loved her, Women!! 

After I removed her clothes completely, I started sucking her br+asts and kissed her body, she squealed and m0@ned like a little girl that wanted something desperately, as I kissed down her p+$$y area, I shoved in my finger deep into it, She screamed hard, grabbing the bedsheets tight, her c+nt was a little bit tight, What kind of d+ck does this man have? With the way he was fucking her, her c+nt should be loose by now! 

Anyways, I continued fingering her hard and deep, her p+$$y twitched and it was  seriously wet 💦, she kept moaning harder, her little voice was sweet and lovely, she moaned like these Chinese bitches, after I was done fingering her c+nt, I stretched her little legs and stroked my d+ck slowly, Sophia gasped as she saw my d+ck and tried to stop me. 

Sophia ➡ Pls Johnson, no stop please anything you want I will do but not this, I can't take you inside me. 

Johnson ➡ Come on, it will be slow and steady, I'll show you a great time. 

Sophia ➡ No pls........ 

This girl was mad, after going through all that and she expects me to stop, Has she ever heard rain without lightning ⛈? I grabbed her and forcefully opened her legs, she tried to break free but she's no match for me, I shoved in my d+ck slowly into her, Damn! Her pussy was really tight, Sophia screamed hard, her p+$$y was twitching around my d+ck, I started thrusting her slowly and slowly, shoving my d+ck deeper into her, She started crying and begged me to stop but I didn't listen to her, I kept banging her little c+nt, Soon I gained momentum and pounded hard faster and deeper, She yelled and screamed,, I kept Hammering and shoving my d+ck deeper into her, I felt my d+ck touch something soft inside her, it seems that was her womb, I kept beating her p+$$y harder, her c+nt was tight around my d+ck, making my d+ck go crazy, Sophia kept screaming, she tried every possible means to push me off her, she bit and pinched me but nothing worked instead I gave her, her own punishment by banging her hard. 

As I kept fucking her, I felt her c+nt twitching and soon she came hard on my d+ck, She finally gave up resisting but she still begged me to stop. 

Sophia ➡ Please Johnson, *sniff* I'm begging you, stop if not I won't be able to work properly and Oga James will know something is wrong! 

Johnson ➡ Really? You know what I think I'll keep banging up your p+$$y till it breaks. 

Sophia ➡ Please, I beg you, I'll do anything you want pls. 

Johnson ➡ Anything? 

Sophia ➡ Anything! 

Johnson ➡ Okay, who killed Billy? 


She didn't say anything but kept mute, she was hiding something, I continued banging her harder, pushing all my d+ck into her, Her eyes popped wide open and her mouth opened like she saw a ghost, finally she let out a scream 😱, I lifted her legs on my shoulders and kept banging her c+nt, she yelled and cried as I assaulted her p+$$y, she was waving her head trying to fight the pain and immense pleasure she was getting, I maintained my course and gave her p+$$y hell, Finally she agreed to talk! 

Sophia ➡ Please stop, I'll talk! 

Johnson ➡ Oya, spill it out. 

Billy ➡ Billy was killed by T-gun. 

Johnson ➡ Who's T-gun? 

Sophia ➡ The guy that played with scissors around your d+ck. 

Johnson ➡ Why was he killed? 

Sophia ➡ He tried exposing Barbie, I told him about it promising me to keep it a secret but Oga James threatened me to get rid of him because Billy and I were lovers but I didn't but I later found out he wanted to expose the gang after making that promise, I told him to stop but he dumped me afterwords saying he had no use for me then....... 

Johnson ➡ Then you blew the whistle on him? 

Sophia ➡ Yes.... 

Johnson ➡ Tell me everything you know about the gang! 

Sophia ➡ I already told you everything you want! 

I continued f+cking her, hard, I was soon close to cumming so I pounded her hard and deep, After thrusting several times into her, I released my c+m inside her, Sophia shouted too as I came inside her, I pulled out my d+ck from her p+$$y and watched as c+m flowed out from her p+$$y, I still wasn't tired and could still go for another round, Sophia noticed how hard my d+ck was and begged me to let her rest. 

Sophia ➡ Johnson please stop, I'm tired, if you continue f+cking me, I may die. 

Johnson ➡ Okay tell me everything about Barbie's gang and tell me the truth cause if you don't, I'll keep fucking you till you become a corpse. 

Sophia ➡ But if I tell you, I may get killed. 

Johnson ➡ Look, people are dying because of this, if we don't do something about this people will die, besides this gang is not to be trusted, do you know I was knocked down a few weeks ago by T-gun? You and I are likes pawns to these gang, and eventually when they have everything they want, they'll kill us all, and no one can save you but I can, I promise you that when everything is over, you'll be safe and richer. 

Sophia ➡ What are you talking about? 

Johnson ➡ The bounty on Barbie's organization is 15million and after I expose them, I'll give you half of the money, this I promise, do we have a deal? 

Sophia ➡ Okay, 

Johnson ➡ But, if you try to expose me to barbie, believe me I'll also expose you dragging you down with me, Is that clear? 

Sophia ➡ Okay, 

Johnson ➡ Okay, tell me everything! 

She told me everything I wanted to know, and I listened with rapt attention, I later found out the name of Barbie's sugar daddy is Teddy cool, and he was the one that funded Barbie's organization when she started, and in return he gets satisfaction from her body, I was surprised, I continued listening till she told me everything, We both got dressed and left the room, as I went outside the house, I saw Oga James, he was surprised to see me. 

James ➡ Johnson wetin you dey do here? 


Johnson ➡ I come give you a surprise visit, you no know say I know your house! 

James ➡ I dey surprised o, so you dey live for this area? 

Johnson ➡ Yes na, anyway me I dey go house, I wan relax besides I get  accident. 

James ➡ Eyaah, sorry o, 

Johnson ➡ Okay I dey go and tell that girl Sophia make she dey learn accept guests for your house, her attitude dey really tight....... I mean her attitude no good. 

James ➡ Okay, later. 

I quickly left the area, and went home, thank goodness with these pictures and the information I heard, I could start finishing them off one by one, As I was about to cross the road, a black car pulled over right in front of me and the door swung open, Before I could react a teaser gun was fired at me, the electric current ran through my body knocking out in the process, it was painful, people who saw this ran for their lives, I was pulled into the car and my face was covered with a mask, Before I could pass out, I heard a familiar voice which spoke to me. 

" Shege mutum, so you don surbibe?  Don't worry Oga go show you pepper, Dan ubanka! 

(Translation : Bastardized person, so you have survived, Don't worry the boss will deal with you! Your father) 

Can you guess who it is? 

To be Continued..

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