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Fluctuating Hope - Episode 19





Fluctuating Hope - Episode 19

Written By Amah's Heart& Blessing

After I ran out the house, I couldn't go home right away because I wasn't in the right frame of mind to speak to anyone especially my family members who I knew will try to inquire from me what transpired between me and Aunty Cynthia.

I needed to think and if possible free my mind of all grievances

so I strolled that evening with no emotions in my heart as by now I have grown to a stage that I no longer felt easily angry, frustrated or disappointed at anything

At this young age, there is nothing life isn't showing me so needless having hope or taking little things seriously anymore

I soon got tired of strolling and sat on a high stone where I could easily see people passing

I sat there for some seconds until when a black Jeep drove and packed in front of me 

The person at the driver seat winded down the window glass;

it was Mr Bernard on the driver seat and he beckoned on me to move closer to the car

I was someone who believed in respect no matter the circumstance so I nonchalantly obliged to his request

I walked over to meet him at the window but I was reluctant to get into the car when he requested that I come inside

" Please come in Debby.. I assure you that I won't hurt you.. I just want us to talk Debby, that is all" Mr Bernard said slowly and I looked at him unable to trust his words

I guess he saw the struggle on my face and heaved in defeat

" Okay Debby if it will make you feel safe with me then call to tell your parents that I am here with you.. or would you rather I come down and sit with you at where you sat earlier?" Mr Bernard offered and I looked at him in utter disbelief

" No sir except you want us to be the talk of the town.. but how did you know where to find me?" I asked looking at him from the window

" Actually Debby I was about driving in when I saw you run out of the gate of my house... I followed you here until when the perfect opportunity will arise for me to reveal myself and talk to you which I feel it is now.. so please come in Debby" Mr Bernard pleaded looking at me and I obliged after making a quick decision in my heart

I sighed as I turned round, got into the car and sat on the passenger side beside him

" I am inside sir.. please what do you want us to talk about?" I asked him coldly but I still tried to sound as polite as I could

" Thank you Debby for still honoring and respecting me amidst everything.." Mr Bernard begun looking at me..

"..I want to first start by apologizing to you for what happened between us at your school.. honestly I don't know what came over me Debby... I was driven by lust for your pretty face, physical features and intelligence that I went overboard" Mr Bernard quipped looking at me to see my facial reaction but it was devoid of emotions added with the fact that I was lost for the right words to say to him

He continued regardless of the discouraging look on my face

"..Debby I regret trying to sexually harass you.. that day, I came home after you had turned down my sexual advances and I realized that you are truly a good girl.. so Debby I am truly sorry.. from today onwards I promise that I will support and help you in achieving those beautiful dreams imbedded in you"

Mr Bernard concluded heaving heavily but I was still lost for words so I was quiet and kept looking at him as though he was speaking gibberish

" Please say something Debby.. believe me I am genuinely sorry for my immoral act towards you.. do give me a second chance to make amends.. please say that you've forgiven me, please talk to me.."

" I don't know what to say to you sir.. but it's okay, I forgave you long before now.. and as for your offer of help, I don't need it anymore sir... thank you" I told him as calmly as I could before trying to open the door to walk out of the car 

But he held me back by the arm and pleadingly said to me with a sincerity that I felt it from where I sat beside him

" Debby it was after we stopped communication that I missed talking to you and have you freely share things with me.. my daughters had outgrown such things and you made me feel like a young father again.. I'm so sorry I messed it up.."

" ..I know it may be hard to easily trust me again but please give me another chance to play that fatherly role in your life.. I have grown to love you as a daughter and so this time.. I promise you won't regret it Debby" Mr Bernard apologized and I didn't realize that tears were dripping down my eyes until he stretched forth an handkerchief to wipe my tears

" Thank you.." I appreciated his act of kindness as I accepted the handkerchief he offered and used it to wipe my tears

".. I have forgiven sir and I hold no grudges against your family.. I don't have an issue with accepting your offer of help but what about Aunty Cynthia?... she is very angry with me for not going with her plans of getting me married to Malvin" I said and further begun narrating everything that transpired between Aunty Cynthia, Malvin and I in his house that afternoon which prompted me running out in such a manner he saw me

" Give it time Debby she will soon realize that it is wrong to impose marriage on someone for whatever reason.. as for my desire to help you.. I intended doing so without her knowledge so don't worry okay"

" Sir.. mmh.. Is it a good idea to do so without your wife's knowledge?" I asked not feeling convinced

" She is my wife but for now Debby.. it is the best until she comes to her senses.. so don't bother your head about it"

" Okay if you say so" I simply answered shrugging

" so is this a yes to my offer to be a second father and continue helping out from where I stopped?" Mr Bernard asked staring at me expectantly and I nodded in affirmation

" You're right sir, it is a Yes.. I do accept your offer to continue helping me.. thank you sir.. I do appreciate this very much"

" The pleasure is all mine Debby.. now young lady.. get to work about packing up for school.. because you are going back by weekend unfailingly!"

" Sure.. okay daddy" I said smiling as I emphasized on the 'daddy' and Mr Bernard bursted out laughing before responding

" Naughty girl.. you will not change this sarcastic nature of yours.. all the same.. thank you for forgiving and seeing me as a second father again Debby" Mr Bernard responded jovially and we talked some more until dusk when we bid each other a goodnight rest after he dropped me safely at home.

That was the new beginning to a genuine father and daughter relationship between me and Mr Bernard.

After that night, my subsequent year in the university went smoothly and I had dumped whatever past ugly incident that happened with Mr Bernard in the past, and it will remain there as my forever little secret.

And as Mr Bernard promised, he kept through with his words as he stood as a second father figure in my life and supported me in every step of the way 

Through him, I got connected to other high contacts in the society and was well known as Mr Bernard's right-hand foster daughter anywhere my name was mentioned.

I made good use of the connections I enjoyed courtesy of Mr Bernard to ensure that my father was gainfully employed at a marketing company as a manager.

My mother left her small scale trading business and ventured into a more profitable clothing business that made her a proud mother of a soon to be graduate

While my siblings pursued their dreams in their respective chosen professions without having to encounter the financial difficulties I had to face to get to the current level I am educationally.

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