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My Name is AKA - Episode 57





My Name is AKA - Episode 57

Written By Amah's Heart.

"Wow.. just wow.."

I began to laugh as I set down my drink

"All you've been saying ever since is "wow" what's wowing you.."

"You offcourse, yu.. you look prettier and more lovely than I ever thought. You're now a beautiful classic chic.."

"What was I before.." I asked him, still with a fat grin on my face.

"You were a lady offcourse but not as beautiful, sëxy and classy like you're now.."

"Hmmm! Thanks for the compliment.."

"It's not just a compliments babe, you look really sëxy and gets me in the mood.. you know.."

I don't know how to respond to this.

He took my hands and kíssed the back of my palm.

"...I love you hope you've not forgotten that?

I nodded.

"Do you still love me or another has taken my place in your life..."

"I love you... and I'm glad you're back.." I replied still with a smile.

"Yea, I'm happy to be back too and all that's mine was well kept for me and that includes you.."

I chuckled and he did too

We talked calmly, sip our drinks and pick at our meal.

It was a nice dinner date and everything was going so well.

It's been three weeks of Mr Law's return from UK and this the second time we were meeting

A day after he told me that he was back, I have closed early from work to go see him.

I met his handsome junior brother.

Austin, he was two years older than Amara but looks so big and chubby

 Mr Law said I shouldn't be deceived by his hugeness, that he's still a kid who needed a constant surveillance 

He couldn't leave Austin in UK, he wanted to keep a close watch on him until he's very sure that he can make right decision and cope by himself.

That was a very smart thinking and I applaud him for that.

Although Austin doesn't seem happy being in Nigeria, he was always in his iPhone or playing game on his computer.

But he obviously have no choice than to comply with Mr Law's rules which is even good for him.

I couldn't stay over because I was supposed to be at work the following day.

Mr Law said he missed me and wanted me to sleepover

I told him that i can't.

I try to explain but he wasn't listening to anything I was saying.

He said how much is my salary, he will pay, he explained how much he had missed everything about me 

He talked about my body, he so much yawned for the warm from me.

I know what he wanted

He had already made it clear how much my presence turned him on and he can't wait to devøur me

I could have stayed and have a great time with him if I wanted to, I will just call my boss to inform him I won't be able to make it to work the following day.

I may even lie about my health or lie over something else that's very convincing just to stay with Mr Law but I refused to do that.

I'm not the same woman that I used to be

I'm a new creation, old things have passed away, behold everythung in my Life has become new and I won't Go back to my old sinful life no matter how tempting it was

I insisted that I was i leaving

Mr Law wasn't happy but I couldn't displease my God to please Mr Law and the desires of my flesh

That was in the past, it's not going to happen again and it's not by my power but I'm exercising the faith I have in Christ Jesus and restraining my flesh from all selfish desires.

Amara saw me off that day as I was leaving late evening.

Mr Law refused to drop me off.

He was thinking I was going to change my mind but my mind was strongly made up.

He gave me things he got for me

Shoes and two lovely gowns.

I thanked him dearly for his kindness

But he said he will be very happy with me if I spend just a night with him and it was already late and risky for a young lady to be out

It was 9:450pm, it was indeed late and I will get to my house around 11pm but I was determined to leave

He said I was very stubborn and whatever happens to me out there is my business not his because he had tried his best to convince me.

Although at a point, I began to consider his words but the godliness in me over powers the desires to stay.

"Even though I walk through the valley shadows of dëäth, no matter what the time says..I will fear no evil, for the Lord, God is with me. Why should I be afraid.."

I silently prayed 

As I walked to where I will be able to get a cab, Amara was with me.

She gushes over Austin she talked about how cute he was and how she was already crushing on him.

I asked her about Uche, she said they're still trying to get back as they used to be and she still loves Uche and he also loves her.

But Mr Law's brother was too fine for any young lady to ignore, Amara stated

She said that she wasn't falling for Austin but only admiring him.

I told her to watch how she admires before she finally falls.

Austin doesn't even look like he has her time as he was mostly busy with his phone.

I found a cab very easy and it took me home straight.

Mr Law refused to talk or respond to me.

Within the week, I got a WhatsApp call from Daniel.

He was checking up, updating me on how he was doing

I also told him as things were going with me and how  God has been good to me.

He was laughing with the way I filled him in happily.

I was actually very happy hearing from him and also happy that I was actually making progress in my life

No páthetic story, I have been able to fix my mind on positivity and to know God will always work it out for me no matter how tough it gets

He mentioned he will be coming down to Nigeria in three months time

His parents anniversary was coming up and his birthday too which he will love to celebrate with his family.

He said once he returns, I should get ready because I will again be attending his parents anniversary as his special guest and I will be beside him during his birthday celebration

I told him that it's no problem, I looked forward to attending all the parties anytime he's back to the country 

I wasn't expecting Mr Law's call as he refused to respond to mine or my message when I try checking up.

I thought he was still ângry that I didn't sleep over and I decided not to bother him again.

When I saw his call after three weeks, I was relieved and happy too.

He asked me out on a dinner date that Friday evening

He said that he was going to send an Uber to come get me to the venue

He also said I should wear one of the gowns he brought from London and one of the wedged gold shoe that's filled with beautiful accessories.

I did exactly what he asked.

He said we're going to spend a long night out. 

I try to argue but he said I have no excuse because It's a weekend and I won't be at work.

I actually had a ushering gathering in church that Friday evening but I can give excuse on my reason for not attending.

Here we are sitting and all he kept saying was how beautiful and sëxy I look.

I couldn't reply to some of the compliments, I only laughed it off 

"you know that you will be spending this weekend with me, you got no excuse this time. The last time you choose your job over me and I wasn't pleased. I looked forward to spending a quality night with you that day but you really dísappointed me Aka, you walked away without considering my emotional feeling. I didn't expect that of you.."

"I'm sorry about that, I didn't mean to hürt your feelings but I never planned to sleepover.."

"You don't need to plan it Aka, I wanted to be with you and would have paid you your monthly salary since your job appears very important to you..."

"... nothing was supposed to be more important than being with me but you choose your job over me..I felt really bâd..."

I apologized again, he wasn't happy that I left but I was avoiding same thing he was presenting right now.

Not until he took me off guard by saying

"There's something I want to ask you, is the same special request I planned on for you untill my father's déath.."

I nodded in anticipation

With the way he was acting, the request must be very special and I couldn't wait to hear it.

"...I hope you will say yes? that will seriously means a great lot to me and our lives won't be same again. Is time to upgrade...I want to show you how much I want you in my life.."

My heart double skipped

I had butterflies in my tummy

Hope it's not what I'm thinking

I was too eager and asked him to go ahead first.

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