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My Name is AKA - Episode 58





My Name is AKA - Episode 58

Written By Amah's Heart.

"Will you..."

There was a phone call interrupting the moment.

He asked me to excused him for a minute 

He needed to take the call

I sat impatiently waiting for him with a big smile.

Could it be that Mr Law was about to ask me to marry him? That's the area my mind was going.

I couldn't think of something else

I love him so dearly, anytime I think I have moved past the love I have for him  and he shows up, the feeling will be renewed afresh.

I don't know why I feel so attracted to him and now that he's about to ask me to marry him, I really don't know what my answer will be.

Probably I will ask him to give me time to think it through and I will pray about

I just hope the thought of becoming Mr Law's wife which is super exciting, I hope it won't cloud up my sense of reasoning.

He was talking with somebody, due to the way he switched into his Londoner accent I knew he must be talking to somebody over there.

I wasn't paying attention to him until he said " I do June...I really do. I love you too babe.."

My jaw dropped and my big expectant smile turned into a straight face.

After the call, he face me again

"Okay, sorry about that. An important friend of mine from England. I haven't spoken to her for some days now..."

"... so where did we stop? Oh, yeah I was about asking you something important..."

He flashed me a smile

I could've smile too but I didn't feel like it

Not after hearing him tell another woman that he loves her

"Are you alright... can we proceed or is there something wrong?

"You said you love your England friend.."

"Oh, that shouldn't bother you. She's faraway in London and I'm here with you and beside we're just cool friends. Saying I love her doesn't mean or count much like people over here takes it... Nigerian takes it pretty serious..."

He's probably right and I shouldn't take everything he says to other ladies serious.

He lived outside here all his life, maybe that's how things works over there

Anyway he should go back to his proposal which is the most important thing at the moment.

Although he's yet to bring out a ring to make it official.

Maybe I'm running too fast with this whole thing

Let him just do his thing. Even there's no ring now, I know he will get one ready in no time.

I waited as the smile returned back to my Face.

He continued talking.

I wish he can talk less and get to the action part.

"... Aka..sincerely, haven't been with anyone woman for the past four months. I met this friend of mine back in UK and we hooked up and things got really nice along the line but she wanted me to stay back in UK with her which I don't want to. We were together for over five months but because I refused to stay back, that bridged our relationship.."

"... she even claimed that she was pregnant just to pin me down so that I can stay back in UK with her. I try to explain to her why it was important for me to go..I also got business in Nigeria and I have plans of taking my brother out of that country which almost corrupted his mind. Well, I know Austin was too young to be left alone, but I was hoping he will turn out great and not be influenced by ill mannered kids into drügs. I was wrong.."

"... June is her name and she said if I leave she will abørt the baby. I told her I was going to stay untill she gives birth, I knew she was lying about the prëgnåncy but I played along. I wanted to drive her to the hospital so that we can know when she will be due for delivery but she end up saying she wasn't pregnant, she only wanted to make me stay but since my mind was made up then she can't be with me. She felt hürt, I was too but man gat to do what man gat to do..."

I listened with keen interest as he speaks. My heart even skipped when he mentioned that the lady was pregnant for him.

I relaxed back after I realized she was pranking him 

I don't know if he usually consider my own feelings before saying certain things.

He said it like it doesn't supposed to matter to me

Like some ordinary stories.

It's a good thing that' he was blunt and do not hide anything, he says it as it is but I wish he will consider a lot of things before speaking sometimes

"... four months, almost five I haven't touched another woman. June was the only lady I had intimacies with, no other woman. Now that I'm back, I'm hoping you and I can get more serious.."

I nodded quietly.

I felt disappointed

What of the marriage proposal

I guess he has forgotten it all because of his June.

"...tell me the truth, how many men have you been with for the past one year that I was gone. It does not really matter how many body count you have, but for discussion sake...I still want to know.."

I cleared my throat loudly before speaking 

"Oh well, just one. His name is Larry, we met in church and a short relationship kicks off. He was sweet and nice and made me feel like a real woman, he was good in bed and..

"Stopp...stop talking..."

I pretend like I didn't see his angry countenance or hear his hush words for me to stop

" Larry was so sweet and I enjoy his..."

"Shüt it Aka...shut the fvvck up..." damnit.." he hit his first on the table.

"What's the problem Mr Law.."

