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Fluctuating Hope - Episode 16





Fluctuating Hope - Episode 16

Written By Amah's Heart& Blessing

After crying for hours, I decided to pick my broken pieces together and do something about my poor results.

I was tempted with thoughts of forging the results but the morally upright part of me couldn't get myself to do so.

So I made up my mind not to compromise my integrity instead I decided to work on improving my academic work in the current semester, so my subsequent results will come out better.

It was after this decision that I decided that if I am opportune to resume again, I'll reach out to intelligent coursemates who I observed were mostly males. 

My food items were exhausted so I had made up my mind to go back home the following day and so in preparation, I arranged and packed some of my clothes into a mini traveling bag

When I was done, I went to bed after uttering a short prayer, this time not to lament of my woes but to ask for journey mercies and also to thank God for all he did for me so far even though it was not in full term.

I woke up the next morning feeling energized, then I prepared the last food item I had left in the house and ate to my satisfaction.

I later took my bath and prepared to start going but a realization hit me that I hadn't called to at least inform my mother of my homecoming.

So I picked my phone which I had earlier dropped on the bed and unlocked it to make the phone call to her

The first thing I saw on my phone screen was an alert of two hundred thousand naira (N200,000) followed by a notification of several missed calls from my father.

To say I was shøcked at the alert was an understatement, I kept wondering if it was a mistake but even if it was truly a mistake where exactly did he get such an amount of money from? I asked inwardly but couldn't come up with an answer so I rang him on phone

He picked up after the second ring and after the usual exchange of greetings, he asked me if I had seen the money he sent for me

" Yes I have seen it.. but daddy are you sure you know the person you are speaking with?" I asked to be sure he isn't mistaking me for someone else

" Of course.. is this not my second daughter Debby?"

" It is me Debby but I'm confused and surprised as well.. daddy what is the money for and where did you get such huge sum from?" 

" mmmh.. It is a part of my support for your schooling Debby, use it to get whatever you might be needing in school.. as for where I got it from, it's my savings but don't let that bother you okay"

" Your support for my schooling?.. daddy are you sure you are okay?.. what is going on and why the sudden change?" I quizzed unable to believe what he said earlier

It was just too good to be true that my own father was sending me money to support my education, so I had to clear my confusion to avoid 'had I known' later in the future

" Debby I know that I have not been the best of father but I have realized my mistake and I'm ready to make amends in any way I can.. please just tell me what you need my help in and if I can I will help out" 

Still not convinced, I probed further by asking the question that was on my mind

" What exactly changed dad? this isn't the father I grew up to know.. so if I must accept the help you're offering, you first have to tell me what happened to prompt all this show of support from you"

I heard my father heaved heavily on the phone before he gave a reply to my question

" Well yesterday I was in the midst of people who were proudly talking about their children and the level they've all attained today as a result of their educational achievements" My father begun over the phone and paused to take a breath

" And so? how does their discussion have to do with me?" I asked impatiently still not understanding where all this is headed

" Debby with the way they kept looking at my face, I guess they had said that with the intent to make me feel bad... but immediately I told them that my second daughter is an undergraduate and would soon be a degree holder and subsequently a Chattered Accountant.. their mouths were closed and congratulatory messages filled everywhere"

"..oh the pride I felt for being your father and it was then Debby I began to understand your persistence to be educated.. my daughter I am sorry if I had initially pose a stumbling block to your dreams.. I know better now" My father explained and I was speechless wondering if I was in a trance or Dreamworld

My father supporting my education and even apologising to me? Wow! it's so hard to believe that this is happening in reality and not in a dream

" I am speechless dad.. is this really you or someone else?.. it's hard to believe you are the one saying this to me now" I told him truthfully

" I know and it's fine if you are having a hard time coming to terms with this new side of me.. but just forgive me and take care of yourself okay.. make sure you study hard to make us proud as you've always done.. also I want you to know that I believe in your ability Debby" My father said to me and ended the call when I couldn't reply 

Actually I was speechless and that is why I couldn't utter a reply before the call ended

Besides his words got me so emotional that I was afraid that if I said another word to him, I would have surely broken down in tears which I didn't want to 

Honestly I can't believe a day like this could come so soon, I kept looking at the alert on my phone to be sure it was real.

I thought of paying my school fees and restocking my apartment with foodstuffs immediately but I still needed to be sure my father wasn't pulling a prank on me, so right there I rang my mother over the phone for confirmation.

It was after the phone call with my mother ended that I became sure that my father had indeed become a changed man in terms of mindset and belief.

(Do not Plagiarize)

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