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My Name is AKA - Episode 60





My Name is AKA - Episode 60

Written By Amah's Heart.

"That was delish, you're a great cook you know that right...?

He chuckled aloud

"I wouldn't take all the credit, my Mom sisters helped out too.."

"Oh, they did? Did they know where you were packing the food to...?

"Yeah... yes offcourse, I told them that I was having a romantic picnic with you..."

He chuckled and I laughed even more with the way he mentioned the word "romantic"

I picked another chicken kebab and begin to munch on

"I made that myself.." he said pointing at the kebab

"...I can see you like it very much.."

"I do, well spiced, juicy and taste great.."

"Thank you your excellency.." he replied with a bow

I chuckled again

"You're giving me a treatment meant for a queen and I'm feeling myself, the only thing remaining is to wear a crown or sash to make it official..." I said and we both chuckled

"You're a Queen Aka, you don't need a crown or any identity to be identified as one. You deserve only the best and nothing less.."

I nodded with a heave.

We stare at nothing as the evening breeze graced the moment with us.

Daniel is one gentle man I feel so lucky to have in my life.

He had informed me that we were going for a picnic 

This was after I attended his parents anniversary, went on a date with him, attended Bible study for the youth in another big church where he was the guest teacher.

Present during his birthday and went with him to his friend's wedding.

It was after all this outing that he asked if we can go on a picnic date and I was happy

Spending every moment with him before he travels back to Manchester was all I'm out for.

Each time I spend with him is fulfilling, I don't want it to end

I asked him what he wanted me to cook and bring to the picnic, he said I shouldn't pick a pin.

I only need to get dressed and wait for him to come pick me

I had some banana, apple and tangerine in my fridge.

The tangerine was for Ify, I picked four big ones out of it and include with the apple and banana

I know he said I shouldn't bring anything but I can't just go empty handed.

He was in time to pick me up and we drove to this cool field

I saw a family under a tree having their own picnic

Parents with three children

The kids run around, taking pictures and playing in the smooth grass.

Their were fun lovers walking around, sight seeing and taking pictures.

Daniel picked a cool spot for us.

Lovely, cool and constant breeze greeting our skin.

I love the serenity of this place and the most important is sharing this moment with Daniel.

Ever since he returns, he had Indeed treated me so special

Part of my last weekend was spent with his family.

They're so warm and friendly

His elder sister is married but she visited with her husband and baby last weekend.

I met Felicia and Joshua Daniel's junior sister and brother

Joshua is the only one that's still in the university

Felicia graduated the same year with me and she's the youngest lecturer in another university

She's following her father's step in the academic world

Daniel's family is humble and very accomodating too.

We all had lunch together in their big family dining table

They have two domestic workers who are also in the university and Daniel's said they used to be four 

 they started living with them when they were still very young

 two of the domestic staff are married.

The remaining two living with them, one is in fashion school.

 his Mom bought industrial and normal sewing machine for her to work while at home.

She will graduate next year from the fashion school and get her own shop.

The other is studying account in the university and he's in his third year.

They call them family and do not treat them like maids or houseboys.

His parents are sponsoring so many other kids in school and they have a foundation for helpless kids.

He said apart from his Mom being a pastor and a judge, she's a good wife and a amazing mother.

I totally agree

He's father always speaks of her praise.

He never jokes with his wife and that's how it supposed to be

Daniel added he wish to have a family of his own soon.

 since he came from a godly home, his home will be established in godliness and he will love his wife more than his father loves his Mom.

We both laugh on the day he said that.

I enjoyed my every stay with Daniel's family

I later left with Daniel to hang out somewhere else, to have our lovely moment alone.

He said he enjoys spending time with me.

I wish he knows how much happy and free I feel anytime I'm with him.

He didn't ask to know if I have been sleeping with men or how many séx partner I had

He never asked, the only thing he asked was to know if I was in a relationship or not.

I told him I wasn't and he said he knows.

 had told me that he has no woman yet and will like to have a great time with me before he travels back.

We're making memories and I wish it doesn't end.

I wish he won't travel back but stay in this country so that I can be seeing him.

I don't know how I have fallen into him that all I think and dream is Daniel.

I'm always looking out for his chats and calls.

