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My Name is AKA - Episode 61





My Name is AKA - Episode 61

Written By Amah's Heart.

We chuckled a little more that evening while seated in his car.

"Did you know I dreamt having a picnic with you, that was before you returned from Manchester. I never knew it was going to come true because my dreams hardly happen..."

"What else did you dream about..? He asked turning to look at me with all seriousness 

 "Couple other things like spending time with you and... that's all ."

"Did you pray for more revelation from God..?

"No, I didn't. I just felt it's one of those normal good dreams.."

"Maybe if you had asked God to reveal more and you believe, have the faith that he will.. then your dreams will become more clearer for you to be able to understand without any interpreter..."

"I never thought of that.." I replied thinking deeply into what he said 

"Well, I have been having series of dreams too..." 

"About what..? I asked impatiently. I wish it's about me, that will really be exciting

"About us, about you, me and a whole lot..."

I smile as I urged him further to spill.

I wondered quietly if he also dreamt of picnic and a long drive we had together.

"... It all started getting clearer early this year. I prayed to God to reveal more and more revelation came and I wanted God to go reveal the same thing to you too so that we will be on the same page but yours came in form of picnic.."

"... which isn't bâd but I wish there was more... for you to understand what I mean. Mine is very clear but I refused asking or speaking about it yet until God reveal similar thing to you. I don't want to walk by flesh or sight but by the leading of the holy spirit.."

I heaved, maybe I should have prayed about those dreams.

I thought it was because I sometimes think of Daniel makes the dream happen.

I never knew there was more.

"... Did you know that I have already purchased a ring... Engagement ring to be precise, back in Manchester after having several conviction.."

"You're planning to engage your woman? Wow... that's so sweet. I'm happy for you Daniel..."

I said trying to appear cheerful even though deep down I was screaming"why me" 

Daniel will be married and his woman, whoever she is will be very lucky to have him as husband.

It will pain me that I will lose my friend and there's no friend like Daniel.

He's more than ten thousand friend to me.

I can only be happy for him and rejoice while I continue to pray and hope for my own life partner.

Daniel had told me that he has no girlfriend and wasn't into any relationship, he doesn't entertain or encourage any female friend trying to get close because he walks with only God's direction and plans.

Some time when he tries to get close with the opposite séx, they will start having this wrōng idea, he doesn't want to lead anyone on or make them fall in love with him only to watch them get hürt.

Seeing a woman's hürt will break his heart and he will never stop blaming himself for making her think or believe otherwise.

That's why back in school, few of his female friends knows him, he makes sure he defines every relationship so that they will know where they stand and not trespass.

Daniel said all of this and now, he has already bought an engagement ring to propose to his woman.

Maybe he doesn't want me to feel bâd or reveal much about his special wife to be.

"What's on your mind.." he suddenly asked bringing my thoughts to the present

"Me?... nothing. I'm just happy for you and the lucky girl that you will be engaging. If your wedding will be in this country, don't fail to invite me... anyway, I know you will definitely invite me to your wedding except if the lady and the wedding is in Manchester where you're based..."

"...I will just wish you the best from distance and watch uploaded pictures and videos on your social media, that's if you will upload. Maybe you do me a little favour and send some wedding pictures to me... if that's okay with you.."

He heaved quietly

"I understand you Aka and there's a whole lot on your mind than what you say with your mouth.."

"...I love you Aka and you know that I have always loved you. You've always been in my prayers. I petition you as a request unto God and never stops interceding for you.."

"I know...I know Daniel. Thank you for loving and praying for me. Maybe is your prayer that kept me guided on the right path and makes it difficult for me to fall even when I thought my flesh will push me down but I find strength to keep going. Flesh and worldly desires no longer have effect or rule over me. I sometimes wonder how I do it but I know it's not by my power but of God.."

Téars choke at my throat.

I swallowed hard and blinked back severally

"...I will miss you greatly. I will miss every moment we shared as I have come to love you truly but I know God has a better plan for you and as I await mine, I will be happy for yours..."

"You're God's plan for me Aka.." he said quietly while holding my cheek and trying to wipe off the téars that settled in my eyes.

I looked at him, words dried up from my mouth.

