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Fluctuating Hope - Episode 18





Fluctuating Hope - Episode 18

Written By Amah's Heart& Blessing

After my break up with Ray, I changed my phone number to a new one to avoid distractions 

and went about my school activities without getting myself involved in any new relationship saga.

I got involved in a part-time job which fetched me some income to live on alongside frequent support from home which I was grateful for.

Gradually it became a year, yet I still hadn't gone home since my last visit last year nor have I told my family what transpired between Mr Bernard and I when he came visiting

By now I was done with the first semester and was about entering my second semester fourth level in the university 

The high incurred expenses as a result of this change in academic level were beyond what my father could handle but I was still reluctant to reach out to Mr Bernard or Aunty Cynthia for help, and I was thankful that the didn't even have my new phone number

It was tough during the holiday period as I kept thinking of what the beginning of the second semester in my fourth level held for me; with no food items left, my academic fees/dues higher yet unpaid and my rent due for renewal

my father couldn't help in solving half of these problems I told him about so I have to search for other alternate ways

As for my mother, she tried her best to inquire from me why I hadn't yet reached out to the Nyeyes considering my academic issue but I was too secretive to say anything.

It was also my own way of getting back at my mother for keeping Aunty Cynthia's interior marriage motive from me, instead she choose to give me an attitude that had put a strain on my emotions.

Few days into the holidays, I was somewhat angry but I couldn't ascertain if it was at myself or at God or at my mother or at my father's financial state or at Aunty Cynthia's self-centered motive or at Mr Bernard for betraying the trust I had in him

I just didn't know whom to direct my anger and frustration.

It was in the midst of this angry moment a strange number called me and when I picked up Aunty Cynthia's voice rang out from the other end of the phone call

" Debby dear your mum gave this your new contact to me.. it has been a while I heard from you.. this is Aunty Cynthia on the line"

" oh! Good afternoon Aunty.. yes it has been a while.. how are you and the family?" I quipped in my normal jovial voice that would make it hard for anyone to detect that I was emotionally drained except for my mother who knows me in and out.

" Everyone is fine Debby.. how is school?.. you suddenly withdrew from us all and your mother said you hadn't even visited your family either.. is everything okay with you?"

" School and everything is fine ma.. there was no luxury of time to visit home before now Aunty.. but we've just begun our holiday this week so I plan coming back home this weekend"

I wasn't lying though as I truly nursed the plan of going back home by weekend so that hunger wouldn't kill me before my time  

Maybe different for other students but hunger just isn't for the weak hearted like me Debby

" Oh I see.. no problem then.. please endeavor to come and see me when you are back.. there's something important I would love to discuss with you Debby" Aunty Cynthia told me over the phone and my heart missed a beat

" Hope there's no problem Aunty? Is it something serious?"

" No Debby it is nothing to worry about.. we will talk better when you're back okay.. I'm hanging up now.. take care of yourself.. byyyye"

" Okay Aunty.. see you when I am back then.. bye. . . ." I replied over the phone and then the phone call was ended by Aunty Cynthia.


I sat on the couch in the sitting room waiting for Aunty Cynthia after being informed by one of her workers that she will join me in a short while

I pressed my phone and viewed movies online to keep myself company until a few minutes after when she finally came down the stairs to meet me

" Good afternoon Aunty" I greeted immediately I saw her

" Good afternoon dear.. how are you?" Aunty Cynthia answered smiling and sat on the couch opposite me

" I'm fine and you?"

" I'm good Debby.. thank you"

" you look beautiful Aunty.. I love your dress, it's gorgeous" I complimented smiling to light up the atmosphere

Aunty Cynthia smiled widely before responding happily

" Ah! Thank you Debby.. you are good with words.. you are not looking bad yourself, school is treating you well I see"

" I thank God Aunty.. how is uncle and where is he?"

" My husband is fine.. he went out to see his friend down the street and would be back before dusk" Aunty Cynthia said and I breath a sigh of relief

Honestly I was initially reluctant of coming her to see Aunty Cynthia for fear of facing Mr Bernard

it is a relief to know that I won't be doing facing him afterall

" ..well Debby I asked to see you because I wanted us to discuss something important.. it is about my son Malvin" Aunty Cynthia begun and my heart beat started accelerating

Hope it isn't what I am thinking though? I thought and felt scared within me

" What about Malvin Aunty.. is he sick or something?"

" No, far from it.. actually Debby I want you to marry my son after your graduation from the university!" 

Aunty Cynthia dropped the bombshell and it aligned with my earlier thoughts and fear

This is a conversation which I wasn't ready to face yet but when exactly will I be ready? I thought inwardly

" Yo.. yuu.. you want me to marry Malvin?" I stammered staring at Aunty Cynthia

" Yes Debby.. that is the main reason why I had initially offered to train you educationally when I saw you.. please marry my son Debby"

" What the heck Momma! there is no way in hell I am marrying this bitch!" Malvin resonated coming down the stairs 

We weren't aware that he was eavesdropping on our conversation all along

" Watch your language Malvin.. Debby is not a bitch like you term her.. she is a good girl"

" I don't care what you think of her momma.. to me she is a godforsaken golddigger! and I will never in my life marry a motherfucker ugly duckling like her.. look! she is as miserable looking as her name sounds"

Okay I think I have heard enough of his insults and it is time I put him in his place

I stood up angrily from the couch and retorted while looking directly at him without flinching

" Look here Malvin or whatever you name is.. I have no interest in marrying you either.. you have this irritating attitude that stinks!.. marrying you is something I would never be able to cope with.." 

I paused to take a short breath and continued with so much anger boiling inside of me

"..and so you know.. you are an ugly duckling too and certainly not my type!.. so get it into your pompous skul that I don't want you in my life either!"

" Momma did you just hear what the girl you want me to marry is saying to me?" Malvin asked moving his gaze from me to Aunty Cynthia

" Oh so you are hurt by words?.. I thought otherwise if not, how then do you feel so comfortable talking down on people as though the aren't human beings like you?" I asked keeping my gaze fixed on Malvin

"..not only do you lack manners but you are so rude Mal.." I continued but Aunty Cynthia cut me off with her utterances

" That's enough Debby! even though you are my friend's daughter, I won't tolerate you speaking to my son in such a disrespectful manner.. Besides you are just a common girl whose future I am trying to help.. you should be grateful to me and not all this rudeness.. anyways you are marrying Malvin and that is final! "

" Aunty, your son has always spoken disrespectfully to me but I never said a word in defense because of my respect for you.. now in exchange for the assistance you offered me.. you are imposing it on me to marry a man who has no iota of love or regards for me as a woman and you say it is final?" I quipped turning to look at Aunty Cynthia at the couch she sat staring angrily at me

I wasn't intimidated by her angry look and spoke out boldly to her hearing and that of her son Malvin 

"..well I am sorry to disappoint you Aunty.. it is not final because you are not God who has the overall final say.. I am grateful for all you did for me financially in school but I can't marry a man who talks down on me.. it is a serious red flag so your son Malvin can never be my husband.. excuse me!" I concluded and ran out of the sitting room and left their house with no intention of coming back there ever again.

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