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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 15 & 16




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 15 & 16 

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


Ever since Kate told me to back off, I minded my business, I still attended the meetings of the gang, since I was now a gang leader, it wasn't a must for me to attend but I did anyway, I got to know some things and I had many faithful followers in the gang, they were my eyes and ears around the campus, They notified me of anything suspicious and I also watched my back, since I was being targeted by Barbie's sugar daddy. 

For a long time nothing happened, no death no drug dealing, everything was quiet, Barbie cut her  supplies of the Nightshade to the campus only special people were given the stuff, and things were back to normal, Our semester exams came and we wrote it successfully without any mishaps, Helen and I have been keeping in touch and we spent a lot of time together, mostly having s+x, I wanted to stay out of her way but I couldn't, I was developing feelings for her, after the exams, Helen went back to her hometown in Oyo and I was really going to miss her and as it turns out, Zombie too was staying in Lagos, so we could get in touch and hangout. 

So one Saturday, afternoon, Zombie and I packed our stuff, so we could go home for the semester holidays, I noticed he wasn't in his usual tempo, so I asked him what's up. 

Johnson ➡ Z, you look off! Are you okay? 

Zombie ➡ Yeah john, its just that Vixen and I broke up! 


Johnson ➡ Ouch, what happened? 

Zombie ➡ Don't know man, she's being doing some weird stuff with spooky people lately. 

Johnson ➡ Like what? 

Zombie ➡ The other day, I entered her room, I saw her f+cking a guy's @$$ with a dildo, I couldn't watch the ugly sight and I heard she's joined a gang, a really bad one. 

Johnson ➡ Is that why you broke up? 

Zombie ➡ Yeah, besides with this crazy shit going on, I can't afford to be with her, she's changed. 

Johnson ➡ Sorry man! 

As we were talking, Billy bursted in on us, scaring the life out of us, I almost took  to my heels thinking I was about to be killed, Billy laughed to his amusement and almost lost his balance. 

Zombie ➡ Dude, don't do that! 

Billy ➡ Sorry guys, I couldn't resist. 

Johnson ➡ What's up? 

Billy ➡ Fine o, so you guys are packing? 

Zombie ➡ Yes man, I'm gonna miss the bitches. 

Billy ➡ That's all you know bitches. 

Zombie ➡ So? Besides I want my tombstone to be written " he enjoyed his life with women, weed and alcohol. " That's the life and you that you're talking, didn't have fun with Sophia? 

Johnson ➡ Which Sophia? 

Zombie ➡ The one you shattered her c+nt in his room. 

Billy ➡ sorry, if you two are..... 

Johnson ➡ No, you can f+ck her all you want! Besides even Oga James had his fun with her. 

Billy ➡ Ehn? Have you guys heard the latest? 

Zombie ➡ What? 

Billy ➡ Oga James is the one spreading the Nightshade in campus! 

Johnson ➡ what? Impossible, he's just a shop trader. 

Billy ➡ Even a madman can be a rapist! The man is a crook, he's the one distributing it. 

Zombie ➡ How did you know this? 

Billy ➡ I have my ways, Can't wait to get that bounty! 

Johnson ➡ Look o, be careful, its dangerous. 

Zombie ➡ Yeah man, you know what happened to your friend? 

Billy ➡ Don't worry, I'll be okay! 

After that, we all went to the gate and went our separate ways, I couldn't believe it? Oga James was the distributor? So his shop was the marketing center of the Nightshade and the hypocrite would pretend as if he was against it! Thank goodness I didn't confide to him about the stuff, I have to dig deep in this, and luckily for me, I knew the location of his house, it was close to Mallam Garba's shop, I needed to find out if he's the one and if he is, it's bye bye Oga James. 

I soon arrived home, and took my stuff inside the house, The house was empty, no one was around except for Dad  cause his car was parked outside, I went to his room to greet him and as soon as I reached there the door, I heard some noises and m0+ns, smacking sounds followed and a woman's wail, Dad must have been busy, I went to my room and laid flat on my bed! 

God, I miss this place, I arranged my stuff neatly and went to the kitchen to find something to eat, I saw some Bananas in the fridge and took some of them, and went to watch TV, as soon as I sat down, a lady emerged from dad's room, her hair was rough and she was walking funny, Dad soon followed looking sweaty and spent, he saw me on the couch looking surprised. 

Mr. Johnson ➡ Johnny 

Johnson ➡ hi, dad. 

Mr. Johnson ➡ When did you return? 

Johnson ➡ Some minutes ago, I see you have been busy. 

Mr. Johnson ➡ Yes, a man needs to calm his nerves down! 

Johnson ➡ I see. 

Mr. Johnson ➡ So how's school? 

Johnson ➡ Uhm, its fine I guess

Mr. Johnson ➡ I hope you're not in trouble? 