"...yes, you're the woman God specially handpicked for me. When it was revealed I prayed and asked God to also give you the same revelation. I was going to wait until you have your conviction from God..."

He put hand in his pocket and brought out a tiny cute box

"...I told you bought an engagement ring back in Manchester and ever since I returned, we've been going out and each of those times this box goes with us. Its always in my pocket. I brought it to our picnic today, I was only hoping you will get a sign too, a dream or anything that shows that I'm the man for you..."

"...my heart rejoiced greatly when you mentioned seeing me in your dream. This picnic date was God's Idea, I didn't plan it. He laid it in my heart to take you out on a picnic. I didn't have a dream concerning it like you did but I'm happy that I listened. All I wanted, the signs I have been waiting for is finally clear. This ring isn't going home with me tonight...it will be yours moving forward..."

I opened my mouth but words didn't come out

".... you don't have to say anything. Just nod your head if you can't speak.."

He cleared his throat

"...Akachukwu peters, my beautiful Aka, a divine vessel, a virtuous woman, the only woman that occupies my mind and I have loved dearly. I humbly ask for your hand in marriage. Will you be kind enough to be my wife..?

I nodded as the téars flows freely down my cheeks.

Hope this isn't another dream God.

He took my hand and slide in the ring.

Is this real, or am I hallucinating?

"...You're free to speak now. Look at the car steering, the seats and everything in this car clapping for us, won't you at least say thank you to them for cheering and congratulating us. Take a look at the wiper and the side mirrors... they're waving..."

I began to laugh as he waved at the car parts, thanking them as if they can actually hear him

Daniel has a great sense of humour

Right from the first day we might, he always find a way to lighten every moment

He drew me into himself, kíssed my forehead and held me tight in his arms.

"I'm the luckiest man alive to have you Aka.."

Is he kidding, I think I'm the one that's very lucky here 

I loosed up from his grip.

"... you no longer love me or you don't want to marry a church, Christian lùnātic boy like me..? He asked looking at me expectantly.

"No Daniel. I wish you can see my heart right now. I can't describe the level of happiness in my heart. You took me off guard. I never thought I will be the chosen one for you..."

"... but there's a tiny problem. You're a vírgin but I'm not, I..."

He immediately put a finger to my lips.

"I don't care or want to know how many men you've slept with, that will never make you less special. your virginity isn't what I was after, I love you Aka and my love for you is not attached to anything you have or don't have. We're going to get married and my body, vïrginity and all I got will be yours..."

"...we can even share this my own virginity..." He began to laugh and I joined him.

"I just wish I will have something special to offer to you too. My virginity would have been a bonus..."

"That would've been a sentimental love, you're special enough just for me. Drop those thoughts in your head because we have a wedding to plan..."

"... we're getting married and I'm taking you with me to Manchester. But first we need to go see your parents..."

I froze. My parents who I'm not in a good relationship with

"...i know you once briefed me about them. They hürt you and you find it difficult to forgive which I talked to you on the importance of forgiveness. If you you know how much we offend God on a daily basis and yet he doesn't look at our sins or cast us off..."

"I have forgiven them all but it's hard to have a relationship with them.." I said.

"Is gradual, forgiveness doesn't mean relationship has to spark off immediately. They're your parents and we will need their blessings. my parents will definitely approve, I have no problem about that. I just want to meet your people too. It's time to bury the hatchet, let go totally of what hurt and embrace the newness and peace that only God can give..."

"... through you, your family will be liberated and will come to understand who God truly is. It's time to face them and we will be doing it together but first let's take the news home to my parents so that they can celebrate with us."

I chuckled as I look at my finger.

I threw my arms again around Daniel and we didn't let go of that precious moment.

As I stepped down and started walking towards my gate

I saw a familiar car parked outside there

I looked in but saw no one because inside was dark.

I looked again and recognized the vehicle.

Mr Law was around, my Heart skipped.

Ify must have let him in.

I looked back and saw Daniel waiting patiently for me to be safely inside the gate before driving off.

I smile and waved as I got to the gate.

He waved back at me am reversed and drove off immediately he saw me enter my gate

I walked in to face my fear 

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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