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My Name is AKA - Episode 56





My Name is AKA - Episode 56

Written By Amah's Heart.

The life we live is not ours, it can be taken away at any point and we don't have a say over it.

Holding grudge is a big bürden and wasting our time in sín is indeed a useless way of life.

If Mr Lambert was a poor man, I'm sure he would've d!ed long time ago but Money sustained him for a period of time but it couldn't save him from dying and his money wasn't able to bring him to his feet again.

What a life.

After the burial, Mr Law and his siblings flew back to UK and he remained there.

It's over a year and he haven't returned back but still manages to pay the few workers in his house, they were about five as others were dismissed

Amara's job as a cleaner was spared

Sylvester was the cook and he also goes to the market like Nneka used to

There was a care taker and she's a military married woman

Mr Law employed her before travelling

The gate man and another man that comes to cut the grasses, the flowers, clean the swimming pool and the entire compound too.

Amara's work was inside the house Which she became very serious with after she had a misunderstanding with Uche and later breakup with him.

Daniel's Mom helped me through, I did my national youth service corp in one of the law firms she worked out for me.

I even started attending their church, it was far from my place but I still find my way down.

I joined the ushering department and made great church friends.

One of them was Chuka

He was one of the lead singers in the church.

He's in the choir and his voice is angelic

We became very close and he speaks on marriage but I told him we needed to seek the face of God towards that and I wasn't very interested in getting married right away after graduating.

He promised to pray and also waiting untill I'm ready because he felt convinced that I'm his wife 

I got a better job through Daniel's mom's recommendations after my NYSC

Working with barrister Luke Agani, who was an intentional Law students before returning to build his law chamber in the country

He is a married man and also a nice boss.

I have met his wife, she's also a lawyer but have a different Law firm in another location far from her husband.

Very pretty and jovial

I admire them and barrister Luke place his family pictures around his office.

On the wall and on his desk

He has two young children, age 11 and 7

His daughter is 11 and the son is 7. 

His family matters to him and he made it very obvious and doesn't joke with them.

I wasn't the only fresh law graduate working for him.

We're three

Joan, Stephen and I are the main staff

They needed a receptionist and Ify, whom I spoke with sometimes back and she told me that she was in need of a job desperately

She broke with Uche long time ago and she's been homeless and jobless too.

I told my boss about Ify and he said since she's from me then he has no problem with it

I called and informed Ify and also told her she can come live with me.

Ify started working as a receptionist with a good salary of forty thousand.

She was so happy

We also attend church together and sharing room a place with her was great because Ify was fun and lively

She listens and takes correction

She was entirely a new person unlike before.

Two of my other colleagues were mostly in the field.

I'm barrister Luke's secretary and the second staff he employed

Stephen was the first and Joan was employed five months ago 

Working for a man of uprightness and integrity, who has the fear of God has helped me to also remain upright

I rented an apartment after my NYSC, it was closer to the church unlike my former school lodge

That's where I live with Ify

A room and parlour selfcon in a great neighborhood.

 Amara comes over sometimes.

Amara's gift to me during my graduation was a set of jewellery

A neck chain, wrist watch and a fine bangle, she added a nice two piece ankara gown and a note.

She apologized for not listening to me or taking my advices all this while

The insülts and ganging up against me

She thanked me for always being there in her life and never letting go despite how she treated me

She was ready for whatever I will advise and for my guidance

She appreciates me everyday for bringing her to this city and taking care of her despite having no job as of then.

She apologized for the hùrtful words and actions towards me and promised to do better moving forward.

She was learning fashion designing and also watch YouTubes for further tutorial.

She personally made the simple ankara dress for me to prove to me that she was serious this time and putting effort in whatever she's doing.

I read her letter and I felt a tear drop.

I silently hope that she has really changed for good

I thank God that night for Amara and all the wonderful people he brought my way and still bringing.

Amara is currently running part time in college of education and she's also got little time to attend to her fashion designing tutorials.

I'm proud of her and will continue cheering her on.

She told me last month that she was back to a talking stage with Uche

Uche has a school now and he's doing way better for himself 

He's a better Christian than he used to be and that's was why he came apologising to Amara for whatever wrōng he did. 

Even though he's way older than Amara but it's obvious that Amara likes him alot and ready to give love another chance.

And they weren't rushing things like they both started off before but taking everything slowly and hoping it turns out better this time.

Mr Law called me back then after arriving UK, he got a tech job but it's only a year contract job 

He mentioned to me that he noticed his younger brother was going the wrong path, he was into drügs and he needed to stay close and monitor him before he destrøys his life and that's why he has to take up the tech job for a period of time

He wanted to be close to his siblings, especially his brother who he doesn't want to go åstray

Since his father is late and his Mom is faraway in another country with her new family, he has to take up the role of both parent, guidance and big brother

He has to take up the job so that he can get busy and also make more money.

He asked me to be a good girl and take care of myself 

This has been over seven months and I haven't really heard much from him.

He's been gone for too long and I have never stopped praying for him.

