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Dethroned - Episode 6





Dethroned - Episode 6

Written By Amah's Heart.


" Now this is getting créepier than I thought" I said to myself whilst pacing around my hut. 

I turned to look into the two calabash again to be sure that I was seeing rightly,

I even wiped my two eyes to be sure there was no fog covering them yet nothing changed

I was truly seeing several pieces of burnt yam in one of the calabash 

and a big-sized bush meat in the other calabash which means my eyes are clear and not deceiving me afterall.

even though several minutes has passed, the burnt yam was still emitting smoke which shows it is steaming hot yam exactly like I had desired few minutes earlier.

by the gods, what exactly is happening to me..? am I dreaming or what...?

I was shallowing my saliva because the bush meat was looking really tasty and the yam was steaming hot as I craved for, yet I was scared to actually go an inch near it

" I think it is best I throw it away" I concluded in my mind but as I picked the two calabash up, the worms in my stomach begun protesting seriously

I couldn't resist the urge seeing how well prepared the meat looked, 

I wondered where it came from but that was the least of my worries at the moment

afterall whether I eat it or not I will still die if I don't satisfy the worms in my stomach

That is how I ate the meal to my satisfaction. 

It was delicious and the best sumptuous meal I have had in months. I even reserved some for tomorrow morning.

I thanked the gods of the land for the food and laid down to take a nap but I felt this irresistible urge to urinate. 

The urge was so strong that I had to succumb.

So I sat up from the bed and moved out to the back of my hut to relieve myself. 

I finished urinating when my eyes caught a big bush meat at a bush close to where I do urinate.

" Wow.. I guess the gods has finally decided to smile on me" I thought inwardly as I immediately pursued the meat into the bush

I pursued the bush meat until it completely disappeared from my sight. 

I was so pained and was cussing in my heart as I was making my way back to my hut, but jerked when I felt a slight touch at my back. 

I turned to see who it was. It was a fine young man, he looks familiar but my head couldn't process anything at the moment.

" Beautiful maiden I saw you earlier when you were running.. I was wondering what or who was pursuing you until I looked closely and saw it was actually you pursuing a bush meat.. it's quite unfortunate you lost it at the end" The young man said smiling and his humorous words got me smiling too

" You're right.. I am still feeling pained though.. I wished I laid my hands on that meat and trust me it couldn't have lived to tell the story" I answered still feeling ângry that I lost the meat 

" I trust you beautiful maiden.. anyways my name is Eze.. I am the second son of Mazi Dede.. we've met before as children at the lantern festival which was actually a long time ago.. hope you still remember?" Eze introduced and I nodded slowly remembering that day.

The lantern festival is one of my fun time as a child. The games, the folklores by adults, the dances were so memorable till date.

So how can I easily forget it..?

Unfortunately, the festival happens once in two decades.

" You're correct.. no wonder your face was looking all familiar.. well I guess you know my name already so no need for much introduction"

" Of course.. you are Rana, the daughter of Late Mazi Ameachi.. you've grown so beautiful and pretty over the years"

" I thank the gods.. Eze the last time I saw your father years ago.. he told me you were taken by a master to the neighboring community for a craft training...

...now seeing you back at the village... does that mean you are free from serving your master?" I asked him not necessarily because of curiosity, but because I only wanted to be friendly 

" Yes I am free from serving him.. I had to come back a week ago and it hasn't been easy with this current plâgue in the Land.. so I made it a daily routine to check out bushes to see if I will be able to gather anything edible for my aged parents."

I sighed heavily because I would have done same if my parents were still alive 

" I can understand Eze.. it is actually everywhere.. we can only pray to the gods to harken unto our cries and send help soonest" I replied him shrugging and Eze shouted with his hands up

" Ise!"

Eze and I talked some more before he walked me down to my hut and finally bade me farewell. 

I opened the door of my hut and a huge mess greeted my eyes.

My clothes was laying shattered and my bed was turned upside down. My eyes scanned around and I noticed that the two calabash that contained the leftover food was nowhere to be found.

' what exactly happened here?' I asked myself in apprehension

Then the words of the strange man in my dreams begun ringing repeatedly in my ears

" For now make sure to stay hidden until it is the right time to reveal you to my people.. stay safe Rana.. stay safe!"

I heaved sadly as I realized that I really needed to leave my abode as fast as my legs could carry me, 

Seeing the way this whole searching thing is going I might not live to tell the story tomorrow. they failed to find me during the day then surely the will come back at night.

With that concluded, I packed up a few clothes into a bag made from one of my wrappers. 

afterwards I sneaked out of my hut into the bush situated at the back of my hut.

I didn't know where to go from here. Nothing was even making sense to me but I was hoping on the gods to help me scale through all this.

I kept walking deep into the bush until my feet became weak and I decided to take a rest. 

After a few minutes of rest, I begun walking again and came across a stream.

Surprisingly it wasn't dried up so I drank enough water to quench my thirst and then begun my journey again. 

I just kept going without having an actual location in mind, and all I kept seeing was trees and forests, which got me wondering if leaving my village was indeed a good idea.

As I reached a particular location in the forest, I felt this air of familiarity. At that exact moment, a certain tree got my attention. 

Looking closely I realized that it is the exact tree I saw in my dream with the strange man.

" what exactly is going on..?"

(Do NOT take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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