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My Name is AKA - Episode 59





My Name is AKA - Episode 59

Written By Amah's Heart.

This was no difference from other days, within this past two months I have attended a wedding and a surprised engagement for somebody close to me.

Ify was in contact with Leba, and It was through her I knew of her upcoming wedding.

Leba was getting married

Who could've believed that the ex night worker who introduced me to my first høøkup job where I met Tobe and the first trial was also my last

Who would believe that Leba was getting married to a pastor.

A fine young pastor in a one of the big churches

When Ify told me that Leba left her høøk-up job after gathering Money and renting and apartment, she used the remaining to open a fruit store 

She started going to church, gave her life to Christ, became a worker and never went back to her old ways.

Two years later, one of the ministers picked interest in her and how serious she was with the work of God.

Leba was afraid to go into courtship with him due to her past.

She opened up on her fears and the young man said he doesn't care about her past or whatever she has done

All that matters to him is her present and their future together if she can just let him into her world.

And that's how they kicked up.

Leba was so beautiful in her wedding gown and all I did was to continuesly blink back tears

I mean look at Leba of all people, if men were to be God she would have been cast into the abyss but grace found her and gave her a new begining

A beautiful bride with her pastor husband who adores her and loves her truly without judging her with her past.

It's a testimony, I just sat there and wondered at the goodness of God.

I waited until she was a bit free from the crowd coming to congratulate her before approaching.

She didn't recognize me at first until Ify reintroduced me.

She screamed excitedly seeing me 

She marvelled, saying small me turned out way prettier and big than expected.

She was in awe as she stared at me not knowing my heart was filled with emotions watching her and looking back to where she was coming from.

We hugged, took some pictures.

I made sure I went with a nice gift

Ify did too. 

We presented our gifts to her.

Leba was so happy, she introduced us to fine husband.

She asked me if there's any brother somewhere checking all this my full package and beauty out because she also want to attend my wedding soon.

I didn't know what to say as I laughed it off and told her "soon by God's grace.."

After two weeks, Ify got a surprised engagement from her own man.

Michael, her boyfriend had called me after work and told me about his plans and asked me to help him perfect his planning.

Ify wasn't aware of the plan

I asked her to follow me to see somebody that Saturday and she didn't hesitate. 

Unknown to Ify that she was going to be proposed to.

We took her unaware and she was shocked to the bone because she never expected it all.

Her happiness and having a future with Michael means everything to her.

I was sincerely happy for her.

We gist that night as she asked me to be her maid of honour

I felt really honoured and was excited

Ify looked back into her life, the bad decisions she made that would've affected her greatly if not that she made a U-turn to embrace change.

She talked about Bosco in the village, the married man that she foolishly fell for because of money, through the connection of madam joint.

She got prégnant and even abørted twice for Bosco.

Working and sending money to Uche, her city boyfriend before finally decided to leave the village life, madam joint and Bosco behind to come to the city and join Uche.

It seems like a lovey dovey with Uche at first, believing in his fake promises, and doing all sort of things just to please him.

Getting prégnant again and wanted to keep the baby, maybe that will make Uche whom she loves so much to marry her but on the second month she sùffered a térrible m!scârriage due to stress and constant quarrel with Uche who was not ready to be a father yet.

She resigned from her factory job and try to get another, it wasn't easy securing another job and trying to also secure her relationship with Uche that was falling apart.

She knew that Uche was cheating but each time she confronted him and he denies it, she was left with no choice than to believe and let peace reign due to he was accomodating her.

A time came she could no longer pretend or lie to herself.

She knew there was no good future with Uche and that's when she started making efforts to break free.

The fight and quarrels between them was becoming intense and unbearable for her.

It was difficult at first to move out and move on because of the love she had for him, she couldn't continue to live in denial and had to pick up her pieces and walk out.

After she moved on, two weeks later she heard that Uche brought in another girl as his girlfriend

Ify said she was devastated hearing that and even wanted to go back to confront him but she was too determined to leave the past where it belongs and move on.

She went to God in repentance and began to confess all her ill deeds.

Ify added that nobody preached to her, she just felt at that moment God is the only one she got who wouldn't judge her or throw her out.

