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My Name is AKA - Episode 55





My Name is AKA - Episode 55

Written By Amah's Heart.

I got things ready because we were meant to go to court that Monday.

All files and documents were set, I took them to his office for a final checking before we leave.

Our time in court will be in three hours, there was still time to grab breakfast before we proceed.

But ever since yesterday, I haven't really been in a perfect mood

"I cast my burden upon the Lord.." I muttered quietly to myself as I reclined to my office chair.

I swinged left and right with my eyes shüt.

"Come unto me, all he that are heavy laden..I will give you rest..." 

A bible verse dropped in my heart, I repeated it before saying a short prayer.

"Right in my mother's belly you formed me, in the dark of the womb you called my name and lightened my ways..."

I paused, gave a long heave as I try to remember a relatable Psalm. 

It was 138, and I love every line of it.

The noise coming from the television screen filled the entire office.

CNN news was on.

My boss had asked me earlier to change his TV channel to Algerzera news this morning.

But they kept talking about flood and certain outbreak of a new illness in Japan.

He said I should put it on Faith channel.

A certain preacher was talking about pride and used a man in the Bible named Nebuchadnezzar as his case study.

My boss asked me to leave it there.

I returned to my office but the CNN news wouldn't let me focus 

There's always some bâd omen each time in the news.

Just like now, watching a strong wave swept off beach goers in North America.

A drunk truck driver loses control and ran into an apartment

 this was unforseen dānger

Imagining the family having dinner, gathered around their table and this drunk driver became a tool in the dev!l's hand to bring sådness to this family.

"Lead me not into temptation, please deliver me from evīl..."

I didn't just say it like I was quoting the Bible, I said it like prayer

I took the remote control and tuned down the television volume.

If people knew the evïl that goes around in the world claiming lives and shattering heart they will sit up and held on tight to God.

The vanity of this world is taking fast effect on humanity

"Upon this rock I will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail.."

Another scripture dropped but I couldn't relate to it with the chaos in my heart.

"... nothing about me is hidden from you. Forgive me in anyway I have fallen short..."

"...I need your peace, just like the quiet waters and the stillness of the ocean. Peace to steady my troubled soul.. your peace oh God, I seek..."

The intercom on my office desk beeped,

I picked up and it was my boss asking me to put a call to an associate of his concerning a case.

I quickly did that and jolt down some given information.

I went to my office laptop and began to punch in the information I gathered.

I saved important documents my Dropbox and since this was very important I included it.

I forwarded the needed once to my boss via email.

I went to my Dropbox again to check for awaiting memo that I haven't attended to yet.

As I browse through I came across a saved work if mine that was dated a year ago.

That was the period I started work 

I opened the file and marvelled through it

It was about forgiveness.

I wrote it like a psalmist poem

It was very refreshing to read.

I heaved sadly as I flashed back to finishing school and just as the second week was approaching, Mr Law has called me to get ready that weekend he was taking me out for another sweet celebration for just two or us and he also got something important he will like to ask

I already knew that something special was coming my way but what I don't know is if it was also what God will approve.

I have looked forward to going out for another celebration with Mr Law after I have celebrated in school with friends and well wisher.

After school celebration which Mr Law was present

Mr Law kept to his promise by showing up during my convocation ceremony, he didn't come alone.

He brought Amara, Nneka and Sylvester

My best friends and I was very happy.

Nneka was heavily pregnant but she still made it down with her step daughter.

They even look like mother and daughter, as the pretty girl clinged to her side with a very attractive smile.

She wore a shiny gold ring that was quiet obvious.

I was so happy that she was well settled with the man that loves her truly and a step daughter that acknowledges her as Mom.

Nneka was all blown with pregnancy and I kept laughing at her transformation.

I remember she telling me that Mr Law gave her a huge amount of money as a wedding gift

I know he will, Mr Law is selfless and naturally kind.

Sylvester couldn't stop laughing at Nneka's huge body transformation.

It was indeed funny because pregnancy really made her way bigger than usual and even her nose and cheek shared in the fatness.

Nneka was equally laughing and said Sylvester should marry first and when his wife becomes pregnant she will pay them a surprise visit, she want to come and check something.

Sylvester said his wife will be beautiful during her pregnancy

Nneka said "okay, let's watch and see.."

Mr Law took us all out to have a great time

Alot to eat and drink

Amara's dress was so lovely, although short but she looks pretty in it, she even wore a silver heels.

She said the dress was from Mr Law, he bought it for the occasion and gave her money to go get a nice shoe which she did.

I love the fact that they went all out for me, thanks to Mr Law

He may have his ânnoying side but the goodness of his heart covers multitude of his síns.

Amara gave me a gift, Nneka too did.

Sylvester made me a delicious meal which he packed in a food warmer

Apart from the gifts, their presence means a whole lot to me and It felt like the happiest moment of my life

It was certainly the happiest time I ever had

Although I would have greatly appreciate Daniel's presence too but he had called me a day to my convocation

It was unexpected call from him, seeing an international number ringing on my phone.

Alas, it was Daniel and I almost screamed my lungs out

I was happy as we spoke extensively

He congratulated me and said he was super proud of me.

His every word felt like a huge blessing to my soul.

He encouraged and prayed for me

He told me that Manchester is cool and he love it there

He hopes I travel out someday to experience life outside the country

Daniel said he has recommended me to his Mom, since I studied Law, it will be very easy to fit me in.

I thanked him for his prayers and kind heart

He promised to call or chat me up whenever he was less busy.

A day to the very day that Mr Law and I were supposed to go out for a private dinner

He got the saddest news that shook him.

Mr Lambert, his Dad was déâd

Mr Lambert never got better after that accident, he was even flew abroad for special treatment.

And he d!ed after a month of returning from UK treatment.

He had lived the rest of his life on a wheelchair and been bedridden for a long time

Mr Law was dévastated and that was how our meeting and all was cancelled.

He became busy traveling and making arrangements for bürial.

It was såddening, I know Mr Lambert has hürt alot of souls in his ignorance but the later punishment was way heavier than anyone could imagine.

He probably had the chance to recognise his síns and ask God for forgiveness

I can't tell if he did or not but forgiven him when he was gone was way too late but I still did and that made me think towards forgiven my parents too.

It was during that period I wrote down this poem on forgiveness which I later typed into my system because every word of it felt powerful.

I know what they did remained fresh and it hürt anytime I think of it but I had to forgive them

I'm not without sin and can't boast that I haven't offended someone knowingly or unknowingly

Their ill treatment pave way for God to send helper to my aid.

Mama Zaram was better after sending some medication I got from the hospital to her with some money.

My telecom beeped once which is to remind me that the court time was in 40minute time

My boss said he was on phone call with some international clients and asked me to remind him once is time.

I love my Job and I get to learn a whole lot of things here 

My salary was okay and my boss is awesome.

Everything is a prayer answered for me and for all this I'm very grateful to God.

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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