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My Name is AKA - Episode 64





My Name is AKA - Episode 64

Written By Amah's Heart.

Our conversation continue and it was getting more better and refreshing.

"Thank you Mr Law, you are the reason I am what I am today. God used you to push me to this greatness. I thank God everyday for making our path cross and making me find favour before you. It's rare to see a boss that will do all you did without interior motive or without taking advantage of whoever they were rendering help...is rare but you are different and never take Advantage of me. Thank you.."

"Your parents must be proud of you... have you told them all you've achieved so far and that you're engaged to a promising young man.."

I shakes my head sadly and briefed him that our relationship isn't still stable. He's already aware of my parents story and all that I faced.

"Well, it's very understandable. You can choose to distance yourself from them for your sanity sake. Keeping distance and supporting from afar is okay. Is your choice to update them about your new life and your choice if you want them showing up on your wedding. You've achieved so much all this long year without their help or applaud. They're obviously irrelevant now but they're sure will remain your parents..."

Mr Law has a different opinion from what Daniel thinks.

Daniel believe that my parents are humans and can make mistake and I shouldn't hold a grudge too long over them. Bringing me into this life is a plus for them and God didn't make a mistake when he choose them as my parents. It was through their actions that pushed me to a great height. Which is why we will be traveling to see them before any marriage rite can proceed.

Mr Law thinks differently.

He's understanding and believe is quiet different

"... I'm really going to miss you Aka. i do but it's all good. Please don't fail to ask if you need anything and if you happen to change your mind on the engagement, I will be here... waiting. Forgive me for being a little selfish but I'm trying not to cry..."

He chuckled aloud

I laughed along with him

His laughter and last statement made me laugh even harder

He gently drew me into a tight hug as our laughter died down

"...i love you Aka and I'm seriously going to miss you.."

He released me a little from himself

Our emotions were running with speed 

He kíssed me and for some strange reasons I didn't resist.

His breath taste of mint and I felt so charmed with the heat of the moment.

We kíssed passionately

He managed to unzipped my gown from the back and It slipped down from my shoulder.

I wanted to stop but I felt so weak in his arms

He unhooked my bra and moan as he grabbed on my bøóbs

I wanted to scream "NO" and at same time I didn't want him to stop

He gently laid me down on the library floor and pulled off his shirt and shorts, he wore a white under pant which he didn't pull off immediately 

"Oh God, help me...I don't want to do this to Daniel or bring shame to you. after being celibate for long..I can't do this now. Why is this man my weakness, I want to stop but I can't...I can't...I can..." I prayed as we entangled on the floor

"Wait... wait... please..." I found some kind of strength to say but I wasn't sounding convincing.

It came out like a møaning 

We roughed up on the floor 

My phone was suddenly ringing loud.

It kept ringing quietly inside my bag but suddenly it became louder 

My ringing tone wasn't that loud but it unexpectedly became very loud than usual.

"Please let me go...my phone is ringing.  Please...

I struggled to still get free but I kept battling with the heat of passionate moment.

Even when he sat up I was too weak to get up 

He suddenly stood up and quickly wore his short and shirt

I was panting hard and none of us said anything to each other.

He picked up my bra and gown from different directions 

He handed it back to me

My hand was shaking as I struggled to wore my clothes.

He came and assisted me

I bursted into téars

I was scared all of a sudden

"Oh God...what have I done..?

"Aka...Aka, please calm down, I... I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I allowed my emotions to get the best part of me.. I'm sorry. Please... forgive me.."

He held me to himself and I cried even more.

"... your phone kept ringing, it distracted me from the moment. I couldn't concentrate again...I had a strange goosebumps, the hair on my body stood. Please check who kept calling...it might be your guiding angels ready to strike me. They made me feel weird with myself..."

I picked up my bag and checked.

My prayer was let it not be Daniel.

But he was

7missed calls

He sent a message that he was in my place

Just like we initially agreed, he came to pick me up so that we can go see his parents.

Oh my Jesus

What will I tell him now

I picked up my bag and rushed out

Mr Law was calling me but I kept running.

He said I should come back and take something but I kept running 

I saw Amara downstairs

She asked me where I have been, why my hair was rough and I was panting hard

I had so many things to ask her too but I wasn't in the mood.

I ran out and got a cab that took me straight home.

Daniel was waiting in his car when I arrived.

"Are you okay... what happened? He asked as he came out of the car to hug me.

He loosened up and frøwn 

"... you smell of.. something strange. I felt like throwing up, I don't like the feeling it gives me. Where did you go..? Aka, what happened...I have been calling and I was beginning to get worried, you weren't taking your calls or replying your messages. Were you with Mr Law..?

"Me? No...no... I'm... I' so..rry.." I stammered not knowing what to say 

He looked down at my hand and his eyes widened in shock.

I became afraid that he saw through my fears and all that I did 

"...Aka Wher... where is your ring..? He asked surprised.

I quickly lifted my hand to my face

My engagement ring was missing

"Jesus Christ..." I exclaimed quietly.

Daniel stares at me in disbelief.

Just then a car pulled up and It was Mr Law

"Jeez! Aka..c,mon don't go rushing out like that next time. I have been calling and you refused to stop. I was more concerned with you getting hürt.."

Daniel move close to Mr Law and I didn't know what he was up to

Neither Mr Law

He sniffed Mr Law, blew air off his nose before stepping back.

Daniel turned and looked at me with a straight dísgusted face.

Why is Mr Law here, the problem on ground is big enough for me to handle

Him showing up is causing further trouble for me 

"...here, is your ring. I found it on the... the library floor. Tha... that's why I was calling and have to come after you..." He stretched his hand towards me.."

I hesitated out of shame. 

I later collected it and held it in my palm.

"I... Aka..." Mr Law wanted to say something but suddenly stopped.

He looked over at Daniel

"Hey... Daniel... you... hmmm.."

"...I want to congratulate you on your engagement.."

The tension was high

Nobody said anything for sometime 

Mr Law turned and walked into his car, he waited there watching us for few minutes before driving off

Daniel and I stood speechless.

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