I don't know how I will cope if he goes back to Manchester

Sometimes I think of it and feel sâd but I don't want to dwell in sådness.

I'm savoring every moment with Daniel because it may never happen again after he's gone.

The fruits I brought for the picnic wasn't touched because Daniel was fully prepared for the day.

He brought drinks, food, fruits and a whole lot of other things, doughnuts, Spring rolls, scotch eggs and meat pies.

He said Francisca, their domestic staff who's also into fashion knows how to cook and bake all sort of things.

Francisca prepared some of the baked foods.

He also said Francisca makes some of his Mom and sister's clothes

And the good thing is that she's good at it and also gets paid from her works, his Mom pays her for every job even though she sometime protest and beg them not to pay her but his Mom insist.

I love everything about his family. I have seen what they can do and this is the kind of family that one pray to get into.

During our lunch the last time I visited them, while on the dining table, Daniel's Dad had prayed and he mentioned my name in the prayer asking God to bless me and guide my paths.

I felt so enveloped in their warmth and love as they all chorused Amen after the prayer.

The sun went down and the evening was getting late.

It was time to go

We decided to go around, sharing the food, fruits and drinks to many other fun lovers who were packed at the outskirts of the field.

We didn't go back with anything except the picnic baskets, the fancy picnic wrappers and our shoe in hand.

Daniel and I played around a little

He tapped me and run off,

 I ran after him to make sure I also tap him.

We played around the field like kids

We ran, hide and laugh until téars came out of our eyes.

I had a great fun which I haven't had in a long while.

I don't know if this is a goodbye but I kept wishing it isn't

He drove me back home and parked in front of my house.

It was already 8:20pm 

I wanted to hang out more with him, I wish this isn't a goodbye but I don't know why I was afraid that it might be.

I felt so emotional, this feeling of desires filled me up and at that moment. 

I don't know if another man will be able to cherish and value me like Daniel has done yet we've not even shared a kíss and he treats me with so much love and respect.

I actually wish Daniel and I were married at that moment.

There's no place I will rather be than to be with him.

He turned and looked at me and heat of the moment filled up my stomach

",Hey Aka..." he paused, smile and took my hands into his.

My instinct tells me that it was indeed a goodbye, he's going to say how much fun he had spending time with me and will miss me.

I wish he won't say anything but just remain silent, let's enjoy the quiet moment in silent so that when I gets into my room I can cry all the cry I want.

I don't want to embarrass myself here with him.

He looks into my eyes and his face change from smile to a straight face.

"What's the problem..? Something is bothering you..."

I was smiling and trying my best not to show any sign of worry yet he caught me by mare looking at me.

", Nothing... I'm fine. I had massive fun today and I'm feeling awesome..." I said still with a smile.

He wasn't deceived, he obviously knows me so well.

"No...no, you're worried over something. I can sense it.. tell me please, what's the problem Aka..?

"I..I.. Daniel.." téars filled up my eyes again

Without thinking I straightened and kíssed him right on his lips.

He didn't seem surprised or dísgusted

He just stared at me

Oh God, what did I just do? I wondered as I bent my head

I have probably disvïrgined him in some kinds of way, maybe is only his lips I disvïrgined.

What will happen now, he's silent and not saying anything.

I allowed my emotions to get the best part of me

I just wished to be loved truly by a man like Daniel.

I hope Daniel will not håte me for this.

"I'm sorry Daniel, I..I wasn't thinking right. I'm really sorry.."

He bent over and kíssed me lightly before straightening.

"You don't have to be sorry for anything Aka..." he said calmly and in a well organized tune

"I was thinking I disvïrgined your lips with the kíss..if I did I'm very sorry, hope I didn't make you sin.." I said quietly 

Daniel busted into laughter.

He laughed so hard and that made me chuckled too.

The tight mood in the car became lighter than it was.

"... you really cracked me up Aka. That's hilarious, i don't know that lips can be disvïrgined until today. Mine have been disvïrgined since I was a baby. In my family picture album, you will still see my Mom, Dad, sister and extended family planting kisses all over my face because they thought I was too cute as a baby. It's my family that first disflowered the lip... not you..."

There was more serious laughter and I felt relieved.

Unknown to me that everything was about to change.

Just this one moment was going to change everything.

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