"You wanna know what the dāmn problem is? Going about cheaply like a h@rlot and having séx with lorry or whatever his name is, that's normal to you right? Do you actually consider my feelings in all this? I thought you're the church girl and you said you also met your lorry in church too? So two church people are going about sleeping together while deceiving everyone. while he was busy screwing you, your God wasn't watching right? Because there's a time I try touching you and you told me how God frowns at sin and God is always watching, so was he asleep while you were with your lorry? 

"...I expected better from you and thought you won't hürt my feelings this way. I was only gone for a year Aka, just a year and you can't even hold yourself until I return back. That's why I asked you to sleep over after I returned and you declined because lorry has been satisfying you right..."

"Okay.. enough already. I think you've said enough.." I said to him while trying so hard not to get angry. I was irritated as he barked at me like a child.

"No..I was just getting started. You should be åshamed of yourself and be very sorry for what you did. We were supposed to be in a relationship or what is this thing we're doing again called because I'm over it. I håte it when women cheat, you try to compete with a man. You just succeeded in ruining my evening Aka, I will like to go home now..."

"Wow, this is very rich coming from a guy that said saying "I love you" to another girl whom you had intimacy with was just a harmless greeting and I don't have any reason to be angry. Also, you said my body count shouldn't matter right. If you want to leave then please be on your way already.." I retorted back ângrily. 

He should just go, I was not even interested in whatever proposal he initially had for me.

He chuckled ângrily.

My words must have hit him hard.

He looked at me and said 

"I told you I had something special I wanted to say to you right? a very special request which I even intended asking before my dad's dëäth struck.."

I stared back at him, waiting for him to continue

"... I was going to ask you to move in with me after graduation. To move out of your school lodge and come live in my house as my woman. I wanted you to be very close to me, taking things serious and having you any time I need you. I will offcourse pay you, so you don't necessarily have to work except you want to learn some professional course. I just wanted to have you close as my woman but my dad's departure took me off balance and I couldn't say it anymore..."

".. Which means you would have go seeing other men, sleeping with them while I was away and while still living under my roof. Maybe it's a good thing I never asked because I wouldn't have been able to bear the hürt..."

I sighed heavily, disappointed and more ângry this time

I thought it was all a marriage proposal.

So moving in with him was the so called special request?

"Mr Law, listen...maybe you actually haven't understood the kind of woman I have become. first of all there is no way I would've accepted the offer of moving into your house and warming your bed anytime you need me. Second, I belong to no Man, you don't owe me Mr Law and I can do whatever I want just like you can as well because I don't owe you either..."

"... Thirdly, there's no Larry...I made up the story to get your reaction. It's  obvious that you can't take this same bitter pill you gave out freely..."

"You mean you didn't sleep with him or any man..? Why will you lie... what's that for...? He barked ângrily

"Well, because you talked about your girlfriend June like it doesn't supposed to matter to me. You even said she wanted to pin you down with pregnancy and you were willing to wait until she gives birth only that you knew that she was lying. You say all this without filtering words or also considering I might feel bâd. Nothing matters untill I decided to make up a story and tell you about Larry who never existed and here you're reacting, calling me names and acting like I owe you an explanation.."

He heaved sadly 

"It sounded so real, I.. I'm sorry that you felt bâd about June story. I didn't want to hide anything from you, I don't even know how to filter stories but I will try for your sake. Also, I apologize for calling you ill names, I was really mad.. you made me so ângry with your made up Larry story..."

"I will like to go home now, my evening is ruined..." I said using his exact words.

"I said I'm sorry Aka. I love you..I really do love you babe. seeing you again, I..I can't explain it but it brought me back to live. I want to be with you every minute of the day. Come spend the weekend with me...I will make it up to you..."

"Spending Weeknd with you, does that exclude intimacy?

"C'mon Aka, stop acting like a kid. You used to enjoy my touch and the way I made love to you, you gave me your v1rginity remember, I cherished that about you and we couldn't get enough of each other during then. You love me Aka and wanted to always be with me. All of a sudden you change and no longer allow my touch or even my kíss. I have been with so many women but none made me feel the way you made me feel. I want you to fully be mine. move in with me... please.."

"As what..? I mean I can't possibly move in as your girlfriend or whatever because God frowns at sin..."

"What do you want to move in as? My fiancé or wife...? Although I'm not ready for that but it can be arranged..."

"Arranged... how do you mean..? I asked trying to understand his statement.

"We can get married but you will have to give me little time to sort out things, I'm not fully ready to settle down yet but you will be living with me as my wife to be until the time is right. I'm going to get you an engagement ring to show you that I'm serious.."

I looked on, speechless. 

What sort of proposal is this.

I was seriously speechless right now.

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