Somebody she can confess everything to without the fear of anything.

That was the turning point in her life.

She started calling different people, seeking for job and accomodation because the ex colleague she moved in with gave her just three months to get a place of her own.

It was the same period that it was laid heavily in my heart to call her

It's been about two years and we haven't spoken.

I was scrolling through my contact one day and came across her number

Without wasting time I called to check up and to know how she was doing, it's been a long while we heard from each other.

I was just in time for the rescue.

I newly rented an apartment and moved into a month before the call to Ify 

We were also in need of a receptionist at work.

Everything worked out for her good

I asked her to move in with me, I also secured the receptionist position at my work place.

I wrote and submitted application on her behalf and told my boss about Ify, who's more competent than other applicants.

My boss agreed to take her in.

I thought Ify everything she needed to know about being a receptionist and now she's good at her job.

Recently my boss increased her money from forty to fifty thousand

She couldn't believe it, she only had a school certificate which she left in the village.

It was through my influence she got the job 

After they increased her salary, she was too excited

She said some graduate are even collecting her kind of salary yet she has no single certificate but God used me to work it out.

She had met Michael about a year ago when my boss sent her to a solicitor's firm.

 Michael, their law firm which consist of three men are an associate to my boss.

The solicitor firm wasn't far from our office.

There Ify met Michael and exchange numbers.

Things kind of took a good turn from there.

Michael was a good believer too and didn't hide the fact that he loves Ify.

They went on several dates together and not long before Michael decided to take things to another level 

They will both make a beautiful couple.

We had a long gist and It was refreshing going over the past and arriving at the present state while hoping for a bright future.

I know things didn't worked out too well after I arrived this big city alone and went to live with Ify and Uche her boyfriend.

I know it wasn't pleasant at all living with Ify and Uche

Alot of things unfolded during then

Ify taking her boyfriend side at all time with any misunderstanding I have with them 

taking my money, food stuffs and putting up a defensive wall against me.

I don't blame her in anyway.

She was only a girl in love who wants things to turn out well for her boyfriend and her but unfortunately it didn't.

I remember how Uche try having intimacy with me whenever Ify was on a night duty, I had to run to Leba for help.

I slept in Leba's room while she was out on her høøk-up night business.

I'm happy that Ify didn't end up with such a man who do not value her.

Michael loves and respects her and will make sure she either gets a degree or a good skill.

Living with Ify for the past one year, we've been doing everything like two sisters.

She understand me and I also understand her better than before.

She's fun to live with

We pray, sing, cook and gist together.

We attend same church and in the same workers department in church.

I remembered the day Mr Law invited me out for a special date

Two months ago, it felt like yesterday when I wore one of my finest gown

Although the gown was short, it was hanging on my thigh but I know that's how Mr Law wanted it

I was out to have a great evening and to please his ego

Ify had told me that probably Mr Law wanted to propose.

She was congratulating me in advance and calling me Mrs Law.

She even said she will be my chief bridesmaid

I told her to slow down first untill I return.

I also thought that the same, I assumed he was going to ask me to marry him

 I wanted it to be like surprise and didn't want to think much on it 

That very evening was indeed rüined and I had to ângrily walk out on him

I ignored his call and messages ever since.

Asking me to move in with him was outrageous.

 But after seeing that I expected something more than such proposal, he decided to patronise me by saying I can still move in as his fiance even though he wasn't ready to settle down yet but we can live together until he's fully ready

That was absurd

He called me ill printed names just because I decided to fabricate a similar story as his about Larry who doesn't even exist.

I was truly hürt

I cried my eyes out while inside the cab that brought me home

Ify had asked to see my engagement ring immediately I entered the house and almost shouted at her to leave me alone because I wasn't in a good mood.

I try to calm down before telling her that there was no proposal.

I moved on and put my attention back into my job.

Just last week, Amara called me that she and Austin were finally getting along

He even wanted her to teach her how to eat some local dishes 

Amara couldn't keep calm and decided to convey the good news.