Johnson ➡ No dad, not at all. 

For where! My dad has no idea the shit hole I'm in, Trouble has surrounded me completely. 

Later in the evening, I went out to check the neighborhood, it was the same except for the new house that were built, I decided to check Vivian's place to see if she was around. I really missed her and not to mention, she's had my baby, so I really had to check her out, as I arrived at the place, I knocked the door and someone opened it. 

Stranger ➡ Yes, how can I help you? 

Johnson ➡ I'm looking for Vivian, she stays here. 

Stranger ➡ Sorry o, she's parked last year. 

Johnson ➡ Oh, thanks. 

I went on my way feeling surprised, Vivian's parked from  this place? Where could she have gone to? I continued walking around the area checking if anyone could have known where she lives, Just then a call went through my phone. I answered the call wondering who it was. 

Johnson ➡ Hello. 

Linda ➡ Johnson, its Linda. 

Johnson ➡ Oh, hi Mrs. Linda. 

Linda ➡ Where are you? 

Johnson ➡ I'm at home. 

Linda ➡ I want you to come over my house,  now! 

Johnson ➡ Ok, then, I'm on my way. 

Wow! After all this time, she's finally needed my company, I quickly boarded a taxi and asked him to take me to Linda's house, After a while, I soon arrived there, the place was magnificent but not as big as Kate's mansion. 

I knocked at the gate and a ugly looking Fulani man came out, He was tall and very slender, his clothes were dirty and he was stinky, I moved my nose away from him and looked at him measuring his size, This guy go fit change Lightbulb 💡 without climbing the ladder. 

Fulani ➡ Yes, wetin you want? 

Johnson ➡ I'm here to see Mrs. Linda

Fulani ➡ Na lie, get out prom here. 

Johnson ➡ Look stop wasting my time, I'm her student. 

Fulani ➡ Student!? 

Johnson ➡ Yes

Fulani ➡ Toh, enter and don touch anything. 

See this Mumu o, who does he think he is? I followed him steadily to the main building, he showered me in and I entered, the place was nice and simple, nothing much except for the Bookshelf behind the TV, getting married to a professor must be tiring, I stared around the place without noticing Mrs. Linda's presence, she coughed for me to notice her, and there she stood looking s+xy, she wore a long robe and her hair was loose it fell on her shoulders, She offered me a sit and asked me to strip, This was strange! I hope that's not how she treats guest here, I did as she asked and was soon naked, I wanted to cover my spear but she told me not to, Then finally, She removed her robe and she too was naked, she wore a long stockings on her legs straight up to her thighs, she wriggles her wonderful delectable br+asts, my d+ck got hard that instant, she walked s+xily towards me and bent down between my legs sucking my candy stick, She sucked and licked every inch of my d+ck, I m0@ned with pleasure watching how she expertly handled my d+ck. 

Just then, after she s+cked me hard, she stood up and mounted on me, my d+ck was about to explode, she sat on my dick and started riding me hard, her c+nt was wet and tight, I spanked her @$$ hard, shoving all my d+ck into her, she squealed softly, grabbing hold of my head, pressing me on her b👀bs, I sucked her sweet melons, biting her n+pples, Her body twitched and she increased her tempo, riding harder and faster, her c+nt was driving me to the edge, after some minutes, I came inside her. 

It was fun f+cking her and I wasn't done till I've had my fill, Just when we were about to go for another round, Her professor husband came back, he noticed what we were doing and gasped, Linda didn't show any sign of agitation but I did, this guy could ruin my academic life for good and now that he has seen me banging his wife, I'm finished, I took my clothes and darted straight out of the house, towards the gate, the fulani idiot saw me and tried to intercept me but I disappeared and fired on across the road, I ran as fast as I could but the Fulani kept coming after me, he gave me a hot chase and he was catching up to me, I increased my speed running with full force, cause if he catches me, I'm dead and as luck would have it, it was getting dark and he doesn't know the streets of Lagos as I do, I ran through corners and secret pass but the fool kept following me, my only chance was to cross the road, I kept my distance and continued running. 

This life definitely hates me, Trouble was following me everywhere, first someone wants me dead and now a stinky fulani man was giving me a chase of a lifetime. I reached the road crossing it without minding the cars passing, I thought I had escaped but unfortunately for me, A car came with full speed trying to crush me to death, I glimpsed at the face of the driver and did all I could to dodge but I was hit 🎯 but not enough to do any damage or make me dead, I fell flat on the road and the Fulani seeing me flat on the ground, took to his heels, running faster than ever. 

As I laid there, people gathered around checking to see if I was okay, but I was wondering whose face was that in the car, it looked quite familiar, I soon felt dizzy and my eyes blurred, A feminine figure came towards me saying everything is going to be alright! 

Is it? 

To be continued...

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