Daniel came into the country last year, he didn't stay for long, we were able to see and he took me out for dinner

We talked about a whole lot of things.

He mentioned his uncle securing a good job in a hospital for him, as a bio chemist 

Practicing exactly what he studied and he loves it.

He talked about God's involvement in his life and told me that he once dated a nurse and the relationship was going on fine, she was also a Christian, not a real one like she claims

She wanted him to engage in intimacy with her.

He had to call it quit.

The relationship lasted only five months and ever since he haven't thought of another relationship.

Séx before marriage is a big no for him and he already made a covenant with God that is only his legally wedded wife that will see his nâkedness.

His wife is the only one that he will give his virginity to and untill then he's not going back on his word no matter how the world fancy or indulges in primarital séx

His body is the temple of the living God and the dwelling of the holy spirit

Sin is the only thing that separate us from God and he doesn't want anything that will bridge his relationship with God.

Not just keeping himself but his lifestyle must also be of godliness.

At that moment I began to wish I was still a virgin, it could have also been one gift I would've given to my lawfully wedded husband.

I began to énvy the lucky woman that will become Daniel's wife.

He's a great guy, loving, caring and a good Christian, not by lips but his actions portrays so.

I felt bâd for the time I engaged in intimacy with Mr Law.

 truthfully nothing was really important to me at that moment not even my virginity.

I wanted to show Mr Law how much I love and appreciate him but I know better now and I wish I was this wise, I would've done things differently.

I have been down but refused to stay down, I have risen in righteousness and I will never go back to my old ways.

We had a great time chatting and he asked if I was in any relationship at that time

I told him I wasn't 

He asked about my boss and I let him know all that was going on with him

Mr Law may even be in a relationship abroad and probably decided to settle down there. 

I can't really tell.

I don't know but I wish I got the chance to know the special thing he wanted to ask me on our outing before the news of his father's dismiss struck and things have never remain the same again.

Daniel asked if i still love my boss and awaiting his return

I couldn't just lie about it

I looked forward to Mr Law coming back and offcourse I still loves him but this time not worldly ways of love.

I also loved Daniel too but I always thought, ever since he moved abroad, I wouldn't matter much and he will definitely meet a prettier lady, stronger in the Lord, who will love and respect him.

I don't want to get my hopes high, not with Daniel or Law

I focused on myself and my walk with God as I pray fervently for a life partner that's just like Daniel

A man who has the heart of God.

I don't know if it was my reply that made Daniel to go mute during our conversation after he asked me if I still love Mr Law

I told him I do and I don't know how to start explaining myself on the kind of love I was talking about to him.

 that will make me appear güilty, I håte it when I'm blabbing while trying to explain myself.

We didn't talk about love or anything too personal until we left

He as usual went to dropped me.

He took my hands into his and told me to remain steadfast and remember that he cares about me and will never forget me.

We chat once in a while, he sent pictures to me while at work

He was getting busier as they goes

I began to chat less with him 

Is over a year now he returned back to Manchester and gradually our friendship has gone cold

But the godliness he instilled in me is burning everyday like fire 

I haven't had time to consider other relationship.

Chuka is still my friend and reminds me of his proposal which is part of my prayer points.

I have been praying for God's guidance towards that

I don't just want to jump into a relationship because of pressure, self interest or pity.

I want to be in a fruitful godly relationship with a man after God's heart.

Anything that's not of God does not please me anymore.

I have men coming for relationship and I have been praying for God to help me make the right choice.

Even though right now, I'm not ready for relationship but it's God's will alone that must be done in my life and it doesn't matter if I'm ready or not.

The telecom beeped twice, it brought me back to the present

I picked up and my boss informed me that it was already past 30 minutes 

I was carried away in my thoughts and totally forgot time was far gone.

I quickly apologize, ran to his office to get his bag and the file

His driver was waiting downstairs already

My boss asked if I have had breakfast

I told him I haven't

He wanted to know if I was feeling alright because I seem a bit dull

I assured him that I was fine

He said he will ask the driver to stop on the way to the court, I will go grab lunch from fast food since is past breakfast time.

I thanked him

On our way out, Ify who is the receptionist asked me in Igbo if we're still coming back to the office or I will go home from there

Sometimes if we closes late from court, my boss drops me off and I go home from there.

I told her that we may come back, I don't know when we will be closing from the court 

She asked if she can remained some of the ofe akwu and rice that she prepared from home.

I told her not to bother because I may not be able to eat it since barrister Luke already promised to get me lunch.

She called me "enjoyment girl" in Igbo and we both laughed it off

Our court time and a personal meeting with the client ended by 4:30pm

Barrister Luke dropped me off and I went home

Since Ify close by 5pm she will be home by 7pm

My phone beeped as I was coming out of the bathroom.

It was Mr Law, a message that says he will be home by weekend

This brought a fat grin on my face

I felt overjoyed.

I thought he has forgotten me.

He's been gone for more than a year and I have looked forward to the day he will return

I can't wait to finally see him.

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