Which wasn't much of a good news to me because she's yet to make up her mind on what exactly she wants for her life

Who she truly loves between Uche, who owns a good school and doing better than before and Austin, Mr Law's younger brother who has a different and strange upbringing

Mr Law is behaving alike and I don't fully blame him for the character he exhibits sometimes.

I felt bâd after that outing with him because I have loved him selflessly and it would have been so nice getting married to the same man that I gave my vïrginity and the only man that have seen my nâkedness.

I thought that would've been so lovely to at least have a future with him

I remember how I felt during the first time he kíssed me.

He was a gentle Man who cares for me he stood by and defended during the drama with Tobe and Venus.

He was really lovely and I fell in love with him even before realising it.

He took it upon himself to sponsor me in school even without seeing my pants and It was after then our love life blossom and he gave me the kiss I have so much longed for from him.

He made his intentions known and I couldn't also keep my feelings.

And it was one of those nights I decided to seal our relationship with my virginity bløød, thinking it will mean something to him.

We had several other intimacies together after then, until his behaviour with other lady during his birthday.

 meeting Mr Lambert, his Dad and Amara also in the picture.

So many drama took place during that period

Mr Law drove me out after the fight

His anger was I disrespected him and slapped his Dad.

Maybe I shouldn't have but I was ready to do even more just to prevent Amara from making the greatest mistake of her life with the late Lambert.

I ran back to school and Daniel was there to put me back on track with God.

Ever since then I have not derailed or slept with any man

I had so much dream and thought it's going to be great with Mr Law

Well, not all dreams comes true.

Daniel is still a vírgin and he's a man. He said his body and his vïrginity belong to only his wife

I admire that about him greatly.

I sometimes énvy the his woman

Such a strong stand he took over his life and body makes me look back on my life.

I began to wish I was still keeping my body for my husband but I freely gave it all out to Law in the heat of the pleasurable moment.

How lucky whoever Daniel will get married to is.

She's practically the luckiest woman to have such a lovely soul. 

A man like Daniel is hard to find.

I have had dreams twice about him in the past

Maybe because I was thinking about him that period

That could have triggered such dream.

In the dream, we were traveling together, don't know where exactly but I was very happy sitting beside him as we journeyed on

The second was a picnic outing

We went out on a picnic and sat together in this fancy, beautiful wrapper filled with fruits, food and drink 

It was a fun filled

I was smile awake during the second dream.

He had said something funny in the dream that made me laugh out and i didn't know I was even laughing in real life until Amara tapped me awake and asked me which man tickles my armpit in the dream that's making me laugh in my sleep 

I chuckled aloud with the way Amara said it but didn't tell her anything about my dream.

I tried to think less of Daniel

I Chanel my mind on other things.

But I can't stop enving whoever Daniel's wife will be.

She will be treated like a queen.

Their home will be super fun, blessed and filled with godliness.

Daniel said he will be coming back in three months time and the third month is almost over yet no words from him.

He haven't called or message me either.

I sent messages twice to check up last month and he replied and said he was alright.

He didn't mention anything about coming back again and I didn't ask

I never messaged him again after that.

I moved on like I was supposed to

Maybe I'm not very lucky with men and that's okay.

Whatever pleases God is also alright by me

His time remains the best

Let me celebrate and cheer others on while waiting for whoever God is preparing for me.

After three months came and went, on the first week in the fourth month, Daniel called to inform me that he was back into the country.

He arrived yesterday night and his Dad came to pick him from the airport.

We talked so well and he informed me that his parents anniversary was next week

He will be coming to pick me by Saturday

But first, he will like to take me out the following day after work so that we can chill out and catch up.

I was excited that he was in the country already.

Catching up tomorrow, I know there will be alot to talk about

At least I will get my worried mind free from all that has burdened me because I know a meeting with Daniel always does wonder.

Not just now, even back in school days and I'm looking forward to it.

I don't have any expectations.

He may even be in a relationship or even planning his wedding.

That's why my mind is zeroed from all emotional feeling.

Like I said before, I will continue cheering for others until it gets to my turn.

One thing I'm certain is that God will not leave me on a cross road.

He will work it out for me at his own pace and time.

Until then, I will patiently wait.

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