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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 17




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 17

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


You know when they say your life flashes right before you as you are about to die? Its bullshit, the only thing is experienced was weird dreams continuously, and in that dream, I recognized the face of guy driving the car that knocked me down, It was that guy who played with a scissors around my dick and its that same guy that raped that poor girl to death with his friends, but why would he do that? Does he forget I'm his boss? and its not like they knew I was fooling them to expose them and even if Barbie wanted me dead, she would have done it herself! But why did he do it? This was something I had to figure out. 

Immediately after that revelation in my dream, I woke up, I saw myself in the hospital bed, my eyes were blurry so i couldn't see properly,  there was a bandage around my waist, I felt a little pain and tried to sit up, just then I felt soft hands on my wrist, I looked to that direction and saw a woman there, but I couldn't see her properly!. 

Regina ➡ Johnson relax, its me, Regina. 

Johnson ➡ Regina? 

Regina ➡ yes, how are you feeling? 

Johnson ➡ I'm okay! It's good to see you! 

Regina ➡ I was really worried, I thought you were dead. 

Johnson ➡ No, I'm still kicking, so how many hours have I been sleeping? 

Regina ➡ 48 hours! 

Johnson ➡ What? Two days? How? 

Regina ➡ You were knocked out hard, but the doctor said there was no serious injury 🤕! 

Johnson ➡  Well, thanks for bringing me here. 

Regina ➡ You're mistaken, I didn't bring you Here? 

Johnson ➡ Who did then? 

Regina ➡ I heard the news about you yesterday, your family came to check on you, they left an hour ago. 

Johnson ➡. Seriously? Wow! 

Regina ➡ Well, I'm glad you're alive, these drivers are reckless these days. 

Johnson ➡ Look, Regina my accident was no accident at all, someone wanted me dead. 

Regina ➡ what do you mean? 

Johnson ➡ I found out that Barbie's sugar daddy wants me dead  because I was squeezing his bitch, and the driver that knocked me was one of the gang members. 

Regina ➡ Then, If he's among the gang, why would he do that? Did barbie find out you were messing with her? 

Johnson ➡ No, if she wanted me dead, she would have done it herself, my guess is, that driver is working with that sugar daddy of hers. 

Regina ➡ So what are you going to do? 

Johnson ➡ Well, I'll have to think of something to get rid of him. And also I know the guy that is spreading that Nightshade in campus. 

Regina ➡ Really? Who? 

Johnson ➡ His name is James, he owns a shop in the campus, and as he turns out, he's a rotten tomato. 

Regina ➡ Good, so how do you bring him in? 

Johnson ➡ Don't worry, I know where he lives, I want to do a little checkup on him first, when its time, I'll call you. 

Regina ➡ Okay, I'll be going then, I've got work to do. 

Johnson ➡ Okay bye then. 

Before she left, she gave me a sweet kiss on the lips and walked away, twerking her luscious ass, God! I can't believe I pounded this lady, I slumped back to bed to enjoy the cool atmosphere of the room, Just then the door opened and Zombie walked in, I was surprised to see the guy, We exchanged pleasantries and talked. 

Johnson ➡ Zombie, its good to see you o. 

Zombie ➡ Same here man, its great to see you alive, I was sad thinking I was going to lose another friend! 

Johnson ➡ Zombie what's wrong  man? Did something happen? 

Zombie ➡ Dude, Billy is dead! 

Johnson ➡ WHAT!!!! 

Zombie ➡ Bring your voice down! 

Johnson ➡ How did he die? 


Zombie ➡ Car accident, he was knocked down right down the road as he was trying to cross, it was that same day you also got knocked down, His neck broke as his head landed on the rugged road, he was dead on that spot, He was buried yesterday! Johnson what's going on? This gang are picking off people I know one by one! I want revenge. 

Johnson ➡ Look, Zombie let's  live this to the police, they can handle this. 

Zombie ➡ Police? Did you see any police as people died on campus? Its time we do something! People are dying man! 

Johnson ➡ Okay, what should we do? Go around killing off their members one by one? Look, its suicide, you and I can't do this. 

Zombie ➡ Look man, I know you're scared but if you won't do anything, I will. 

Johnson ➡ Zombie wait! 

Zombie walked out of the room, I felt his pain and anger, I would also like to avenge the people that died but these gangs are like locusts, they're everywhere, Poor Billy, but if I miss my guess, the reason why he was killed was because he found out something he wasn't supposed to and I know who to hold responsible, Oga James. 

I slumped back to the bed resting my head on the soft pillow, thinking about what to do about these people, I have to get my hands on that modem and expose their asses to the public but even if I took the modem, Barbie would notice and suspect me! I just have to find a way out, I soon felt asleep after that. 

Later in the evening, I woke up feeling relaxed and better, I felt completely okay as if nothing happened to me, as I turned my face  to  the other direction, I saw a very familiar face, I almost shouted in joy as I saw her. 

Johnson ➡ Vivian!! 

Vivian ➡ Hey, Johnson. 

Johnson ➡ What are you.... How did you.... 

Vivian ➡ Relax, handsome, I brought you Here, I saw you lying flat on the road, it was an awkward way to meet you after two years. So how are you feeling? 

Johnson ➡ Ohh, Vivian, I'm feeling great, and that's thanks to you. 

Vivian ➡ Don't mention it. 

Johnson ➡ I really missed you Vivian! 

Vivian ➡ Really? During these two years, you didn't call or check on me and now you miss me? 

Johnson ➡ Sorry Vivian, I've been busy with school work. 

Vivian ➡ Busy to check on the mother of your child? 

Johnson ➡ Look, I'm sorry! I was looking all over for you the day I got knocked down. 

Vivian ➡ You expect me to believe that? 

Johnson ➡ I'm serious, I wanted to check on you and the kid but as I arrived at your house the person living there said you guys had parked last year. 

Vivian ➡ OK, I'm glad you're alive, at least my kid could see his real father! 

Johnson ➡ So how's Fred? 

Vivian ➡ The same as always, we moved to a more classy area, which the rich live, Ifeoma got her own block and I got mine. 

Johnson ➡ Well, its good to see you, you look refreshing and attractive than  last time. 

Vivian ➡ I can say the same for you, you've grown taller and more charming! 

After that silence fell between us, we looked at each other with keen interest, I could still remember the days I slept and made love to this woman, and here she is sitting close to me, She looked and smelled great, Compared to what she looked before she looked a whole lot  better, I sat on the bed and dragged her close to me, giving her a kiss, her mouth was closed but I forced my tongue into her mouth, kissing her warmly, she didn't resist but gave in to my kiss, I knew she missed me as well, at least I gave her something precious that her husband couldn't give. As we kissed, my hands ran all over her body touching her breast and ass, she moaned softly to my every touch, as I was about to touch her V area, she pulled back. 

Vivian ➡ Sorry Johnson, we can't do this...... not here! 

Johnson ➡ Okay, can you give me your number so we can keep in touch? 

Vivian ➡ Okay! 

After she gave me her number, she left the hospital, The moment we had earlier gave me a renewed strength and I felt excited, finally I could get to hang  with Vivian once again! The first woman, I've fucked and as they say the first is always the best. 

As I slumped back to bed, I saw an envelope 📨 and reached for it, it wasn't signed so I opened it, there was a note in it so I read what was written on it. 

" You're lucky to be alive, and if you want to stay that way, you better stay away from Barbie or I'll start killing off the people who are dearest to you! 

So beware and stay off"

There's no need to guess who the letter was from but he made a big mistake by saying he was going to mess with the people I care about, Its time for War. 

To be continued 

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