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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 10




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 10

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


I wasn't expecting Barbie to show up here!, but it would be rude to send her away since she asked so nicely, I allowed her to come in, She sat on my bed looking around the room! Damn! She looks hot, I just have to maintain myself, I asked if she wanted anything but she declined, so I sat close to her and asked why she was really here! 

Johnson ➡ Why are you here, Barbie? 

Barbie ➡ Look John, I came to apologize personally for what happened this morning, Pls can you... 

Johnson ➡ What? Is that why you're here? 

Barbie ➡ See, I'll do anything to make it up to you! 

Johnson ➡ Look barbie, just... 

She didn't allow me to finish, she grabbed hold of me and landed a sweet kiss 💋, I couldn't say no to this, I grabbed her pressing her melons, she m0@ned softly into my ears, I pushed her on the bed and ripped off her skin tight, her p_$$y came into view, she was p@ntless, I kissed her neck down to her b👀bs, her crop top was in the way so I got rid of it, I sucked her boons and bit on them hard! Barbie yelled in pain, She told me to go easy on her br+asts but I didn't listen, She deserved whats coming to her, I stuck my fingers deep into her snatch, it was wet and slippery, her p+$$y juices flowed out excessively like she was peeing! 

 My d+ck was hard and ready to go, I removed my shorts and out came my d+ck! Barbie gasped as she saw my mojo! She grabbed it admiring the size of it, She started sucking my d+ck slowly trying to push it into her mouth, I continued fingering her c+nt, it twitched lime crazy, Soon she came hard sq+irting all over my bed! 

Her legs were shaky, she couldn't continue sucking my d+ck, It was disappointing but it was time to test another hole, I stretched her legs open, and shoved in my d+ck! She screamed hard, her eyes popped wide open, It was like she's never had this kind of d+ck inside her, Her c+nt clenched tightly around my d+ck, I pounded her p+$$y with full power, I focused all my energy drilling her c+nt deep, She grabbed hold onto me, as I f+cked her, Tears were dropping from her eyes, her p+$$y was on fire, She closed her eyes biting her lips hard as my d+ck rammed her c+nt! I loved the look on her face, she was savoring my d+ck! 

F+cking Barbie like this was the best revenge for what happened to me this morning, If only her cronies could see her now, their leaders impaled by my d+ck, I continued hammering her p+$$y, which became more wet and slippery making me f+ck her deeper, as our flesh collided,  we made smacking sounds, which made the f+ck much sweeter, Barbie's m0@ns filled the room, She was enjoying every inch of my d+ck inside her, She also pushed her p+$$sy forward towards my d+ck, her c+nt was really driving me crazy, After plundering bad thrusting her p+$$y, I released my cum inside her, She too came hard on my d+ck. 

Damn! The f+ck was intense! Yesterday it was Mrs. Linda and now Barbie! Life couldn't have been so great, I pulled out my d+ck and fell flat on the other side of my bed! Barbie too was exhausted, her br+asts heaved up and down as she gasped for breath! She faced my direction with a smile on her face, Tears were still filled in her eyes! 

Barbie ➡ Damn john, nobody has ever fucked me like this! 

Johnson ➡ I have to admit, you were a good f+ck! 

Barbie ➡Hmm, I want us to do this more often! 

Johnson ➡ Well, I don't see why we shouldn't! 

Barbie ➡ John, I have a proposal for you! 

Johnson ➡ What is it? 

Barbie ➡ I want you to join my Gang! 


Johnson ➡ What? Your organization! Are you sure? 

Barbie ➡ Yes, I'm sure, last night's party was a recruitment party for people to join, that's why it was a secret party and you're the only one that passed the test and those that failed were taken care of. 

Johnson ➡ How exactly did I pass the test? 

Barbie ➡ You didn't tell anyone about it.. 

Johnson ➡ How did you know.. 

Barbie ➡ Because if you did the police would have been here in the school searching and you're the only person in that party that is a member of the school. 

Johnson ➡ Come on, Nigerian police don't care about petty drug cases, so you don't need to worry about them. 

Barbie ➡ Yes, but as of recent, A huge bounty was placed on our heads. And people have been trying to expose us. 

Johnson ➡ How much is the bounty? I  bet it's not that much! 

Barbie ➡ Really? Not much ehn? Tell me is 15 million a small bounty? 

Jesus Christ!!! 15 million? Seriously oo, if such an amount is placed on these crooks, then they must really be that dangerous and wanted, I couldn't hide my reaction! 15 million is a lot of money, I maintained my cool, this was Barbie I was talking to, she wouldn't hesitate to get me killed if she knows I was going to to snitch on them! 

Johnson ➡ Really? 15 million? Babe its not big deal! 

Barbie ➡ Wow, so its no big deal to you? 

Johnson ➡ Yeah, and I've seen real cold cash, 15 million is just a pocket change! 

Barbie ➡ So how do you get to see this money? 

Johnson ➡ Well, its personal, if you don't mind! I can't reveal my source of income! 


Barbie ➡ Oh, I like you john! My organization could use someone like you and I would like you by my side, so what do you say? Are you in? 

Johnson ➡ Okay babe, where do I sign or make the oath? 

Barbie ➡ Baby, you just made ur oath, right here between my legs, You just signed the contract with ur massive d+ck! ❤

To be continued. 

What do you guys think? Johnson has joined Barbie's Gang and there's no turning back now! He just made a deal with the devil 😈.....

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